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Could “mid-tech” jobs elevate more people and non-coastal places? - Brookings
Call it “mid-tech,” but at any rate it’s clear that a surprisingly large share of classic tech jobs are actually quite accessible to workers without a bachelor’s degree. Accordingly, our numbers suggest tech may also be a more plausible economic development strategy for a wider array of cities and regions than conventional knowledge suggests, especially as IT continues to spread.
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Which US States are Best for Manufacturing 2018? - Supply Chain Digest
The Hoosier state has made itself very manufacturing friendly in recent years, such as approving right to work legislation and reducing taxes, and indeed has one of the top percent of manufactucturing jobs relative to total jobs of any state in the nation.
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Op-Ed: Ten New Ways to View A Career in Manufacturing - NJ Spotlight
The fact is that the United States and New Jersey in particular remain technical engines for our respective economies. That allows business owners to create and retain businesses and high-quality employees, which help support our positive education system, maintain our standard of living, and provide an above-average per capita income.

However, there are issues to be addressed, as the hold on this critical industry is tenuous. Here are 10 new ways to view a career in manufacturing
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Volvo Fears for Future of Global Trade as U.S. Plant Opens - Bloomberg
When Volvo Car Group broke ground on its first U.S. assembly plant in 2015, it was a proof point in the Swedish automaker’s rebound and global expansion, not a chess move in anticipation of a possible trade war.

Now that the factory is about to begin production, it’s poised to serve as a small hedge against tariffs at a time when new or heightened trade barriers are being threatened almost daily.
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Across U.S., wary businesses gird for a Trump trade war - Chicago Tribune
President Donald Trump wants to level the playing field for American companies in the global economy, but his combative stance has unsettled business plans from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
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New Jersey Is Now The United States' Hottest Clean Energy Economy - Forbes
Other states in the 50x30 club are thriving economically.  Each state with this target has generated higher annual GDP growth than the U.S. average since 2009 and they boast some of America’s largest clean energy job workforces per capita – led by California’s 520,000 green jobs and an economy that’s grown faster than the U.S. average for six consecutive years.
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Foxconn Closes On North American Headquarters - Wisconsin Public Radio
Foxconn Technology Group has purchased a downtown Milwaukee building to house its North American headquarters as it prepares to build a mammoth manufacturing complex 30 miles to the south.
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From rust belt to robot belt: Turning AI into jobs in the US heartland - MIT Technology Review
The symbolism of robots moving into a former steelworks is lost on few people in the city. Pittsburgh is reinventing itself, using the advances in automation, robots, and artificial intelligence coming out of its schools—particularly Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)—to try to create a high-tech economy. Lawrenceville, five miles from Hazelwood, has become a center for US development of self-driving cars.
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US Economic Forecast Q2 2018 - Deloitte Insights
Shifting baselines make forecasting more challenging than ever: If normal keeps changing, can anyone confidently predict a return to normalcy? But the U.S. economy is massive—and nowhere near as volatile as headlines might suggest.
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A new kind of FDI promotion for US cities and states -
US cities and states know that in the modern world their competition could come from across the world – or just next door. With this in mind, they are redoubling FDI promotion efforts at home and abroad, as Erika Morphy reports.
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Why many Americans aren't benefiting from robust US economy - MSN
Steady hiring has shrunk unemployment to 3.8 percent — the lowest since the 1960's. Consumers are spending. Taxes are down. Inflation is tame. Factories are busy. Demand for homes is strong. Household wealth is up.
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The Future Of Housing: From Home Building To City Planning, Tech Giants & Startups Are Reimagining Where & How We Live - CB Insights
Major US technology companies are constructing corporate housing, self-sufficient towns, and even entire urban neighborhoods. Adding to the mix, insurgent startups are also redefining how the homes of the future will be built.
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The gig economy may be smaller than we think - Quartz
The share of people working in “alternative” work arrangements, an important government measure of the prevalence of “gig” work, is shrinking rather than rising, according to newly released BLS data.
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Opinion: Foreign Carmakers in the U.S. - The New York Times
There are 12, soon to be 14, auto manufacturers producing cars in the United States. The American employees of international companies (excluding Ford, G.M., Fiat Chrysler) manufacture half of all American-made vehicles and export about a million American cars every year.
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U.S. cities most popular for millennials - CNBC
Many millennials are still figuring out where they want to settle down, resulting in young people moving both toward and away from several major cities across the U.S.
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A giant new retail fulfillment center in China has only four employees - MIT Technology Review, one of China’s big e-commerce companies, has unveiled a warehouse in Shanghai that, it says, only keeps humans on board so they can service all the robots.
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As Prologis Grows Worldwide, So Do Its Sustainability Goals - BISNOW
Sustainable and resilient buildings are increasingly becoming key aspects of the built environment and more developers, such as Prologis, Duke Realty and CenterPoint Properties, are pursuing aggressive sustainability goals within their industrial portfolios.
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Warehousing is big business in Atlanta fueled by growth in e-commerce and changes in supply chain management - Atlanta Business Chronicle
While Atlanta shares geographic advantages with other metro areas – access to several interstates, intermodal rail yards, an international airport and proximity to the Port of Savannah – it also has what many regions don’t: plenty of large industrial spaces.
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