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Useful Stats: Overall R&D intensity by state (2002-2016) - SSTI
Notably, five states stand out for exceeding the national average in both R&D intensity and increases in R&D intensity from 2002 to 2016: Oregon, Delaware, California, Maryland, and Massachusetts.
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AK Steel: Designing For Innovation In The Workplace - Facility Executive
A facility focused on research spurred steel manufacturer AK Steel to craft spaces conducive to collaboration and inspiration.
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Inside Apple’s Earthquake-Ready Headquarters - The New York Times
The circular building housing Apple’s headquarters in Silicon Valley is so big, it’s nearly a mile in circumference. So it’s hard to fathom that it is not actually attached to the ground.
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89% of Small Manufacturers Can't Fill Job Openings - IndustryWeek
In 2018, small manufacturers generated 11.6% of the U.S. economic output and employed 8.5% of the workforce, but 89% can't find employees.
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Trade War Starts Changing Manufacturers in Hard-to-Reverse Ways - The New York Times
Despite dire warnings from economists, Mr. Trump’s trade war has so far done little to derail the decade-long recovery from the Great Recession. Economic growth has remained strong, and the unemployment rate last month hit a 50-year low.
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Retail Apocalypse: These big retailers closing stores, filing for bankruptcy - Fox Business
The rise of ecommerce outlets like Amazon has made it harder for traditional retailers to attract customers to their stores and forced companies to change their sales strategies. Many companies have turned to sales promotions and increased digital efforts to lure shoppers while shutting down brick-and-mortar locations.
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The USMCA: Mexico is open for business - Industrial Insights - PwC
One critical moving piece is especially close to home. Although some commentators may refer to it as NAFTA 2.0, the changes manufacturers will have to undertake to comply with the new US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) aren’t just incremental. New regional value content (RVC) rules will require a greater percentage of a finished product’s components must be made in one of the pact’s signatory countries.
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Seeking an Edge, Developers and Investors Turn to ‘Proptech’ - The New York Times
The swelling market for property technology to help buy, sell and manage properties has attracted building owners as well as venture capitalists.
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Industry City Failed To Lure Amazon, But Is A Billion-Dollar Sunset Park Rezoning Inevitable? - Gothamist
Industry City’s general bid for Amazon has been public knowledge, but not the scope or detail. Kimball and Schein proposed handing over 5 million of their properties’ 7.5 million square feet to an Amazon campus. Effectively, this would have transformed Industry City into Amazon City.
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Foreign tire makers lead U.S. production expansion - Automotive News
Next year, Finnish tire manufacturer Nokian Tyres plans to begin production at its first U.S. plant, in Dayton, Tenn. When the $360 million project is up and running, it will have capacity of 4 million tires a year.

Nokian is part of a wave of tire industry capacity expansion in North America in recent years, much of it from foreign producers opening their first U.S. factories.
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These are the Kind of Buildings Future Cities Require - Entrepreneur
Smart buildings go a long way in achieving all these goals, and more. Smart buildings help better manage and monitor assets, reduce energy costs and carbon footprints, and shape the world around us.
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Factories and Coal Mines Bring Income Relief to Some States - GOVERNING
High-paying blue-collar jobs lifted incomes in West Virginia, New York and Illinois last year, even though the states lost residents, while farmers and government workers shared the pain of more stagnant income in Nebraska, Maryland and Washington, D.C.
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Urban Logistics – multistory warehouses - JLL
New multistory distribution centers are hitting the U.S., where land is scarce and population centers are dense. The growth of e-commerce and increasing customer service expectations have intensified the need for fast delivery. Logistics players are reexamining all aspects of their distribution networks to keep pace.
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