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A Measure of Honesty
Or, Four Times Holmes Almost Lied to Watson and One Time He Told The Truth.
fandom:ACD_Sherlock  pairing:John/Sherlock 
september 2017 by arionchan
Quiver 'verse
Mary turns her head and casts a glance at the flower resting on the bedside table. It is like the one Holmes complimented, a dainty blend of crimson and green.

“They are lovely. That’s why they’re my favourites.”

I smile. “So are you. That’s why you are ours.”

The invitation is plain.

She and I kiss. And kiss again.
fandom:ACD_Sherlock  pairing:john/sherlock/mary 
september 2017 by arionchan
The Adventure of the Purloined Heart
A gruesome murder unveils secrets kept buried for years. Some feelings can only be hidden for so long.
fandom:ACD_Sherlock  pairing:John/Sherlock  WIP 
december 2015 by arionchan
Masked Ball
Six months after Holmes’ return from the dead, the delicate equilibrium in Baker Street is disturbed when a stranger walks out of the London fog with a case – for Watson. Holmes is wary, Watson is fascinated. But who is the man calling himself Álvaro de León? And what does he really want?
fandom:ACD_Sherlock  pairing:John/Sherlock 
march 2014 by arionchan
The Violet Hour
In 1920, two years after the end of the Great War, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson investigate two disappearances, eerily similar but separated by 80 years. In the process, they make enemies (and friends) of Bloomsbury intellectuals; travel to Sussex; deal with the aftermath of John's past in the trenches; read Victorian pornography; drink copious amounts of tea; and, of course, fall in love.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  pairing:John/Sherlock  historical!au  fandom:ACD_Sherlock 
march 2014 by arionchan
The Unexpected Key
Miss Sherlock Holmes objects most strenuously to the very idea of finding a husband. Instead of accepting that she must, she sets out to ensure she will never have to.

John Watson, invalided home and recovering from a nasty bout of enteric fever, never thought to find anyone interested in him ever again, let alone someone like Sherlock.

Victorian Era with a rule 63 Sherlock Holmes.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  fandom:ACD_Sherlock  pairing:John/Sherlock  genderfuck  historical!au 
october 2013 by arionchan
The Vast Profundity Obscure - mistyzeo - Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms, His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman [Archive of Our Own]
"Consider my blessing granted," I said, "but please do your best not to blow the windows off the front of the flat. Glass can be so expensive."

"It would create quite a draft," Holmes agreed.
fandom:ACD_Sherlock  Fandom:His_Dark_Materials  pairing:John/Sherlock  pre-slash 
february 2013 by arionchan
Undiscovered Country
It was not a bad life, I assure you, and quite tantalizing in many of its aspects, but I vastly prefer my new one. I would not be nearly so deliriously happy just now if it were not for Smith and his little wooden box. So I say thank God for him."
fandom:ACD_Sherlock  pairing:John/Sherlock  h/c 
december 2012 by arionchan
These Things Were Promises
Watson has had to take a brutal course in being honest with himself so nothing Holmes says will ever be a surprise.
fandom:ACD_Sherlock  pairing:John/Sherlock 
august 2012 by arionchan
"Missing" Timeline - Canon Sherlock Holmes - Random_Nexus - Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes - Doyle [Archive of Our Own]
Holmes has returned to London after being thought dead for three years; furthermore, he's had some self-revelations while away that he must deal with, as well as catching a killer and breaking the news to Watson that he's not dead, after all.
pairing:John/Sherlock  pairing:Mycroft/Penney  fandom:ACD_Sherlock  hiatus!fic 
march 2012 by arionchan
A Dozen Different Hours - o2doko - Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle, Alice In Wonderland - Lewis Carroll [Archive of Our Own]
Tomorrow the newspapers will demand it in their bold black headlines, and all of London will query each other about it while they sip their afternoon tea.Where's Alice? Where's Alice?Well. Wouldn't you like to know?
fandom:ACD_Sherlock  Fandom:Alice  pairing:John/Sherlock  character:Alice  Character:Cheshire_Cat 
march 2012 by arionchan
Perception - ancalime8301 - Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle [Archive of Our Own]
It is inexcusable that I had to be blind before I could recognize how dear you are to me
fandom:ACD_Sherlock  pairing:John/Sherlock  h/c 
march 2012 by arionchan
Transposition - methylviolet10b - Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
...For most unfortunately, I am the case. The Adventure of the Abducted Doctor. And at this moment, despite all my efforts, I must admit that a happy conclusion to my tale does not seem likely..."
fandom:ACD_Sherlock  gen 
march 2012 by arionchan
Thoughts without Words
"How extraordinary," he murmured. "I thought I only heard what I wished you were saying. Forgive me."
fandom:ACD_Sherlock  pairing:John/Sherlock  First_Times  character:Irene_Adler 
january 2012 by arionchan
Minor Interludes for the Solo Violin I
I was never a vain man before the war--indeed, I hardly ever gave my own looks any consideration whatsoever. After the war, however, I had the most peculiar sensation that I was staring at my own ghost when I saw my reflection.
fandom:ACD_Sherlock  pairing:John/Sherlock  pre-slash  First_Times  series:encounters 
january 2012 by arionchan
Hallowed Be Thy Name
He can write me down all he likes, and if it's my name he needs, he can have it. He can own it for the rest of his days. It was never of any use to me, after all
fandom:ACD_Sherlock  pairing:John/Sherlock  angst  drugs  series:encounters 
january 2012 by arionchan
A Man of Questionable Morals
One day, we will quit the city and take our leisure in the countryside, and one day much later each of us will answer what Holmes refers to somewhat ironically as the call to something higher. Until that day occurs, however, I am at his service. It is my greatest joy and privilege, even if he does not appreciate hearing the sentiment stated aloud.
fandom:ACD_Sherlock  pairing:John/Sherlock  angst 
january 2012 by arionchan
Twelfth Night
"Watson, are you drunk?"

"Oh, yes," I nodded. "Well, no, I was drunk, half an hour ago. I do beg your pardon. Now I am decimated."
fandom:ACD_Sherlock  pairing:John/Sherlock 
january 2012 by arionchan
The Three Favours
Concessions had to be made before a clamoring public, ever gratifyingly eager for new tales of my friend, and thus I am afraid that the events I recorded under the aforementioned title are rather more heart-warming than they are factual.
fandom:ACD_Sherlock  pairing:John/Sherlock  hiatus!fic 
january 2012 by arionchan
The Theory of Narrative Causality
They are all members of Sherlock Holmes fandom. The meta--it is glorious.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  fandom:ACD_Sherlock  META  pairing:John/Sherlock 
august 2011 by arionchan
Through The Unknown, Unremembered Gate -
Anniversaries, in different eras and for different milestones.
fandom:Sherlock_BBC  fandom:ACD_Sherlock 
august 2011 by arionchan
Recalled To Life
It has been two years since the death of Sherlock Holmes and one year since a bookshop appeared on the corner of Church Street; a stone’s throw away from the practice of Doctor John Watson.
fandom:ACD_Sherlock  pairing:John/Sherlock  hiatus!fic 
july 2011 by arionchan
Observations on Sentinels and Guides in Victorian London - RyuuzaKochou - Sherlock Holmes (2009), The Sentinel [Archive of Our Own]
Watson is way more badass a Guide than Victorian London is prepared for. Sherlock is absolutly thrilled. Everyone else on the other hand...
Fandom:The_Sentinel  pairing:John/Sherlock  au  BAMF  fandom:ACD_Sherlock 
july 2011 by arionchan

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