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Shames and Praises
Unable but desperate to find a dom who will put up with him, Sherlock swallows his pride and turns to Mycroft for help. Shortly after, John Watson steps into Sherlock's life.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  BDSM 
january 2016 by arionchan
The Gilded Cage
In a world where Omegas are the property of the elite Alphas, locked away and treasured by those wealthy enough to buy them, John never questioned his flatmate's secondary gender. Sherlock Holmes was an Alpha through-and through.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  a/b/o 
january 2016 by arionchan
Confusing Awakening
John's having trouble achieving consciousness and then remembering why he was unconscious in the first place - but people are talking about a murder investigation and alibis, so he really needs to know what's going on
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  WIP  au 
november 2015 by arionchan
His King
In which Sherlock gives up just a little too early, and Mycroft discovers that the best things in life are worth waiting for.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  soulbond!fic 
september 2015 by arionchan
Everyone on earth is born with eyes that see in black, white, and an endless series of greys.

When you meet your soulmate, you finally see the world in color.

We're all searching for the person who brings color to our lives.

John and Sherlock are no exception.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  magical_realism 
january 2015 by arionchan
Arguing and Corpses
“You’ve stuffed an entire body into the fridge this time,” John accused. “What happened to the milk? The leftover risotto? My bloody jam?”

Sherlock opened his eyes at that. “As a doctor, it should be readily apparent to you that there is only a partial body in our refrigerator. Popular horror stories notwithstanding, it’s rare for an entire corpse to fit into one this size. I had to cut it up into several parts to pack it in, and there is still only seven eighths of it there.”

John stared at the ceiling. “That’s... not better.”
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock 
january 2015 by arionchan
Shadows on the Wall
John came back from Afghanistan psychic. Spoilers to The Great Game
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  telepathy  au 
january 2015 by arionchan
No Light Thing
John wants a healthy relationship. Sherlock struggles to understand the concept.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  BDSM  romance  angst  humor 
january 2015 by arionchan
John is an empath. Which isn't nearly as much fun as it sounds. Most of the time, it’s not even useful.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  telepathy  au 
january 2015 by arionchan
What Would Sherlock Do?
John Watson comes to the conclusion that Sherlock Holmes should be his lover. But how does a (mostly) straight man seduce a (possibly) asexual genius who can spot any maneuvering a mile away? Well, John asks himself, what would Sherlock do?
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  humor  First_Times 
january 2015 by arionchan
Ordinary Man
John keeps pulling gorgeous people. the yarders are confused. Sherlock totally isn't.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  humor 
january 2015 by arionchan
The Lazarus Machine
Sir Harold Watson requires his younger brother John to marry for money. The wealthy husband-to-be? None other than Sherlock Holmes. Before the wedding can occur, Sherlock gets swept up in an investigation of random found body parts and strange letters addressed to him via Bow Street.

As John tags along on the investigation, getting to know his new husband, he finds himself in a London full of mad natural philosophers, rejected suitors, one overbearing brother-in-law, and more terrifying experiments than he could ever imagine.

Definite slash, though a slow build. Taking Sherlock back in time instead of forward.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  au  historical!au 
october 2014 by arionchan
in which sherlock makes a rather large and persistent error in judgement. John finds a different way of regaining a battlefield. Moriarty decides he knows exactly who he wants to kill him. and oddly Seb is rather naive
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  hiatus!fic  dark!John 
october 2014 by arionchan
All Things Inherit
"For John, it's not a bullet that throws his existence into disarray – it's a bite."
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  werewolf!Sherlock  werewolf!john  magical_realism 
october 2014 by arionchan
Skeleton Key
Sherlock Holmes is anything but predictable; a fact that John has grown used to over the year they have known each other. However, nothing could prepare him for his reaction to Sherlock's mysterious decision to pierce his tongue. (Eventual John/Sherlock)
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  First_Times 
october 2014 by arionchan
The Stars Move Still
"What could I want so desperately that would make me sell my soul? What could possibly compel me to surrender the part of myself that makes me who I am: the source of my magic, my self-control, everything?"
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  possessed  case!fic  magical_realism 
october 2014 by arionchan
Midnight Blue Serenity
When Sherlock infiltrates a club in order to track down a serial killer, his altered appearance is enough to make John question his assumption that Sherlock is beyond his reach. However, is he the only one who appreciates his flatmate's charms, or is Sherlock at risk of becoming the next victim? (Warning: reviews may contain fic spoilers)
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  h/c  stalker!fic  case!fic 
october 2014 by arionchan
To Light Another's Path
Teaching John to observe seems to be a losing battle, but when Sherlock falls ill and submits himself to John's care, will he realise that there is more to life than the science of deduction? Meanwhile, there is a murder to solve, and John must try and convince Sherlock not to sacrifice his own health for the sake of the case. Eventual John/Sherlock Hurt/Comfort case fic. Post the Great Game
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  h/c 
october 2014 by arionchan
The Subversive Potential of Gender Transgression, Or: Goddamnit, Sherlock, Stop Drugging My Drinks
For a case, Sherlock needs to see if he can make a drug that can override heat suppressants and make an omega go into heat immediately. He plans to test it on himself but things rarely go according to plan at Baker Street.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  a/b/o 
september 2014 by arionchan
invisible Series
in which John can make himself unnoticeable to most people which baffles Sherlock as no one else seems to notice how amazing John can be
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  magical_realism 
september 2014 by arionchan
Cicatrice, Or: The Ornaments of Forgetting
In order to survive, to protect; to save his mind from the distraction, to spare his heart the ache, Sherlock deletes John Watson.

Sherlock deletes John Watson.

And then he comes back home.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  Amnesiafic  hiatus!fic 
september 2014 by arionchan
Let Us Not Admit Impediment
Sherlock needs John. John lights up around Sherlock. Mary loves her boys and thinks this is a lot less complicated than they are making it.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:john/sherlock/mary 
august 2014 by arionchan
You. Impossible you.
Returning from Siberia to London. Sequel to Man and Beast
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  werewolf!Sherlock  WIP 
august 2014 by arionchan
Sleep Study
I've never had a cat."

"No, you don't need one. A cat would nick your act."

"What do you mean?"

"Lazy, fastidious, contrary, daft. And starey."
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  First_Times 
july 2014 by arionchan
follow, follow
Sherlock Holmes is John Watson’s soul mate, but Sherlock’s heartline either does not exist or simply does not lead back to John Watson.

Well, shit. John downs his wine glass in a gulp, mourning the rest of his romantic life.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  soulbond!fic  romance 
july 2014 by arionchan
Concerning Roses, and the Keepers of the Bees
Hell, they were at a French restaurant. If that hadn’t made it clear that Sherlock’s presence was the whole fucking point when they’d all but issued Sherlock his engraved invitation, nothing would have done it.
pairing:john/sherlock/mary  romance  WAFF  fandom:Sherlock_BBC 
july 2014 by arionchan
On the three year anniversary of Sherlock's death, John finds something unusual in his flat. He shouldn't be so thrilled to be finally going mad. But is he? Oh god, yes.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  post_series  au 
june 2014 by arionchan
Infinitely Stranger 'verse
The Work often ventured into the realm of the improbable, but now that Sherlock and John are privy to an entire world of the supernatural thanks to one Mary Morstan, the improbable may well start to look rather mundane in comparison.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  pairing:john/sherlock/mary  magical_realism  au 
june 2014 by arionchan
John had known that Sherlock was part-Faerie the moment he saw him. Faerie-born always looked a bit...otherworldly (too pale, too perfect), so right from the start, John had suspected the bloke had some Faerie lineage somewhere in his family tree.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  magical_realism  au 
june 2014 by arionchan
In Silence We Take Flight
Sherlock jumps, and from the moment his body hits the pavement, John Watson does not say a word. There is a way to bring Sherlock back from the dead, if John is strong enough-and Moriarty doesn't beat him to it.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  fairytale  magical_realism 
june 2014 by arionchan
The Thing Is
The problem with living with Sherlock, John thought, was that you never, never, ever knew the significance of anything. Like your flatmate's nose buried in your hair. Whilst you're in bed.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock 
may 2014 by arionchan
I Don't Love You (And I Always Will)
Five times Sherlock read John's mind and one time John read his instead.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  telepathy  dream_share 
may 2014 by arionchan
Safe Distance
At least the case is distracting John from the fact that sex with Sherlock was probably a mistake right from the start.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock 
may 2014 by arionchan
The Seduction of John S. Willoughby
To stop a blackmailer, Sherlock Holmes decides to enter unfamiliar territory. But not before practicing on John Watson. A retelling of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock 
may 2014 by arionchan
What is it like to live with someone who can nearly read your mind? John's life comes into focus under the magnifying glass of Sherlock Holmes.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock 
may 2014 by arionchan
In need of an endangered flora sample, Sherlock and John must make a trip to an unexpected destination.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock 
may 2014 by arionchan
The C Word
“What are you doing in here?”

“Watching you,” Sherlock said, and continued his efforts at verbal reallocation, “…trying to hide your tentacles?”
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  tenticles 
may 2014 by arionchan
Second Intention
...But Sherlock doesn’t believe in curses. Even assuming that he learns to believe in John... will that be enough to save him?
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  au  magical_realism  fairytale  pairing:John/Sherlock 
may 2014 by arionchan
"I am going to seduce you, Sherlock Holmes," he rumbled into Sherlock's ear, smiling as Sherlock's breath grew unsteady again. "Not because you need it, but because you deserve it. We both do." He gave Sherlock a squeeze. "Trust me?"

Sherlock's head lifted, those uncanny pale eyes looking at John with complete sincerity. "I've always trusted you, John."
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  dreams 
march 2014 by arionchan
John Watson is left-handed.

He’s tried not to let it affect his life, but as any Lefty knows, that’s almost impossible.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  magical_realism 
march 2014 by arionchan
The Violet Hour
In 1920, two years after the end of the Great War, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson investigate two disappearances, eerily similar but separated by 80 years. In the process, they make enemies (and friends) of Bloomsbury intellectuals; travel to Sussex; deal with the aftermath of John's past in the trenches; read Victorian pornography; drink copious amounts of tea; and, of course, fall in love.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  historical!au  fandom:ACD_Sherlock 
march 2014 by arionchan
Corpus Hominis
John knows the human body intimately. He’s had plenty of opportunity for study as a doctor, soldier, and lover. There’s one particular body, however, he knows very little about. When Sherlock launches himself head-first into a new obsession and they get sent on a case in an unlikely location, the pair discovers each other’s bodies with confusing yet delightful (and sometimes hilarious) results.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock 
march 2014 by arionchan
How to Miss a Train
Three things that, by any rational standard, do not belong in the same sentence:

Red underpants
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock 
march 2014 by arionchan
Conducter of Light
It is the destiny of all crutches to be kicked out from under one at the least convenient moment. So it goes with John, who has to stay in London while Sherlock's dead. John's absence is... distracting. Infuriating. Occasionally even nauseating. John's voice sounds more and more like a recording, eventually obtaining the underwater warble of a low-bitrate download. The lights begin to wink out. And if some small, dangerous, weak part of Sherlock weeps- no one needs to know.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  pre-slash  mind_palace 
january 2014 by arionchan
velvet_mace: Fic: Chameleon
In a world filled with Sentinels with heightened senses, strength and endurance, and Guides, with seductive empathy, who knew that seeming "ordinary" could be John's greatest strength.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  Fandom:The_Sentinel  pairing:John/Sherlock  au  WIP 
december 2013 by arionchan
The Unexpected Key
Miss Sherlock Holmes objects most strenuously to the very idea of finding a husband. Instead of accepting that she must, she sets out to ensure she will never have to.

John Watson, invalided home and recovering from a nasty bout of enteric fever, never thought to find anyone interested in him ever again, let alone someone like Sherlock.

Victorian Era with a rule 63 Sherlock Holmes.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  fandom:ACD_Sherlock  pairing:John/Sherlock  genderfuck  historical!au 
october 2013 by arionchan
Possibly We're Fine
A John and Sherlock character study, in which Sherlock combats boredom by, among other things, trying to goad John into attacking him. John is sadly resistant.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  gen 
august 2013 by arionchan
Losing the Veil
John never would've suspected that there were creatures out there in the world if he hadn't been shot. Of course, he never would've thought that knowing about those creatures would get him accused of murder either. And no one, absolutely no one, would ever have expected the Seer named Sherlock Holmes.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  au  pairing:John/Sherlock  magical_realism 
july 2013 by arionchan
Gone to Feed the Roses (Elegant and Curled)
John Watson is no one's weeping widow, and he knows that it's not impossible to cheat death.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  BAMF  hiatus!fic 
june 2013 by arionchan
We Go Anywhere But To The Ground
“D’you think if it did, that I’d get to see him again?” he whispers. “It wouldn’t be so bad, the end of everything, if it meant I could see him again.”
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  crazy!fic 
march 2013 by arionchan
The Chemistry is Incredibly Simple and Very Destructive
Sherlock is too busy to continue to go out and procure willing sex partners for himself so he comes up with the perfect solution: John. After all, he knows John is attracted to him and they are already living together. Why not make their friendship one with benefits? What could go wrong?
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  oblivious!Sherlock 
march 2013 by arionchan
The Memory Palace of John Hamish Watson
Dreams and myth. Sounds and breath. Death and beauty. Grief and sex. From these raw materials John Hamish Watson will build a palace.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  hiatus!fic 
march 2013 by arionchan
In 1880 Dr. John H. Watson dies on foreign soil. The next thing he knows he's wandering the planes of Heaven. After betraying God, John is cast out, employed by the devil, and protecting a sociopath of a human with a penchant for trouble and pissing off Angels.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  au  angel!John  demon!John  WIP  pairing:John/Sherlock 
march 2013 by arionchan
Gibbous. Waxing.
“You are the walls and the synapses and you are all of this, you are my world and my mind and my sanity and its lack, and you are the Palace and you are infinite and I...”
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  crazy!fic 
march 2013 by arionchan
Welcome to Silent Hill - Cleo2010 - Sherlock (TV), Silent Hill [Archive of Our Own]
John is missing. When Sherlock receives a text summoning him to Silent Hill he's intent on reclaiming his friend but the town has other ideas. Our detective must battle through a world shaped by his own troubled psyche as he uncovers the town's secrets, attempts to find John and hunt down Jim Moriarty.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  fandom:silent_hill  pairing:John/Sherlock 
february 2013 by arionchan
Concertos and Blackmail - hoc_voluerunt - Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
It’s around about when John’s in a white dinner jacket, shooting out security cameras and running from guards through the skyscraper of a media tycoon-cum-gentleman blackmailer, that he realises he’s probably gone well and truly mad. He couldn’t really care less, though. And hey — he and Sherlock started out sharing a flat; how appropriate if they end up sharing a prison cell.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock 
february 2013 by arionchan
A Non-Linear Gothic Drama Hyper-cycle - Laura JV (jacquez) - Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
In which an artistic murder draws Irene Adler and her brother Nathan into the lives of Lestrade and Holmes, and Dr John Watson balances his morals against the happiness that is a warm gun.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  case!fic  gen 
january 2013 by arionchan
The Master of Latham Hall - Kryptaria - Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
Ten years after meeting Sherlock Holmes, John Watson has successfully kept only one secret from the world's only consulting detective: the most important secret he's ever had.

Now, drawn into an impossible web of murders at Latham Hall, John learns the terrible price a man must pay for keeping certain things secret.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  ghost!fic  case!fic 
january 2013 by arionchan
Embers - what_alchemy - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Regular people, normal people, people like good, warm, tea-making, hair-stroking John, they have visible pulses, pulses that slow and quicken, pulses tied to their emotions and their brains and their life forces. Pulses attached to whatever animates them.

Sherlock has no such time-keeping.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  magical_realism 
january 2013 by arionchan
whimsicalimages: raise it up (shining) | bbc sherlock | sherlock/john
I thought "Hey, what if Sherlock has a clockwork heart?" and subsequently I thought, "Hey, what if John has the key?"
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  magical_realism 
january 2013 by arionchan
The Best of Times - Polyphony - Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
Convalescing, on Mycroft’s invitation, at the Holmes family seat, John encounters someone entirely unexpected and uncovers an intriguing seventeen year-old mystery. Things hot up as John finds himself battling to work out the solution before James Moriarty’s legacy catches up with him – and also rekindling a love affair that was never really given the chance to blossom.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  multiples 
january 2013 by arionchan
The Case of the People's Crown - chucksauce - Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms, Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle [Archive of Our Own]
John Watson, feeling nostalgic one Samhain night, accidentally makes contact with the People, summoning a fachen by the name of Sherlock. So begins a whirlwind adventure to solve a case before a city is destroyed...
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  au  fantasy!au 
january 2013 by arionchan
Conductivity - liriodendron - Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
In which Sherlock Holmes finds out what it's like to truly want something, John Watson isn't too bad at deductions, and everything gets a bit bright for a minute.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock 
december 2012 by arionchan
Revenant - DoctorWhoatson - Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
John Watson thinks a flat haunted by the ghost of its previous tenant may bring something interesting to his life. Sherlock Holmes thinks John Watson needs to leave before he gets himself killed.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  au  ghost!fic  WIP 
december 2012 by arionchan
Unexpected Effects - AxeMeAboutAxinomancy - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
After his return, Sherlock begins an experiment involving orchids. His objective: to make his mind work better - but he begins 'hearing' unexpected things. John is torn between his anger at Sherlock and his secret feelings.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  telepathy 
december 2012 by arionchan
Wild Kingdom - AxeMeAboutAxinomancy - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sherlock looked up at him over his steepled fingers. "I now have nineteen cigarettes in my possession." He was smiling in a way that John had never seen or thought possible. Playful. Challenging. Hopeful. "You may reclaim them at the same rate."
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock 
december 2012 by arionchan
The Carrion Suite - bitterbullet - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Crows were not uncommon in London, John reminded himself as he peered out through the window beside his desk at the seven soot-black birds clustered on a telephone pole directly across from him. They'd been there all morning. Certainly, that wasn't ominous. Neither was the fact that they'd been increasing in number. Nor did he find it unnerving that they all seemed to be staring back at him with single-minded focus.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  WIP  fantasy!au  magical_realism 
december 2012 by arionchan
Things I Brought Back from the War - marlowe_tops - Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
It's not quite post-traumatic, not really. Easier to say that it is. There's no way to explain; Oh, by the way, I'm a werewolf, and I need someplace I can lock myself up on full moons, just in case I go rampaging across the countryside.

But it's a problem, because giving Sherlock a mystery is like giving a child a wrapped gift: working it open is the best part.

And once he does, what then?
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  werewolf!john  au 
november 2012 by arionchan
John needs a new phone, one that doesn’t bend time and have an amazing man on the other end who claims to be the world’s greatest detective, except that he can’t figure out how he called Dr. Watson instead of his brother.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  quantumfic 
september 2012 by arionchan
Fledged - fiorinda_chancellor - Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
For a change, it begins with a fall. Dr. John Watson comes back from Afghanistan to London in a world where some are fledged and some aren't -- not that that he minds that one way or the other; nothing happens to him any more.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  au  pairing:John/Sherlock  wing!fic 
august 2012 by arionchan
The Secret Identity of John Watson - scifigrl47 - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Taken out of context, John Watson leads a terrifying life. You have to wonder what those poor women he dates thinks of it, especially if John decides to try keeping one away from Sherlock, and Sherlock decides that it'd be best if he could get rid of her.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  gen  humor  OC 
august 2012 by arionchan
In Which Neither Coulson nor Sherlock are Dead (and John sort of joins the Avengers)
While Coulson's recovering from being stabbed in the chest by a magical spear, Fury is rapidly running out of Agents willing to play babysitter for the newly founded Avengers. So he calls in Captain John Watson, late of the British Royal Marines, and blogger and best friend to the infamously antisocial (presumably deceased) Sherlock Holmes. In hindsight he's not sure if this was a good call or a very, very bad one.
fandom:Avengers  fandom:Sherlock_BBC  post_series  team  gen  hiatus!fic 
august 2012 by arionchan
I'm With You - Random_Nexus - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
He'd never adopted someone like a stray puppy before. You just don't do that, or he didn't think people did that.--Sherlock and John meet a year and a fair number of life experiences early. It's possible they'll be the better for it. Maybe.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  au  author:Random_Nexus  WIP 
march 2012 by arionchan
Their Whole Life Through - eight_demands - Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
John sometimes considered, in his own head, the subtitle of his Afghanistan years to be "Arseholes with Guns who Love to Yell." If anything, being verbally abused by a haughty git who was bleeding all over him brought back a rush of warm nostalgia.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  au 
march 2012 by arionchan
Fascination - frankly_alarmingshadeofpink - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
CALL NOW came up as a text message on one of the cell phones the ugly man had given him moments before he melted into the crowd. He called the only contact in the second phone and waited for an answer.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  au  BAMF  Character:John  character:Lestrade  character:Sherlock 
march 2012 by arionchan
Negative - aderyn - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"When Sherlock comes back from the dead, he comes back dead. Or that’s what John thinks at first.
...and then the violets come in at the house across the street."
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  series:grieve_in_our_own_way  hiatus!fic 
march 2012 by arionchan
Black Dog, or Elegy for an Idiot - aderyn - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“You're eating, right? “Lestrade says.
“Why wouldn't I be?” John asks.
“How long are going to let the black dog walk over you, then?” Lestrade asks.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  Character:John  series:grieve_in_our_own_way  hiatus!fic 
march 2012 by arionchan
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a/b/o  Amnesiafic  angel!John  angst  anthropromorphism  Asexual!pairing  au  Author:Corona  author:pru  author:Random_Nexus  author:wordstrings  BAMF  BDSM  bodyswap  case!fic  catfic  character:harry_watson  Character:John  character:John_Watson  character:Lestrade  character:Mycroft_Holmes  character:Sherlock  character:Wednesday_Addams  christmasfic  Contest:Big_Bangs  crazy!fic  creepy  crossdressing  crossover  dark!John  death_fic  demon!John  demon!Sherlock  dreams  dream_share  drugs  fairytale  fandom:ACD_Sherlock  fandom:addams_family  fandom:Avengers  fandom:dr_who  Fandom:Harry_Potter  Fandom:His_Dark_Materials  Fandom:Inception  fandom:neverwhere  fandom:Sherlock_BBC  fandom:silence_of_the_lambs  fandom:silent_hill  Fandom:The_Sentinel  fandom:tortall  fandom:white_collar  fantasy!au  First_Times  friendshipfic  gen  genderfuck  ghost!fic  h/c  hallucinations  hiatus!fic  historical!au  honey_badgers_are_awesome  hot_porn  humor  jealous_john  kidfic  kink  magical_realism  META  met_at_camp  mind_palace  multiples  Music:Vid  novels  oblivious!Sherlock  OC  pairing:John/Lestrade  pairing:John/Mary  pairing:John/Sherlock  pairing:john/sherlock/mary  pairing:Moriarty/Moran  pairing:moriarty/moran/molly  pairing:Mycroft/Anthea  pairing:Mycroft/Lestrade  possessed  post_series  pre-slash  pwp  quantumfic  romance  Series:Act_of_Charity  series:addams  series:empathy  series:grieve_in_our_own_way  series:hatter  Series:lights  series:paper_chase  series:refining_fire  series:saturday  Series:Shape  series:there_and_back  Series:yard_john  soulbond!fic  stalker!fic  tagfic  team  telepathy  tenticles  transformationfic  vampire!fic  WAFF  werewolf!john  werewolf!Sherlock  wing!fic  WIP 

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