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velvet_mace: Fic: Chameleon
In a world filled with Sentinels with heightened senses, strength and endurance, and Guides, with seductive empathy, who knew that seeming "ordinary" could be John's greatest strength.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  Fandom:The_Sentinel  pairing:John/Sherlock  au  WIP 
december 2013 by arionchan
Observations on Sentinels and Guides in Victorian London - RyuuzaKochou - Sherlock Holmes (2009), The Sentinel [Archive of Our Own]
Watson is way more badass a Guide than Victorian London is prepared for. Sherlock is absolutly thrilled. Everyone else on the other hand...
Fandom:The_Sentinel  pairing:John/Sherlock  au  BAMF  fandom:ACD_Sherlock 
july 2011 by arionchan

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