A Few Things I’ve Learned About Dual-Track Agile
us a while to recover from, and we misestimated our quarterly release planning a couple times and paid for it later. But we were persistent, and we got better as we went along.

From a UX perspective, I think it’s important to remember that when working in dual-track Agile, there’s no way you can do everything yourself. The best thing you can do is to get your cross-functional partners to help you, particularly in discovery and user research (but also through ideation in design sprints, because good ideas can and should come from anywhere). When everyone pitches in, the reward is greater understanding, a greater sense of ownership, and increased speed because everyone is learning together in real time.

There is no single right way (and that’s what makes it great)
In the end, we learned that dual-track Agile worked best when we made it work for us. So hold on to the essential principles related to incremental, iterative building that delivers value, but don’t be afraid to do things differently otherwise, particularly when it comes to incorporating user experience. At the end of the day, it’s about people working together and learning from each other so they can build the right thing for the customer and the business, and build it well. Dogma and labels don’t matter as much.
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september 2018
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