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epicycles: Roadhouse Ink Masterpost
After an injury, Dean retires from hunting to become a tattoo artist, slipping anti-possession symbols into all the art. One day two djinn -- the supposed Trickster and his younger brother -- turn up on Dean's doorstep, needing his help and offering a wish in return.
fandom:supernatural  gen  au  character:gabriel  character:castiel  character:dean 
september 2012 by arionchan
Lullaby - Epiphanyx7 - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Jess makes a quick decision. "Castiel," she says. "Why don't you give me your number? I think you could use a friend."
fandom:supernatural  Pairing:Sam/Jess  kidfic  au  character:dean  character:castiel 
march 2012 by arionchan
Gedry - Ouroboros - Part 1
Bobby makes the boys go to therapy for his own sanity. The boys make Cas go when his anger management issues get scary.
fandom:supernatural  author:Gedry  gen  character:sam  character:castiel  character:dean  Contest:Big_Bangs 
july 2011 by arionchan
Welcome to the Cave! - Safe (In My Arms) Masterpost
When Castiel appears in their room one day carrying a bundle in his arms, Sam and Dean never expected it to hold a child archangel.
fandom:supernatural  Contest:Big_Bangs  kidfic  character:dean  character:sam  character:castiel  character:gabriel  au 
march 2011 by arionchan
Feigning Folly - SPN Reverse Bang Fic: Canaan 1/2
The biggest murder to hit the area in 10 years, and the corpses get up and walk away. Or what happens while the boys are dead in Dark Side of the Moon.
fandom:supernatural  character:sam  character:dean  gen  tagfic 
november 2010 by arionchan
If It Walks Like One (SPN, Dean/Castiel UST, PG)
This story has a great deal of subtext, but really? People love it for the ducks.
fandom:supernatural  character:sam  character:castiel  character:dean 
october 2010 by arionchan
deancastiel: [FIC] The Sound of Silence
John’s not really sure what to make of the weird kid who seems to have mind-melded with his son.
fandom:supernatural  Character:John_Winchester  character:sam  character:castiel  character:dean  kidfic  Series:Sound_of_Silence 
october 2010 by arionchan
In Our Embers - ariadnes_string - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
"Easy now," Sam gathered the warm little body into his own. He patted awkwardly at his brother's hair, his shoulders, Dean's sobs the only sound in the eerily silent room. "It's okay, Dean, it's okay," he said. And he couldn't help saying it like he wanted the words to carry all the way back to 2010.
fandom:supernatural  kidfic  character:sam  character:dean  character:castiel  Character:Mary_Winchester  gen  quantumfic 
september 2010 by arionchan
Change of Pace, SPN, PG
Dean dreamed about Sam’s fall into the pit every night, except for the time when Castiel appeared by the lake.
fandom:supernatural  character:castiel  character:dean 
august 2010 by arionchan
adrenalineshots: Blind Faith: Master Post
They all go to Egypt to save Cas. Then Cas has to help save them. Dean is a bad ass blind guy. Also, there's a dog.
fandom:supernatural  Contest:Big_Bangs  character:sam  character:castiel  character:dean  Character:Bobby  gen 
august 2010 by arionchan
They hunted 'til darkness came on, but they found - Birthday Fic: His Voice Failed There (SPN, Dean and Gabriel, PG)
“You’re supposed to be dead,” Dean goes with, after a long moment of silence.

“Yeah, well,” Gabriel answers, “you were supposed to be dead, too. Look how that worked out.
fandom:supernatural  character:dean  character:gabriel  angst 
august 2010 by arionchan
Of baby chicks and mother hens
Dean thinks that Castiel’s surname should be Winchester, because the poor bastard has all the typical Winchester luck.
fandom:supernatural  character:dean  character:castiel  character:sam 
july 2010 by arionchan
Looking for Baylor - SPN Fic: Big Bang 2010: Apocalypse Z
It’s the zombie apocalypse, and Sam, Dean and Castiel are just trying to get to Bobby’s in one piece. And not undead.
fandom:supernatural  character:sam  character:dean  character:castiel  character:gabriel  zombies  Contest:Big_Bangs 
july 2010 by arionchan
edenbound: SPN: Waiting for the Hint of a Spark
When Lucifer rises, Dean gets blinded. Of course, that doesn't stop people from thinking he's still meant to save the world. Oh, and God's an asshole.
fandom:supernatural  gen  character:dean  character:sam  character:castiel  Contest:Big_Bangs 
june 2010 by arionchan
maychorian: Coming Down on a Sunny Day Master Post
In 2009, Castiel watches the Apocalypse end disastrously and makes a decision. In 1984, John Winchester suddenly finds himself with another little boy on his hands
fandom:supernatural  gen  character:dean  character:castiel  character:sam  character:jimmy_novak  au  Contest:Big_Bangs 
june 2010 by arionchan
maychorian: The Sky Like a Bruise
Twister's comin', boy. Better find shelter, hunker down with your family and your arms wrapped around you, and just pray it don't take anything you can't replace.
fandom:supernatural  gen  character:sam  character:dean 
june 2010 by arionchan
A place where our words fell like water - Counting Blue Cars
Castiel jumps the cracks on the sidewalks and counts blue cars, because his eyes are blue
fandom:supernatural  character:castiel  character:dean  kidfic 
june 2010 by arionchan
5 Dreams Dean Had
Cas and Dean's friendship post season 5 as seen in 5 dreams.
fandom:supernatural  character:castiel  character:dean  gen 
june 2010 by arionchan
The Archangel Castiel gets a wing trapped in a door
fandom:supernatural  character:dean  gen 
june 2010 by arionchan
enigmaticblue's little corner of ficdom - The Certain Knot of Peace
Madness descends when the whole world stops sleeping. Castiel has to manage as best he can on little grace and less sanity.
fandom:supernatural  character:dean  character:castiel 
may 2010 by arionchan
edenbound: SPN: Right Where We Belong
When John dies, Dean ends up at the roadhouse and is brought up by Ellen as Jo's big brother. Growing up there is no protection, though -- not when the apocalypse is about to start.
fandom:supernatural  character:dean  character:castiel  Character:Harvelles 
may 2010 by arionchan
icarus_chained: Storm
Dean wakes up in a room with a mostly dead Cas, no memory, and one severely pissed off archangel
fandom:supernatural  character:castiel  character:gabriel  author:icarus_chained  character:dean  series:grace 
may 2010 by arionchan
The Asylum - Mingle the Red Ochre
This is not a normal bar. That was not normal beer." Cas looked around thoughtfully. "Or tequila."

"And I suppose this isn't a normal bathroom?" Dean shot back.
fandom:supernatural  character:dean  character:sam  OC  drunk 
may 2010 by arionchan
The Omnivorous Geek - PARTY TIME! Rules of Engagement
Later he couldn’t remember why Cas was with them that day. They didn’t work a case, no one threatened their life and the world wasn’t about to end. Or, you know, not right away.
fandom:supernatural  character:sam  character:dean  character:castiel  gen 
may 2010 by arionchan
The Omnivorous Geek - PARTY TIME! his purpose first unfolded
When Sam asked you once about your childhood, you said, "I am not a child," and it made him laugh. You considered, and adjusted the translation. "I was never a child."
fandom:supernatural  character:sam  character:dean  character:castiel 
may 2010 by arionchan
The Omnivorous Geek - PARTY TIME! Chaos
And this," says Dean, his hands busy reloading the shotgun, "is why you never, and I mean fucking never, sit a trickster down with a Spielberg flick."
fandom:supernatural  character:sam  character:dean  character:castiel 
may 2010 by arionchan
icarus_chained: Cream
Dean should have known how that kind of plan always ended up, with him.
fandom:supernatural  character:dean  character:castiel  pre-slash  humor  author:icarus_chained 
april 2010 by arionchan
whynot: SPN: The Other Makes You Tall
"5.04 'verse. The first time Castiel tries drugs after he's de-angeled doesn't go too well. Dean talks him down."
fandom:supernatural  character:dean  character:castiel  apacofic  tagfic  futurefic 
april 2010 by arionchan
deancastiel: [FIC] Motor Control (for hells_hikari)
How much do you want your precious little hunter back Castiel? Why don’t we strike a deal?
fandom:supernatural  character:castiel  character:dean  possessed  angst 
april 2010 by arionchan
deancastiel: [FIC] (This Best of All) Possible Worlds (for a dropout)
“You would let all these things happen to your brother? All these things that you’ve seen? I must say that surprises me. You’re even more selfish than I could ever have hoped. We’ll have plenty of time together, you and I.” Zack likes to show Dean futures of utter Dean!fail. Cas is somewhat less enamored.
fandom:supernatural  character:dean  character:sam  Character:Zachariah 
april 2010 by arionchan
Brought to you by the letter 'I'
Castiel's expression was grave. "I believe you are having homosexual incestuous relations with your brother, Dean. I must put a stop to it."

Dean stared at him.

Castiel stared back, as though expecting Dean to announce, 'Doh! No more brother-fucking for me then!'
fandom:supernatural  character:dean  character:castiel  Pairing:Implied_Wincest 
april 2010 by arionchan
Winchesters in the style of King Lear. No really. Iambic petameter and all.
fandom:supernatural  character:dean  character:sam  Character:John_Winchester 
april 2010 by arionchan
bright and dirty - Fic: The Scratch in the Silence
"Cas, call me back. Please. soon as you can, all right? Whenever you can. Day or night, I don't care. Just call me back."
fandom:supernatural  character:castiel  character:dean 
march 2010 by arionchan
Quail Summoning Face - Otter Of The Lord
Sam, who popped his head over from under the blankets “Whazzat?”
“He’s an Otter.”
fandom:supernatural  character:dean  character:sam  character:castiel  transformationfic 
march 2010 by arionchan
The Omnivorous Geek - We Will Work with Each Other, We Will Work Side by Side
"I'm sorry, are we boring you?"

"I do find both of your continued determination to martyr yourselves extremely vexing, yes."
Fandom:Supernatural  Character:Dean  Character:Sam  Character:Castiel  tagfic  h/c 
february 2010 by arionchan
sea_wren: Cut the Cord 1/2
Dean just wants his car back. Something else just wants a meal.
Fandom:Supernatural  Character:Dean  Character:Sam  Character:Castiel  AU 
february 2010 by arionchan
Comfort to the Enemy
Lucifer's rising in front of Sam and Dean ; an archangel's descending on Castiel.
Fandom:Supernatural  Character:Dean  Character:Sam  Character:Castiel  gen  Series:Comfort_Verse 
february 2010 by arionchan
Shadow Legacy - Burn (Journal Jar challenge: Day 11)
He’d like to think he has Dean mostly fooled. Maybe even Castiel. They’re smart enough to keep him away from demon blood when possible, but if they are still really concerned, they’re doing a very good job of no longer showing it. He wishes they would.
Fandom:Supernatural  Character:Dean  Character:Castiel  Pairing:Sam/Gabriel  Series:Collared 
january 2010 by arionchan
the_oscar_cat: Spn fic: A Yarn. (Gen)
One day Sam found a pair of socks in his duffel bag.

He would tell you, they are the best socks he's ever owned. And, at first, he had no idea where they came from.
Fandom:Supernatural  Character:Dean  Character:Sam  gen 
january 2010 by arionchan
What a slippery fish... - Fic: "Seven nights, one day" - SPN - Dean, Sam/Gabriel
Something inside of Dean whispers Angel and he wakes up, blinking into the darkness of the motel room. He shifts, looking for Castiel, and doesn't find him.

Gabriel is standing at Sam's bed
Fandom:Supernatural  Character:Dean  Pairing:Sam/Gabriel 
january 2010 by arionchan
blueiris08: "Knights, Kings and Sparrows"
“‘Let him speak,’ Castiel commanded, like they didn’t all know he couldn’t shut Sam up with anything less than a tranquilizer gun and a roll of duct tape. Maybe the only surprise about Sam’s meltdown was that it hadn’t happened sooner.”
Fandom:Supernatural  Character:Dean  Character:Sam  Character:Castiel 
january 2010 by arionchan
wanttobeatree: fic: and when you poured us together, it was something
After stopping the Apocalypse, Sam and Dean run a coffee shop. Castiel and Ruby help. (Uriel can come too.)
Fandom:Supernatural  Character:Dean  Character:Sam  Character:Ruby  Character:Castiel  Character:Uriel  post_series 
december 2009 by arionchan
fosterafantasy: Title: Dazed and ConfusedRating: PGChara
Sam is very confused by Dean's toilet paper hording and overprotectivness after The End. Cas just wonders why he isn't allowed to drink beer anymore.
Fandom:Supernatural  Character:Dean  Character:Sam  Character:Castiel  tagfic 
december 2009 by arionchan
daylightfire: [Supernatural Fic] Breakfast at Bobby's
Castiel frowned. “Why would I want to do any of that?”

“Those rules,” said Bobby his voice rising over the sizzling frying pan, “are just for idiotic little Winchester boys who can’t seem to stay out of trouble.”
Fandom:Supernatural  Character:Dean  Character:Sam  Character:Castiel  Character:Bobby 
december 2009 by arionchan
stars of the seraphim
"If you disobey someone who's disobedient, doesn't it, like, cancel out or something?"

He could've sworn Cas smiled. "If that's true," he said, and he sounded as serious as ever, "then you may be the most obedient man to walk the earth."
Fandom:Supernatural  Character:Dean  Character:Anna  Character:Sam  Character:Castiel  Author:starandrea 
december 2009 by arionchan
Stupid People
He gave the little kitty an accusing look. "You still got that cell phone on you somewhere? Hidden in your fur? Some kinda feline Bluetooth?"
Fandom:Supernatural  Character:Dean  Character:Sam  Character:Castiel  Transformationfic  catfic 
december 2009 by arionchan
Angels High, Demons Wild Chapter 1: Prologue: An Old Friend, a Good Omens and Supernatural crossover fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Crowley and Aziraphale aren't about to let their hard work averting the last Apocalypse go to waste, and travel to America to help. Unfortunately, their lives become interesting when they meet the Winchesters
Fandom:Supernatural  Fandom:Good_Omens  Pairing:Crowley/Aziraphale  Character:Sam  Character:Dean  Character:Castiel  Character:Uriel  Character:Ruby 
december 2009 by arionchan
starandrea | Light Up the Sky for Me
“So can we all agree that we don’t owe each other anything? We’re just helping each other out because we want to?”
Fandom:Supernatural  Character:Dean  Character:Castiel  Character:Sam  Character:Harvelles  Series:Sky  Author:starandrea 
december 2009 by arionchan
the season of distress and clarity - 'Often a sweetness', gen ficlet.
And because the universe had decided that Dean's sense of wonder didn't need to be completely eroded out of existence, he got to see Castiel and Jo huddling solemnly over their cell phones.
Fandom:Supernatural  gen  Character:Dean  Character:Castiel  Character:Harvelles 
december 2009 by arionchan
unoshot: Angels We Have Heard
Castiel looks for God. It is a tiresome and thankless task, and he is running out of time.
Fandom:Supernatural  Character:Dean  Character:Sam  Character:Castiel  Series:Carol 
december 2009 by arionchan
deancastiel: Fic: "Peace of Mind and a Gentle Hand" (1/1)
When Dean flips the Impala and finds himself alone and injured in the woods, he reaches out for the one person he knows will always be there.
Fandom:Supernatural  Character:Dean  Character:Castiel  Character:Sam  Whump 
november 2009 by arionchan
fiercelydreamed: [SPN] i have been in arkansas
"I have been in contemplation." He enunciates it like it's a place: I have been in Arkansas.
Fandom:Supernatural  Character:Dean  Character:Castiel 
november 2009 by arionchan
Cacoethes scribendi - All Dogs Go to Heaven (Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel |PG)
Gabriel takes another slow bite of pie as if to prove a point. And knowing his brother it probably is to prove some point, like that Gabriel is an asshole. Castiel thinks Dean would be proud of that thought, but Dean is probably too busy to care. Pie seems to take a great deal of concentration, and involves a great many little noises that make would make Castiel feel a bit jealous of the pie if he were human. Which he is not.
Fandom:Supernatural  Character:Dean  Character:Castiel  Character:Gabriel  Character:Sam  humor  Author:kijikun 
november 2009 by arionchan
Fic, rec & be fannish... - SPN Fic: Ring Around the Rosy
That looks painful,” Sam said sadly.

Castiel looked at him in amazement. “It does?? I didn’t realize humans felt pain through their sight.”
Fandom:Supernatural  Character:Dean  Character:Sam  Character:Castiel  Whump 
november 2009 by arionchan
westernsocks-Summer of 09 series
The months immediately following Lucifer's ascendance. Featuring Dean with weapons of absolute (but not massive) destruction, Sam for at least some of the time (when he's not being imprisoned by the Lordess of Darkness), and one angel that is having a really awful series of days.
Fandom:Supernatural  Character:Dean  Character:Sam  Character:Castiel  gen  WIP 
november 2009 by arionchan
olympia_m: A kind of magic (SPN ficlet)
Dean knows his brother thinks him immature and juvenile, that he has the mind and tastes of a nine-year-old, but what Sam doesn't understand is that, for Dean, it's the simple things that matter.
Fandom:Supernatural  Character:Dean  Character:Castiel  Author:Olympia 
november 2009 by arionchan
pandarus: SPN fic: A Subtler Seduction. (Gen or slash, depends on your goggles.)
So isn't it possible for demons to, you know, rise? Or whatever the opposite would be? To change sides?”
Fandom:Supernatural  Character:Dean  Character:Castiel  Character:Ruby 
november 2009 by arionchan
deancastiel: I Knew I loved you-Dean/Castiel-PG
“Castiel I call you, on the eve of your day. I call you here from the seventh heaven to my side. I call you now and I call...” and she said a name that hadn't been uttered out loud in over five thousand years.
Fandom:Supernatural  kidfic  Character:Dean  Character:Castiel  Character:Mary_Winchester 
november 2009 by arionchan
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