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The World Changed - lightgetsin - The Dead Zone [Archive of Our Own]
He juggled the can and extended his right hand. “Walt Bannerman,” he said.
Fandom:Dead_Zone  Pairing:Walt/Johnny 
september 2010 by arionchan
A Vision In Scarlet
"Wow, whoa, holy shit!" Johnny exclaimed, grabbing Bruce by the arm. "Get a load of this!" At the top of the manuscript was written, in a cramped and slanted hand: "A Study In Scarlet."
Fandom:Dead_Zone  Character:Johnny  character:Bruce 
april 2010 by arionchan
What It Seems
Later, his father said, "I saw you talking to Johnny Smith."

"Oh," Walt said, and looked over at the drinks machine. Nobody was using it now. "Is that who that was?"
Fandom:Dead_Zone  Pairing:Walt/Johnny 
april 2010 by arionchan
shaenie: Little Thefts, pt 1
It's like being a peeping Tom -- everything about this is like that, of course, but this is somehow worse -- a dirty habit he knows is wrong, but cannot help, cannot stop, cannot be caught at.
Fandom:Dead_Zone  Pairing:Walt/Johnny 
april 2010 by arionchan
The Big Picture
Usually Johnny deals, but not when it's JJ. Walt deals even less.
Fandom:Dead_Zone  Pairing:Walt/Johnny  Author:Speranza 
april 2007 by arionchan

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