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Baton Rouge’s Water Campus Attracts Researchers from Around the World - Area Development
It is hoped that for firms with an interest in the water sector, the Water Campus will be a magnet for innovation and private-sector investment.
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St. George, Utah, Is Booming, and Guzzling Water - CityLab
As St. George, Utah grows, it will have to cut down on its high water consumption or pay handsomely for it—or both.
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The New Water Wars Reshaping America - OZY
Increasingly across the nation, water concerns are bubbling up, affecting millions in their wake. The political ramifications of water were amplified during the North Dakota Access pipeline protests of last year, in which protesters coined the phrase “Water is life.”
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Corporations Vow To Save Water That Will Help Save Energy And The Economy - Forbes
Water is not just used to irrigate crops. It is also used to generate electricity and run industrial processes. Indeed, water and energy are inextricably linked as various segments of the economy compete for limited resources. Governments and businesses alike are now calling for concerted conservation efforts
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Lehigh Valley’s Water Quality Vital to Food and Beverage Companies - Area Development
Companies like Coca-Cola and Ocean Spray among others that rely on the quality of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania’s water supply in their processing plants.
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Operations Extranet by McKinsey & Company - The future is now: How to win the resource revolution
Even though the hurricane-like “supercycle” of double-digit annual price increases that prevailed from the early 2000s until recently has hit land and abated, companies in all sectors need to brace for a new gale of disruption.
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Major Food Companies to Tackle Water Risks In Their Global Supply Chains - Ceres
One-third of the world’s food is grown in areas of high water stress or competition, and agriculture is a leading cause of water pollution worldwide. The food sector, which uses 70 percent of global freshwater supplies, primarily for growing crops, can play a critical role at protecting limited freshwater resources by working with farmers to become more water smart.
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'Wet Utilities' Are Key to Rural Economic Development - Inside INdiana Business
A missing piece of the infrastructure puzzle that’s been hampering economic development is the availability of "wet utilities." Taken for granted in cities, wet utilities consist of water and sewer services.
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Mayors: Flint Could Happen to Us - POLITICO Magazine
Nearly 1 in 3 American mayors think they may already have hurt their own citizens by making cost-saving decisions on critical infrastructure—a startling admission of fearfulness and accountability from the nation’s top urban executives on the heels of the Flint water crisis.
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Aging water infrastructure in the United States - Deloitte University Press
The United States’ water infrastructure needs an overhaul, and the cost of doing so is climbing rapidly. Where will the money come from?
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Milwaukee Wisconsin’s Global Water Center Plans Second Campus - Area Development
The rapid fulfillment of leasing opportunities in Milwaukee’s Global Water Center since the building’s completion in 2013 has led to the purchase of a second, nearby, building to house additional companies seeking to tap the growing network of industry resources located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s burgeoning Water Technology District.
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Innovating our way out of water shortages - GreenBiz
The current trend with water utilities is that water conservation is critical and water prices need to increase. Utilities have to cover their costs while confronting lower use and revenue. Essentially, water prices must rise to cover rising fixed costs despite declining volumes.
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The California Drought’s Impact On Pharma - Pharmaceutical Online
Water restrictions have far-reaching ramifications on industries such as agriculture and food processing which rely on heavy water use. While not as significantly impacted as these sectors, pharmaceutical companies based in California have their own drought-related challenges to contend with. Most notably, the water shortage has made it increasingly difficult for pharmaceutical companies to secure the wastewater discharge permits necessary to manufacture drugs in the state.
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Milwaukee’s Move From Rust Belt to “Coastal City” – Next City
Milwaukee has a history of spawning freshwater-related businesses and research because of its location on Lake Michigan. Today, thanks to a network of public-private partnerships, the city is globally recognized as a leader in freshwater technology and research.
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A spot market for water - MIT News
Sourcewater pioneers an exchange for trading and recycling water for oil and gas production and other operations.
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Innovative, proactive measures taken years ago prepared Arizona to face today’s water challenges. - U.S. Cluster Mapping
Over the past 60 years, Arizona’s population has increased five-fold. However, the demand for water has increased only 0.1 percent.
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june 2015 by areadevelopment
How MillerCoors is brewing more beer with less water — Ceres
"Liquid gold" is a popular descriptor for a refreshing mug of beer. But in the case of MillerCoors’ sprawling Irwindale, Calif., brewery, the phrase is most applicable to water — or the lack thereof.

Situated in the heart of the drought-stricken San Gabriel Valley in southern California, the brewery, which produces approximately 6 million barrels of beer every year, long has considered its water use.
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The Age of Resilience: Building a Sustainable Water Future - GE Ideas Lab
With increasing global water scarcity now a given, it’s time to focus on resiliency so that we can preserve what resources we have for the long run.
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march 2015 by areadevelopment
Ripples of Change - MAPI: Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation
Just as the annoying sound of water dripping from your faucet gets you to call the plumber, consider this your call to action to think about water sustainability in manufacturing. This past Sunday was World Water Day and this year the theme was sustainable development. How is your organization managing this precious resource?
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California's Centers of Technology: Bay Area, LA, San Diego, and ... Fresno? - The Atlantic
How would you build a high-tech center in a vast farming zone? You might start by applying tech solutions to farming problems of water use and sustainability in all forms.
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Select Energy Services Opens Water Solutions Facility In Grady County, Oklahoma - Area Development
Select Energy Services, a company that provides strategic water management services from sourcing and transfer to reuse and disposal, launched the new Pecan Hill Water Solutions Facility in southeast Grady County, Oklahoma.
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Water: The New Blue Economy? - Area Development
As companies plan for the future, water keeps pushing itself onto their agendas like an incessant tide. Water resources clearly are rising in significance in many site location decisions, and industry participants expect ‘water pressure’ to keep climbing.
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Driving energy, water, and material efficiency in your global supply chain - McKinsey & Company
Many companies have made strides in gaining resource efficiency in their own operations. But few have been able to achieve similar improvements in their supply chains. This is despite the fact that for many industries suppliers account for over 90 percent of a company’s resource footprint (e.g., most of the energy and water you buy is embedded in the products and services you procure, not bought directly for your own operations).
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U.S. Water Use Drops to Historic Low - BUILDINGS
With much of the western U.S. experiencing drought conditions, a report from the U.S. Geological Survey shows that national water use is at its lowest point in 45 years, dropping 13% from 2005-2010.
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Tidal Wave or Drop in the Bucket? Differences in Water Use Across the United States - Brookings Institution
A serious drought in the American West has called national attention to our country’s water resources. U.S. businesses report substantial concerns over water supply, while the current drought in California has cost the state billions of dollars in economic losses. Not all regions of the United States, however, have the same water needs. Understanding how our nation uses water, and how these needs vary across the country, will be an important piece of the solution to the water puzzle.
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California Cities Crack Down on Water Use Amid Drought - WSJ
With Droughts Impact Spreading, Inspectors Fan Out to Change Habits; Compliance Looks Widespread, Given Number of Brown Lawns
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U.S. Companies Report Water Issues Impact Site Selection, Strategic Planning - SSTI
In a recent Pacific Institute and Vox Global survey, about 80 percent of U.S. companies reported that water availability has become an issue for their business, particularly among firms in the South and Southwestern regions of the country.
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