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Companies Can Address Talent Shortages by Partnering with Educators - HBR
One approach that has proven to be successful in recent years consists of targeted partnerships between business and education. To facilitate these, companies typically begin by assessing their human capital needs and job requirements, and then collaborate with schools to produce workers with the needed skills.
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As Office Parks Empty, Towns Turn Vacancies Into Opportunities - The New York Times
Suburban office parks have lost their luster for a variety of reasons, including a growing preference among younger workers for life in more dynamic urban centers than in sometimes staid and sleepy suburbs. And the rapid pace of technological advancement has made the need for many clerical and processing jobs and the real estate to house those workers increasingly obsolete.
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This Factory Was Ready to Expand. Then Came the Trump Trade Wars. - The New York Times
Prices are rising for imported goods, other nations are erecting retaliatory trade barriers, and companies like Plug Power, the manufacturing business that Mr. Marsh runs outside Albany, are facing crippling uncertainty from Mr. Trump’s fickle approach.
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Texas benefits most in a collaborative U.S.-Mexico relationship. [Opinion] - Houston Chronicle
Because Texas is the origin, destination or transit territory for nearly two-thirds of bi-national trade — which stands at some $560 billion per year — the state could be deeply affected by any reduction in bi-national economic activity.
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Automation is hitting small US businesses, and (surprise!) it’s not all bad - MIT Technology Review
Automation is bringing change to businesses large and small. We sat down with Liz Reynolds, executive director of MIT’s Work of the Future task force, to see how her research brings her in touch with small companies in the US that are already feeling the impact of robotics and AI.
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Breaking Ground: Market Rents Justify New Warehouse Development - CBRE
Rising construction costs have not constrained new warehouse development due to strong demand and limited supply of modern logistics facilities. The land cost component of the development process has risen the fastest and can represent more than half of a project’s total construction costs, which range from $45 to $170 per sq. ft. The pro forma market rent significantly exceeds the breakeven rent required for a developer to break ground, often on a speculative basis. This spread between pro forma and breakeven rents currently ranges from approximately 20% to more than 40%, making warehouse development profitable in 10 leading industrial markets selected for this analysis.
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Decoding the fall in manufacturing capacity utilization - Deloitte Insights
MANY of us know that fewer and fewer people work in manufacturing in the United States these days. But not many people know that US manufacturers aren’t using their factories and machines as intensively as they used to. Over the past 40 years, actual manufacturing output as a percentage of maximum manufacturing capacity—what economists call “capacity utilization”—has fallen almost 10 percentage points.
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Now Fighting for Top Tech Talent: Makers of Turbines, Tools and Toyotas - WSJ
‘Waiting too long and losing a great candidate’— firms like Siemens step up their recruiting game to vie against the likes of Google
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What do Trump’s tariffs mean for Canada? - Macleans
Steel industry expert Peter Warrian explains how badly this will hurt steelmakers, what the knock-on effects will be and why dark times loom
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Here's Why It's So Hard It's So Hard To Bring Science To Market - Digital Tonto
We’re entering a new era of innovation in which technologies like genomics, nanotechnology and robotics are going to reshape traditional industries like energy, healthcare and manufacturing.

That’s exciting, but also poses new challenges, because these technologies are ill-suited to the Silicon Valley model of venture-funded entrepreneurship and need help to them get past the Valley of Death.
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Revitalizing Space Exploration Would Boost U.S. Manufacturing - Forbes
In the last decade, however, the rise of China and other competitors in space slowly led to recognition of the commercial promise and the national defense peril of falling behind in this field. Fortunately, visionary new players in the space launch business at the same time saw the commercial opportunity and helped fill the void left by the unimaginative federal program.
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Could microgrids change how real estate sources energy? - JLL Real Views
Whether they’re supporting developing countries looking to build up their electricity infrastructure or real estate developments looking to offer predictable utility bills, microgrids could have a big impact on the way people and businesses access power in the future.
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The U.S. Can Still Catch Up in Manufacturing - Bloomberg
A revived industry might look more like “The Jetsons” and less like the old union shops.
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Unilever transformed its old office park into an ultra-sustainable HQ - Fast Company
The building comes with a unique arrangement: If its energy savings–from things like smart cooling and heating systems–don’t live up to the promises, the developer will cover the bills.
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