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Aspen Economic Strategy Group Presents Policies to Increase Work, Wages, and Skills - The Aspen Institute
The volume is organized according to three policy goals: (1) upskilling America’s workforce, (2) increasing prime-age labor force participation, and (3) expanding private-sector wage growth among low- and middle-income workers.
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Siemens Foundation: STEM Middle-Skill Initiative
he Siemens Foundation has launched a workforce development program to help close the opportunity gap for young adults in STEM middle-skill careers. Leveraging the experience and expertise of Siemens as an industry leader and pioneer in workforce development, the Foundation identified this crucial area as a place where we can have an important impact on America’s workforce.
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Tech Talkin’ Govs part 4: Opportunity Zones, workforce development, tech hubs, and more in governors plans to build economies - SSTI
Governors are reaching into their toolkits to build tech-based economies, utilizing Opportunity Zones, tax credits, broadband infrastructure and workforce development initiatives among other things. This week, as we continue to review their state of the state addresses for TBED news, we see some governors still trying to reshape their states’ struggling economies while others are building on past successes and proposing new initiatives.
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Exploring the Manufacturing Skills Gap: Menace or Myth? - ThomasNet
The manufacturing industry has played a crucial role in shaping the United States’ identity. Since its earliest days as a nation, America has distinguished itself through innovative manufacturing, building the economy on the foundation of craftsmanship and industry.
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Manufacturing is cool again and it needs skilled workers - Detroit Free Press
For the past several decades, the number of professionals entering manufacturing had decreased as many talented, young professionals have sought work in Silicon Valley and other tech regions. This is no longer the case.
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The Technology 202: Technology companies turn to apprenticeships in tight labor market - The Washington Post
Seventeen companies, including IBM, Ford, Canon, Sprint, Postmates and Bosch, have committed to expand apprenticeships to thousands of workers across 20 states to help fill a shortage of trained tech talent.
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Attracting and Retaining Top Talent in the New Normal - Area Development
Siemens has taken a new proactive approach to fulfilling its labor force needs with revamped recruiting, onboarding, retention, and training programs.
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How Manufacturers Will Tackle the Talent Shortage in 2019 - IndustryWeek
The lack of workers is one of manufacturing's most dire situations. The good news is 2019 will be a year the industry attacks it head on.
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5 Questions We Should Be Asking About Automation and Jobs - HBR
We simply don’t know for sure whether automation, algorithms, and AI will ultimately create more jobs than they destroy. Opinions are all over the map.
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What Is the Future of Work? - Area Development
As they look to the future, today’s HR leaders need to quickly adjust to change and technological innovation in the 21st century. In this interview, Cheryl Cran, a “future of work expert,” discusses why companies must build “future-ready” workplaces that are attractive to multiple generations of diverse workers. They also need to locate these workplaces in dynamic communities that will provide the workforce with a fulfilling lifestyle.
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The future of work in manufacturing - Deloitte Insights
Job rules and the nature of work are changing in what’s called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We examine what future manufacturing jobs will be like in the digital era.
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Closing the Skills Gap Could Be as Simple as ABC - strategy+business
Alongside educators, businesses need to build a pipeline from the classroom to the workplace so the skills taught today match the skills that’ll be in demand tomorrow. The key is for business leaders to understand how their organizations are going to change so they can proactively consider how to upskill their workforces accordingly. Envisioning this future state will soon be one of the most critical roles of the CEO.
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The future of work won't be about degrees, it will be about skills - CNBC
Rapid technological change, combined with rising education costs, have made our traditional higher-education system an increasingly anachronistic and risky path. The cost of a college education is so high now that we have reached a tipping point at which the debt incurred often isn't outweighed by future earnings potential.
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Understanding the skills gap in the manufacturing industry - Deloitte Insights
Faced with continuing economic expansion and retirement of baby boomers, the US manufacturing industry is looking at a potential shortage of 2.4 million workers in the next decade. How can manufacturers address this expected skills gap?
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Invest in America's Workforce - The Federal Reserve System
How can well-structured and effective workforce programs and policies result in better economic outcomes for individuals, businesses, and communities?
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2018 Manufacturing Skills Gap Study - Deloitte US
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming the world of work through artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, automation, analytics, and the Internet of Things. Despite common fears, these technologies are likely to create more jobs than they replace—as illustrated by the tight labor conditions in the US and global manufacturing industry.
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2018 Talent Attraction Scorecard: The Top Communities Attracting and Developing Talent - Emsi
Workforce issues are the highest recurring pain point for businesses in a period of sub-4% unemployment. When it comes to talent, everyone is pulling from the same pool, and competition is increasing.

In the third annual Talent Attraction Scorecard, we explore how well small and large counties are attracting and developing skilled workers. Counties are ranked using Emsi’s Talent Attraction Index, which is based on drawing new residents, growing jobs and skilled workers, attracting young talent, and increasing educational attainment.
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Companies in Virginia’s I-81/I-77 Region Partner With Colleges to Design Customized Training Programs - Area Development
Virginia’s I-81/I-77 region’s manufacturing base of automotive-related and other high-tech companies is taking advantage of its ability to mobilize and customize workforce development programs.
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Meet the Woman in Charge of Building the Best-Selling Pickup Truck in America - The New York Times
Much has been made of corporate America’s glass ceiling, and the number of top female executives has slumped after climbing in recent years. In manufacturing, the gender gap is far more basic: Women are underrepresented at every level.
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US takes first step toward a quantum computing workforce - MIT Technology Review
The pioneer behind a new national plan says it could help the US compete—and address a looming shortage of quantum engineers.
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How can A&D companies strengthen their workforce? - Industrial Insights - PwC
The A&D sector is enjoying strong growth, with transport aircraft orders at record levels and more dollars allocated for defense this year. But companies cannot deliver unless they have the right people—and that has A&D executives concerned
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Manufacturing is firing on all cylinders, but a lack of skilled workers is squeezing the sector - CNBC
The U.S. manufacturing sector is booming — adding 350,000 jobs since President Donald Trump took office in January 2017. But while a strong economy is helping to bolster the industry, it's also being crunched by an increasingly tight labor market, leaving companies in short supply of workers they desperately need to meet capacity.
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Location Notebook: Tennessee’s Comprehensive Workforce Development Efforts - Area Development
From offering free postsecondary education to partnering with employers on workforce training programs to identifying skills gaps, Tennessee is tackling the challenge of fulfilling industry’s short- and long-term labor force needs.
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Why the U.S. Needs More Worker-Owned Companies - HBR
The gap in wealth in the United States between the ultrawealthy and everyone else has reached its widest point in decades. One way to narrow the divide is through the use of worker buyouts, in which ownership of a company transfers from a single person or a small number of people to the workers of the company.
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Manufacturers Increase Efforts to Woo Workers to Rural Areas - The New York Times
Shortages may seem counterintuitive, given the widespread fear that automation, robotics and offshoring have all reduced employment in manufacturing. While jobs in absolute numbers have declined from a decade ago, the sustained economic recovery, a lack of skilled workers and the retirement of many baby boomers have led to open positions. Even though the gyrating tariff environment is causing anxiety across industries, manufacturers are still hiring.
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Designing a Future for the Untethered Workforce - strategy+business
Governments and businesses that are not yet responding are missing enormous opportunities and putting themselves at risk of falling behind.
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The Education and Labor departments were made for each other - The Washington Post
The Education Department was created not so long ago, in 1980. But from a labor force perspective, 1980 was a different epoch. Back then, two-thirds of jobs required no more than a high school education. Remarkably, 30 percent of good jobs were held by high school dropouts. Now, 55 percent of good jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree.
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Could “mid-tech” jobs elevate more people and non-coastal places? - Brookings
Call it “mid-tech,” but at any rate it’s clear that a surprisingly large share of classic tech jobs are actually quite accessible to workers without a bachelor’s degree. Accordingly, our numbers suggest tech may also be a more plausible economic development strategy for a wider array of cities and regions than conventional knowledge suggests, especially as IT continues to spread.
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Op-Ed: Ten New Ways to View A Career in Manufacturing - NJ Spotlight
The fact is that the United States and New Jersey in particular remain technical engines for our respective economies. That allows business owners to create and retain businesses and high-quality employees, which help support our positive education system, maintain our standard of living, and provide an above-average per capita income.

However, there are issues to be addressed, as the hold on this critical industry is tenuous. Here are 10 new ways to view a career in manufacturing
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Companies Can Address Talent Shortages by Partnering with Educators - HBR
One approach that has proven to be successful in recent years consists of targeted partnerships between business and education. To facilitate these, companies typically begin by assessing their human capital needs and job requirements, and then collaborate with schools to produce workers with the needed skills.
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Now Fighting for Top Tech Talent: Makers of Turbines, Tools and Toyotas - WSJ
‘Waiting too long and losing a great candidate’— firms like Siemens step up their recruiting game to vie against the likes of Google
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Five key factors influencing headquarters decisions - JLL Real Views
For both fast-growing small companies and established multi-nationals, cost is no longer king in the search for a new corporate headquarters.

As companies across a wide range of industries face limited talent pools, new priorities are reshaping relocation efforts, focusing far more on people than balance sheets.
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Helping U.S. Manufacturers: What works? - Agracel, Inc.
One of the chasms in today’s political economy relates to manufacturing. Broadly speaking, many elites believe that the one-two punch of globalization (trade) and technology (robotics) has effectively knocked out the sector. But many people disagree. Or, more precisely, they believe that with the right policies, we could support more factory jobs in more places than we do now.
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Tennessee Promise paying off - SSTI
New data analyzing the first cohort of Tennessee Promise students reveals a higher graduation rate and increased number of students earning a college credential when compared to the previous year’s non-Promise cohort. The program was proposed by Gov. Bill Haslam and approved in 2014, a part of the state Drive to 55 initiative, intended to increase the number of Tennesseans with a college degree or credential to 55 percent of the population by 2025. The Promise program was the
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States equip employers to drive apprenticeship - Brookings
It is certainly good news that more policymakers are on board with expanding apprenticeship, but since the whole point of apprenticeship is to provide paid, work-based learning experiences, more employers need to get on board as well. After all, they’re the ones with the jobs. 
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States, industry partners launch workforce training efforts focused on 21st century jobs in CA, KY, MD, MI, NC, TN - SSTI
Due to the effectiveness of employer-sponsored training program, U.S. states are working to build partnerships with industry partners that leverage public resources to help develop a 21st century workforce that addresses specific industry needs. Over the last month, partnerships have been announced between states and key industry leaders including AGCO, CVS, Tesla, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. Some of those collaborations are detailed below.
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How will automation affect jobs, skills, and wages? - McKinsey & Company
As the nature of work changes with automation, millions of people may need to switch occupations and acquire new skills.
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Yes, manufacturing still provides a pay advantage, but staffing firm outsourcing is eroding it - Economic Policy Institute
These reports raise the question of whether there is a pay premium for manufacturing work and whether this pay premium has eroded, especially recently and for particular types of workers. We review these studies and conduct new analysis of manufacturing wage and benefit premiums and conclude that although the increase in outsourcing manufacturing work to staffing agencies has helped erode pay and job quality, there is still a substantial manufacturing pay premium.
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Iowa Sets Ambitious Workforce Education Goals - Area Development
In order to satisfy workforce needs, Iowa is fostering K–12 STEM education and aiming to increase postsecondary education and training via free community college and other measures.
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How to Reform Worker-Training and Adjustment Policies for an Era of Technological Change - ITIF
Rather than slow down technological disruption to protect a small number of workers at the expense of the vast majority who are benefiting, policymakers should focus on doing significantly more to help those who are displaced transition successfully into new jobs and occupations.
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How Tech Companies Can Help Upskill the U.S. Workforce - HBR
The stakes are high and the time is right. Silicon Valley has created extraordinary wealth and has changed the nature of work. In so doing, it has also catalyzed unparalleled job disruption. It’s time for technology players–in Silicon Valley and beyond–to use the power of technology to more closely partner and coordinate with educators, employers, and government leaders – to make sure that every person in the American workforce is trained for success in the 21st century economy.
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february 2018 by areadevelopment
First Person: Apprenticeship Programs Are a Win-Win for Industries and Workers - Area Development
Area Development’s editor recently asked Kim Nichols, the CEO of Franklin Apprenticeships, about how modernized apprenticeships can change the perception of the manufacturing industry while helping to satisfy its workforce needs, as well as the needs of other advanced industries.
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february 2018 by areadevelopment
How to Promote Manufacturing as a Rewarding Career Path - IndustryWeek
Instead of wringing our hands about how hard it is to fill manufacturing jobs, let’s attack the problem with the same vigor that we would major customer or cost issues in the shop.
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Heroes MAKE America: New Program to Train Veterans for Manufacturing - IndustryWeek
Manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Koch Industries, Arconic, Parker Hannifin Corp. and many others have committed to contributing to the success of the program, as well as hiring veterans upon completion of the 10-week training.
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The False Promises of Worker Retraining - The Atlantic
Despite assurances from policymakers that retraining is the key to success, such programs have consistently failed to equip workers with the preparation they need to secure jobs.
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SCC, Michelin to offer manufacturing certificate training program - GoUpstate - Spartanburg, SC
The SCC Michelin Manufacturing Scholars Program offers “learn and earn” opportunities for those looking for training, certification and possible employment with Michelin. Applications for qualified candidates are being accepted, and classes in the program start May 14.
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january 2018 by areadevelopment
Tale of two Rust Belts: Higher education is driving Rust Belt revival but risks abound - Brookings
In the last entry of this series, I explored how some communities in the Great Lakes-Rust Belt region have managed to leverage particular assets or adopt innovative economic development strategies–efforts that are succeeding in rebooting local economies for a new era. These places are successfully shaking off their “rust.”
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january 2018 by areadevelopment
America's Perennial Failure At Worker Retraining - The Atlantic
The strategies used to help workers displaced by technology and globalization in the 1980s ultimately failed. So why do the country’s policymakers continue to resort to the same tactics?
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Why Apprenticeships Are Back - CityLab
Employers need skilled workers; young people want a path to a good job without accruing lots of debt.
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Tech-savvy Millennials Primed to Change Manufacturing - IndustryWeek
The largest generation in the U.S. is taking its place in manufacturing -- and the experts are betting this tech-savvy cohort is ready to stir things up.
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What Will Work Look Like in 2030? - strategy + business
Imagining four radically different scenarios for how companies will manage people and how people will manage their work and careers.
workforce-development  workplace-trends  Around-the-web  this-week-409 
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Beneath the U.S. job numbers: Tech’s influence on the workforce continues to hollow out the labor market - Brookings
Vital to assembling a momentary look at the job market’s latest trends, the report will support a pulse of urgent and useful news stories with its mixed and sometimes blurry data points on such topics as job growth and unemployment.
jobs  industry-reports  high-tech  skilled-labor  workforce-development  skills-gap  Around-the-web  this-week-407 
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Was the Industrial Revolution Really Worth it? -
One might reasonably expect a kind of remediating effect as technological advancement makes industrial workers’ lives better: the choice between working in a factory now or a hundred years ago is a no-brainer. Unlike the first industrial revolution, perhaps the upcoming Industry 4.0 will alleviate—rather than exacerbate—the economic and psychological consequences of unemployment in the manufacturing sector today.
industry4.0  u.s.-manufacturing  jobs  skills-gap  workforce-development  Around-the-web  this-week-407 
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Workforce Recruitment and Hiring Strategies - IndustryWeek
A gap of 20 million workers means it is imperative now for manufacturers to reach far beyond their traditional recruiting efforts if they want to survive.
this-week-407  Around-the-web  Matt  workforce  skilled-labor  labor  jobs  manufacturing  advanced-manufacturing  economic-development  workforce-development  workforce-training 
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We Need More Women In STEM: The Girl Scouts Want To Help - Fast Company
The first step is proving to young girls that they can make a difference in typically male-dominated fields. What’s next, and more complicated: Keeping their interest and confidence as they learn.
this-week-407  Around-the-web  Matt  STEM  skilled-labor  workforce  workforce-development  workforce-training  women-in-manufacturing  economic-development  insider-8-23-2018 
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Does Amazon create jobs? Well, it hired 75,000 robots in 2017. - Quartz
Amazon’s headcount is growing by 40% year-over-year. It was the eighth-largest private employer in the US at the end of 2016, and it’s poised to climb those ranks quickly. The online retailer also announced plans to build a second US headquarters that will employ 50,000 employees.

But Amazon’s growth comes at a cost. It has a well-earned reputation for overwhelming competitors. Even though Amazon represents a small portion of the overall retail industry, it dominates the industry’s sales growth.

We wondered: Does Amazon create more jobs than it destroys?

It depends—on whether you are a robot
Around-the-web  this-week-407  amazon  automation  jobs  skilled-labor  workforce-development  logistics  warehousing 
december 2017 by areadevelopment
How Labor Trends Will Impact Your 2018 Workforce Planning - Manufacturing Business Technology
Talent shortages for roles such as electricians, machinists, welders, PLC technicians, mechanics, construction tradespersons, and engineers will persist for the foreseeable future. While this lack of skilled talent is one of the biggest challenges manufacturers face today, there are ways to get a jump on filling these difficult roles
skilled-labor  skills-gap  workforce-development  Around-the-web  this-week-406 
december 2017 by areadevelopment
How the workforce changed since the Great Recession began - Pew Research Center
Here are five ways in which the U.S. workforce has changed since the onset of the Great Recession. (It’s worth noting that, in many cases, the slump intensified or accelerated longer-term trends that already were underway. Also, in order to highlight changes, in most cases we compare the most recent available economic data points with those in December 2007, when the economy started its big slowdown.)
workforce-development  economic-recovery  economic-indicator-reports-analysis  demographics  skills-gap  Around-the-web  this-week-406 
december 2017 by areadevelopment
Help wanted: The future of automotive talent is shifting gears- Industrial insights - PwC
Major OEMs are racing to develop a range of alternative propulsion (hybrid, electric, fuel cell), connected and self-driving vehicles – while continuing to improve operational efficiencies that aim to sustain profits. In turn, business models and production facilities across the auto supply chain are being reconsidered and, in some cases, upended.
industry-reports  automotive-industry  industry4.0  advanced-manufacturing  autonomous-vehicles  skilled-labor  workforce-development  automation  Around-the-web  this-week-405-top 
december 2017 by areadevelopment
3 Ways to Attract Millennials to Manufacturing - Supply Chain Management Review
Across manufacturing, the debate on automation and robots replacing humans in the workforce continues – but what about the need to replace humans with humans?
Around-the-web  millennials  workforce-development  manufacturing  competitiveness  skilled-labor  skills-gap  this-week-405 
december 2017 by areadevelopment
DeVos says U.S. has emphasized four-year degrees at the expense of work-force training - Inside Higher Ed
Education secretary calls for more emphasis on work-force training. Many experts -- including those focused on careers -- say general education matters more than she suggests.
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november 2017 by areadevelopment
Opinion: Pfizer offers innovative, highly-skilled jobs, site leader says -
I believe there has never been a more exciting time to start or grow a career in manufacturing, especially in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. The U.S. biopharmaceutical industry alone is responsible for 4.5 million jobs, with more professionals in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics than any other industry in America. Bob Betzig is the site leader at Pfizer's Global Supply plant in Portage, Michigan.
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Why Skilled Labor is the No. 1 Location Driver for Manufacturers Today - Quality Magazine
The state of U.S. manufacturing is a hot topic in national economic and political conversations today. Issues like tax reform, trade partnerships and regulations are fueling a national debate over how to create and retain U.S. manufacturing investment and jobs.
this-week-403  Around-the-web  Matt  skilled-labor  skills-gap  workforce  workforce-development  workforce-training  jobs  manufacturing  advanced-manufacturing  economic-development 
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Chinese Auto-Glass Magnate Faces Union Challenge in Ohio - The New York Times
“I started from the very bottom of society, so I understand the wants and needs of those at the very bottom,” said Mr. Cao in an interview earlier this year. “We should take care of the needs of our employees as part of a family.”

Now, in a factory with roughly 2,000 employees in Moraine, Ohio, 7,600 miles away, Mr. Cao’s paternalistic attitude is facing a deep test.
this-week-403  Around-the-web  labor-costs  organized-labor  workforce-development  automotive-industry 
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Why Do We Still Commute? - CityLab
It's true that, since the rise of the Internet, we report working from home more than we did before. But computers and smartphones didn't replace the office—they've just kept us tethered to it when we're not there. The vast majority of us still travel to work most days: only about 2.8 percent of the total workforce says they work from home "at least half the time."
workplace-trends  workforce-mobility  workforce-development  Around-the-web  this-week-402 
november 2017 by areadevelopment
Why machines do not have to be the enemy - The Financial Times
These findings, though preliminary, are a reminder that technology does not necessarily mean doom to all but the highest skilled. The best response to the race against the machines is not to hold the machines back; it is to help the humans jump aboard.
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november 2017 by areadevelopment
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