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Inside Wisconsin’s Disastrous $4.5 Billion Deal With Foxconn - Bloomberg
A huge tax break was supposed to create a manufacturing paradise, but interviews with 49 people familiar with the project depict a chaotic operation unlikely to ever employ 13,000 workers.
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Foxconn May Scale Back $10 Billion U.S. Plant, Reuters Says - Bloomberg
Foxconn Technology Group is considering scaling back or even abandoning plans to make cutting-edge displays from a $10 billion plant it’s building in the U.S., Reuters reported.
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Factory town no more -
It’s no surprise that the number of people working in manufacturing in Kenosha County has declined since the closing of the Chrysler Assembly Plant in 1988.

Nationally, the manufacturing workforce has declined over the last three decades as some factories moved to lower-cost countries while those production facilities that remained becoming increasingly automated, employing fewer workers.
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Why Foxconn Is Considering Engineers From China - Forbes
Some controversy emerged with a report that Foxconn, a Taiwanese company, plans to transfer engineers from China into Wisconsin to staff its large expansion into the state. A look at the demand for high-skilled talent nationwide and the small number of graduate students in key technical fields at Wisconsin universities might make Foxconn’s thinking more understandable.
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The Latest: Foxconn, UW-Madison sign $100 million agreement - The Washington Post
Foxconn Technology Group says it will invest $100 million in engineering and innovation research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
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Foxconn Closes On North American Headquarters - Wisconsin Public Radio
Foxconn Technology Group has purchased a downtown Milwaukee building to house its North American headquarters as it prepares to build a mammoth manufacturing complex 30 miles to the south.
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Brain Gain: Professionals Find Niche in Rural Upper Midwest - Daily Yonder
Winchester looked at Census data to show that the so-called rural “brain drain” popularized in the 2009 book “Hollowing Out the Middle” is being countered by “brain gain.” Rural communities may be losing high school graduates, but they’re gaining residents with more skills and education, according to studies in Minnesota and Nebraska. In Minnesota, Winchester found that most rural Minnesota counties have gained 30- to 49-year-olds, early- to mid-career Minnesotans with significant resources and connections. 
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When All Else Fails, Tax Incentives Probably Will, Too - The New York Times
In the face of persistent stagnation across a broad swath of the country, economists are reconsidering their longstanding objection to place-based policies, directed at improving the conditions of a local economy.
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IN DEPTH: Counties want long-term solution to Wisconsin's infrastructure crisis -
Of the proposed $1.5 trillion in federal funding, only $200,000 billion stems from direct federal spending, with the remainder falling on the shoulders of state and local governments which can gain access to the funding only if they match federal allocation on a 4-1 ratio. 
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Foxconn in Choppy Waters Over Plan to Drain the Great Lakes - Route Fifty
Wisconsin courted the Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer hard, but there are questions whether the state's economic development deal violates the Great Lakes Compact among eight U.S. states and two Canadian provinces over water use.
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Foxconn: Paul Ryan calls eminent domain wrong, but won't help resident - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
When it comes to the general idea of using eminent domain to seize someone's private property in the name of economic development, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan hasn’t minced words.
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Table Stakes: Business Attraction in the Midwest Post-Foxconn - Area Development
In order for other Midwest states to be ready when opportunity comes knocking, they need to understand the lessons to be learned from the Foxconn deal.
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Wisconsin unveils million-dollar ad campaign designed to lure millennials from Chicago -
Wisconsin officials have launched a planned multi-million dollar advertising campaign to lure millennials from Chicago, but the marketing blitz is making some grumble.
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Foxconn: Potential suppliers are showing interest that outpaces the information they're getting - Green Bay Press-Gazette
Much like it takes a village to raise a child, business leaders are saying it will take the state of Wisconsin to build and supply Foxconn Technology Group’s Racine complex.

Alan Yeung, Foxconn’s director of U.S. strategic initiatives, said the search for companies to fill an estimated $1.4 billion demand for materials and services annually will include a meeting for potential companies in Green Bay in early 2018.
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Mid-Market Manufacturer Finds New Opportunities to Reshore Parts - Chief Executive
Mitchell supplies parts and wreath rings to companies throughout North America and Europe, and is a preferred parts supplier to furniture, window and computer manufacturers. Mitchell CEO Tim Zimmerman said recently that the company was able to reshore a handle sub-assembly product back to the U.S. last year, offering both increased production and significant cost savings to the client.
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Made in Milwaukee: Master Lock - OnMilwaukee
Master Lock employs about 450 people – most are members of UAW Local 469 – at its Center Street factory, which I visited recently. Another 400 or so employees work at the company's new headquarters and research and development center in Oak Creek. About 1,200 work in an assembly plant in Nogales, Mexico, and a warehouse across the border in Arizona. Some jobs that had moved to China in the early 1990s were moved back to Milwaukee in 2011.
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What Foxconn Means for Wisconsin - Shepherd Express
When Foxconn Technology Group first announced its plan to build a $10 billion electronics factory in Wisconsin, it seemed like a big win—for President Donald Trump, who called the decision “incredible” and promptly took credit for it and for Gov. Scott Walker, who needs a splashy achievement to tout as he seeks reelection.
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Microsoft expands rural U.S. campaign with Green Bay Packers tie-up - Reuters
Through the partnership, known as TitletownTech, the Packers and Microsoft will each contribute $5 million to invest in startups from around Wisconsin. This is part of a larger initiative by Microsoft called TechSpark to form similar partnerships in North Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wyoming.
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Foxconn Deal in Wisconsin Hits Snag Over Guarantees - WSJ
Officials delay final vote for $10 billion factory as contract scrutinized to assure safeguards in place for $3 billion in incentives
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Wisconsin's schools seek to shorten the workforce pipeline -
Gov. Scott Walker and business leaders are urging high school students to consider two-year degree options rather than a traditional four-year degree as they hasten more workers into the job market and try to fill positions that require more technical training and skills than jobs of the past.
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The hype and hope of Wisconn Valley - BizTimes
It was almost as if Gov. Scott Walker couldn’t believe it himself. Speaking at the White House announcement of Foxconn Technology Group’s planned investment in Wisconsin, he described it as a $10 million project. House Speaker Paul Ryan quickly leaned in and corrected the governor.
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Foxconn: Breaking Down a $3 Billion Incentives Package - Area Development
As the “Wisconn Valley” special legislative session examines the structure, performance based metrics and magnitude of an incentives package tied to what would be the largest greenfield investment by a foreign company in U.S. history, it is paramount to understand the road to a $3 billion incentives package.
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The Tech Skills Gap Will Test Foxconn's New Wisconsin Factory - WIRED
The 3,000 jobs Foxconn says it will create in Wisconsin aren’t the kind of manufacturing jobs that so many laid off auto and steel workers have been clamoring for. Nor are they a pathway to the American-made iPhone President Trump promised during the 2016 election. They are, instead, part of a new generation of advanced manufacturing jobs, requiring high levels of engineering skills—skills that are still sorely lacking in the American workforce.
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Regional Report: Midwest Economy Buffeted by the Winds of Change - Area Development
There have been ups and downs in the world of Midwest auto manufacturing, but the region has also shown growth in the technology, agribusiness, and logistics/distribution sectors.
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Tech Talkin’ Govs, Part I: AR, AZ, CT, IA, ID, IN, KS, ND, SD, VT, WI - workforce, education top concerns - SSTI
SSTI again presents its latest round of Tech Talkin’ Govs, where governors’ comments about TBED issues are excerpted from their state of the state and inaugural addresses. Today’s roundup includes STEM spending and workforce development in Idaho, education in Arizona, manufacturing in Connecticut and a nod to technological change in North Dakota, inaugural addresses from new governors in Vermont and Indiana, and more reports from governors who gave their addresses on the 10th. Next week the Digest will continue with Part II of Tech Talkin’ Govs featuring news from the next round of addresses.
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Glenn Rieder Expands Operations In West Allis, Wisconsin - Area Development
Glenn Rieder, a national provider of architectural millwork and custom interior finishes, will expand its production plant in West Allis, Wisconsin.
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Colbert Packaging Corporation To Relocate Operations-Warehouse Facility To Kenosha, Wisconsin - Area Development
Colbert Packaging Corporation, a leading manufacturer of folding cartons, rigid setup boxes, and paperboard specialty products, plans to relocate its flexographic packaging operation and related warehousing services to a 173,000 square-foot building on 16-acres at the Business Park of Kenosha, Wisconsin.
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Custom Painted Vehicles Expands Its Franksville, Wisconsin, Operations Complex - Area Development
Custom Painted Vehicles, Inc. just completed the purchase of a 33,000 square foot building that triples the size of its current location located within the same Racine County commercial business park at 4234 Courtney Road in Franksville, Wisconsin.
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Toledo Molding & Die Establishes Manufacturing Complex In Beloit, Wisconsin - Area Development
Toledo Molding & Die Inc., a global supplier of interior and air/fluid management systems to the automotive industry, is establishing operations in Beloit, Wisconsin. The company is expected to create 118 new jobs.
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Immucor, Inc. Expands Operations Center In Brookfield, Wisconsin - Area Development
Immucor, Inc. is expanding its operation at 20925 Crossroads Circle in the Town of Brookfield, Wisconsin. The company will invest $1.58 million in facility upgrades and new equipment, and expects to add up to 64 new employees.
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California's Inland Empire reels after losing hundreds of blue-collar jobs - LA Times
The Inland Empire, one of California’s poorest regions, has enjoyed a micro-boom in manufacturing employment, which has increased 15% since 2010. The region, which includes Riverside and San Bernardino counties, also has been buoyed in recent years by retail giant Amazon, which has leased massive warehouses that require packagers and truckers to transport those packages.
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Remedy Analytics Expands Operations-Workforce In Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Area Development
Remedy Analytics, Inc. is expanding its operations at 234 West Florida Street in the Walker’s Point neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company anticipates hiring 27 full-time associates, doubling its workforce.
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American Packaging Corporation Plans Satellite Operation In DeForest, Wisconsin - Area Development
American Packaging Corporation, a 114-year-old industry-leading flexible packaging converter, is investing $50 million in the first phase of a new satellite facility in DeForest, Wisconsin.
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Denali Ingredients Plans Major Expansion At Manufacturing-Research Hub In New Berlin, Wisconsin - Area Development
Denali Ingredients, a leading ingredients supplier to the food manufacturing industry, opened its newly designed manufacturing, research and operations hub at 2400 S Calhoun Rd. in New Berlin, Wisconsin.
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Alliance Laundry Systems Plans $62.6 Million Expansion At Ripon, Wisconsin, Headquarters-Manufacturing Center - Area Development
Alliance Laundry Systems, the leading global commercial laundry equipment provider, plans a $62.6 million expansion to its operations hub in Ripon, Wisconsin. The project will add 225,000 square feet of new buildings including the construction of a new North America Sales and Marketing Headquarters and the conversion of an existing warehouse into a manufacturing facility. It is estimated that the project will add 200 new permanent jobs to the local workforce.
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Milwaukee Tool Begins Expansion Plan At Brookfield, Wisconsin, Manufacturing Complex - Area Development
Milwaukee Tool expects to add 600 associates to its workforce during the next five years, as a result of its proposed $33 million, 200,000 square foot headquarters expansion in Brookfield, Wisconsin.
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National Decision Support Company Opens Research-Development Headquarters In Madison, Wisconsin - Area Development
A company that provides integrated solutions, National Decision Support Company is opening new research and development headquarters in in Madison, Wisconsin. The company's new software development headquarters is located in the historic Jackman Building, which overlooks the Wisconsin State Capitol in downtown Madison.
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Little Potato Company Locates U.S. Operations Center In DeForest, Wisconsin - Area Development
The Little Potato Company, a specialty potato producer, will locate its U.S. head office and processing, washing, packing and storage facility in DeForest, Wisconsin. The company has a similar head office and facility in Alberta, Canada.
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Solomon Corporation To Locate Manufacturing Center In Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin - Area Development
Solomon Corporation, a premier distribution electrical transformer company, will invest more than $2 million to expand its manufacturing operations in Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin.
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Milwaukee Wisconsin’s Global Water Center Plans Second Campus - Area Development
The rapid fulfillment of leasing opportunities in Milwaukee’s Global Water Center since the building’s completion in 2013 has led to the purchase of a second, nearby, building to house additional companies seeking to tap the growing network of industry resources located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s burgeoning Water Technology District.
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Johnson Controls to merge with Tyco International in blockbuster deal - Milwaukee Business Journal
A major deal between the Ireland-based Tyco and the Glendale-based Johnson Controls will create a new global buildings and energy products company based in Cork, Ireland. The company will be renamed Johnson Controls PLC, and will maintain North American operational headquarters in Milwaukee.
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W. P. Carey Inc.’s CPA:18 Global Acquires Industrial Site And Headquarters In Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin - Area Development
W. P. Carey Inc., a global net lease real estate investment trust specializing in corporate sale-leaseback and build-to-suit financing and the acquisition of single-tenant net lease properties, announced that CPA:18 – Global, one of its managed non-traded REITs, acquired a 550,000-square-foot corporate headquarters and industrial printing facility for approximately $23 million in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.
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Industrial Diversification Helps Midwest Meet Today’s Economic Challenges
The economy of the Midwest is being whipsawed these days, as some robustly positive trends struggle to offset some negative ones, and the tensions manifest themselves in development as well as in the economy as a whole.
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SC Aviation Expands Its Janesville, Wisconsin Aircraft Facility - Area Development
SC Aviation plans a 36,000 square foot, $22.5 million expansion of its current 12,000 square foot hangar facility in Janesville, Wisconsin.
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IPM Foods Relocates To Janesville, Wisconsin - Area Development
IPM Foods, a contract manufacturer and packager of soups and various foods, is relocating operations to a 150,000-square-foot production hub at East Side Business Park, located at 4298 Capital Circle in Janesville, Wisconsin.
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Dollar General Corporation Begins Construction On Distribution Center In Janesville, Wisconsin - Area Development
Dollar General Corporation started construction on its new state-of-the-art distribution center in Janesville, Wisconsin. It will be the 14th facility in the retailer’s growing distribution network.
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New Fox Valley Tech 'manufacturing mall' built around collaboration - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The 12,000-square-foot building in Neenah is home to Grassroots Machining, Industrial Machine Services, J.W. Welding and Northern Compressor.

It's a one-stop shop for everything from engineering and product prototypes to metal fabrication and machine maintenance.
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Manufacturing jobs part of Wisconsin's future -
he craftsmanship of the Badger State is responsible for the legendary rumble of Harley Davidson engines, elegant designs of Kohler bathroom fixtures and iconic Case tractors. The lifeblood of this northern Wisconsin community involves crafting that raw steel into Littoral Combat Ships, the U.S. Navy’s newest class of warship.
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‘National Manufacturing Month’ is about Oshkosh - - Oshkosh Wisconsin
National Manufacturing Month gives all of us pause to consider what manufacturing is, its value to our regional and U.S. economies, and the work that such businesses and their workers engage in — all while energizing a future pipeline of skilled workers.
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Vets Plus Expands Its Menomonie, Wisconsin, Warehouse-Packaging Center - Area Development
Vets Plus, Inc., a leading manufacturer of health and nutritional supplements for both food and companion animals, is expanding its operations campus in Menomonie, Wisconsin. The company will add 78,000 square feet of warehouse and packaging facilities.
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Dollar General Corp Plans 1-Million-Square-foot Distribution Center In Janesville, Wisconsin - Area Development
Dollar General Corp., one of the nation’s largest small-box discount retailers, is planning to build an approximately 1-million-square-foot distribution center in Janesville, Wisconsin. The company plans to hire 552 full-time employees by 2019.
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Seda Packaging North America Plans Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, Production Facility - Area Development
Seda Packaging North America, the Italian-owned manufacturer of food packaging, plans to expand in the Village of Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin. The facility features state-of-the-art production capabilities with high definition flexo printing and employs 128 full-time workers.
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Mortara Instrument Plans Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Manufacturing-Distribution Center - Area Development
Mortara Instrument, Inc., a designer, developer and manufacturer of diagnostic cardiology and patient monitoring technologies and the second largest manufacturer of ECG systems in the world, broke ground on its new manufacturing and distribution facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
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India-Based Royal Enfield North America Plans Headquarters-Manufacturing Center In Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Area Development
Royal Enfield North America, a division of India-based Eicher Motors Ltd., opened North American operations and established its headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
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Allcast LLC Plans $14 Million Expansion Of Addison, Wisconsin, Manufacturing Center - Area Development
Allcast LLC, a custom aluminum die-casting manufacturer, is undertaking a $14 million expansion of its facility in Washington County, Wisconsin. The project expected to create 88 new jobs.
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Airworthy Aerospace Industries Inc. Plans $4.6 Million Expansion At Its Manufacturing Facility In St. Croix, Wisconsin - Area Development
Airworthy Aerospace Industries Inc., a world-class aircraft interior provider, is investing $4.6 million to expand its operations in St. Croix County, Wisconsin. The company is expected to create 45 new jobs.
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No decision yet on HQ location for Johnson Controls automotive spinoff - Milwaukee Business Journal
Johnson Controls Inc. executives have not made a decision yet on where the corporate headquarters will be for the Automotive Experience segment that's being spun off into a separate publicly traded company, but it will still have a presence in Milwaukee.
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Overpasses: A love story - Politico
With American transportation in crisis, why are we spending our money on massive new roads? An investigation of one city’s addiction to megahighways.
highways  infrastructure  transportation  wisconsin  government-policy  this-week-315  Around-the-web 
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Pabst Brewing Company Opens New Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Brewery - Area Development
Pabst Brewing Company, the world’s largest American owned brewer, will open a new brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The brewery will be on the site of the original Pabst Brewery, which was founded in 1844.
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Sargento Foods Plans $30 Million Expansion At Its Kiel And Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, Production Hubs - Area Development
Sargento Foods Inc. is investing $30 million to expand its production facility in Kiel and its technical center in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. As result of the project, about 140 jobs are expected to be created at those two facilities, as well as at the company’s corporate headquarters in Plymouth.
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Great Northern Innovation Expands Polk County, Wisconsin, Manufacturing Plant - Area Development
Great Northern Innovation, which manufacturers vibrating screens and wear media for the mining industry, is expanding its operations in Polk County, Wisconsin. The project is expected to create 35 jobs in the northwestern part of the state.
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Kapco Inc. Invests $7 Million To Expand Grafton, Wisconsin, Manufacturing Plant - Area Development
Kapco Inc., a metal stamping and fabrications company, is nearing completion on a 77,000-square-foot addition to its production complex in Grafton, Wisconsin. The company plans to create 100 jobs. The $7 million project in Ozaukee County will allow the company to increase its manufacturing space and add more equipment.
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TIP Technologies Relocates To Waukesha, Wisconsin, Operations Center - Area Development
TIP Technologies, a provider of Quality Management Solutions, compliance, and shop floor execution software, is moving to a new office location at Tower Place in Waukesha, Wisconsin.
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Collaboration with Wisconsin plastics manufacturer yields industry and research advances - U-W Madison News
Osswald, who is also on the company’s technical advisory board, says Teel is an ideal example of how companies in Wisconsin have used the university as a resource. Yet their relationship is far from a one-way street: Teel’s challenges allow Osswald and his students to confront relevant and contemporary issues in industry.
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Saint-Gobain Corp. Plans $11 Million Expansion At Its Portage, Wisconsin, Production Facility - Area Development
Saint-Gobain Corp. announced that the France-based world leader in the habitat and construction markets intends to expand its medical device manufacturing facility in Portage, Wisconsin. The Portage facility is a custom manufacturer of silicone and thermoplastic solutions for medical devices for ophthalmic, fluid delivery, and IV therapy systems.
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Tom Still: Uncertain about mission of state economic agency? It’s called competition : Wsj
While some policymakers in Wisconsin have talked of doing away with state business loan programs or WEDC altogether, other states continue to march ahead with their own loan programs – and much more – in the race to create companies and jobs.
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may 2015 by areadevelopment
Gallina USA Expands Janesville, Wisconsin, Plant - Area Development
Gallina USA, a polycarbonate sheet and glazing systems manufacturer, plans a 40,000 square foot expansion to its manufacturing plant at Janesville's East Side Business Park in Janesville, Wisconsin.
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may 2015 by areadevelopment
Wisconsin Assembly passes right-to-work on party line vote - Chicago Tribune
Wisconsin lawmakers voted along party lines Friday to make their state the 25th to enact right-to-work legislation, pushing a fast-tracked bill through the Assembly after an overnight debate and sending it on to Gov. Scott Walker for his promised signature.
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march 2015 by areadevelopment
As Wisconsin Debates Right-to-Work, Gov. Walker Looks Ahead to 2016 - The Takeaway
This week, Wisconsin state lawmakers began debating a right-to-work law, as thousands of union leaders and their supporters protested at the state capitol.
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february 2015 by areadevelopment
ConsortiEX Inc. Establishes Headquarters-Operations Hub In Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Area Development
Healthcare technology start-up ConsortiEX Inc. is establishing its headquarters and operations center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. ConsortiEX provides innovative information technology systems and services to manage the ordering, distribution and tracking of sterile injectable compounds for hospitals and their affiliated networks.
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february 2015 by areadevelopment
MI, OH, OK, TN, WI Budgets Highlight Workforce Development, Tax Credits - SSTI
This week, governors in Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Wisconsin unveiled their budget proposals. Included in the governors’ recommendations are several cases of agency restructuring and funds for workforce development, innovation tax credits, and other TBED-relevant issues.
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february 2015 by areadevelopment
British-Based 4imprint Plans $10.8 Million Expansion Project In Oshkosh, Wisconsin - Area Development
British-based 4imprint Inc., an international direct marketer of promotional products, is expanding its offices and production facilities, a $10.8 million project expected to create 150 new jobs in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
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january 2015 by areadevelopment
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