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Arizona Becomes First Sandbox State for Fintech Products - Bloomberg Law
Arizona became the first state to greenlight a program lifting some regulations for fintech companies testing new products and services, after Gov. Doug Ducey (R) signed a “regulatory sandbox” bill into law March 22.
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Foxconn: Paul Ryan calls eminent domain wrong, but won't help resident - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
When it comes to the general idea of using eminent domain to seize someone's private property in the name of economic development, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan hasn’t minced words.
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Debate over ethics is being watched nationally in the economic development community - Alabama Political Reporter
On Wednesday, proponents of House Bill 317 argued before the Senate about passing the legislation that would exempt economic developers from Alabama’s landmark 2010 ethics bill.
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How to Rebuild a Historic Downtown After Disaster Strikes - CityLab
A 2014 fire in Clarkesville, Georgia, was “the worst nightmare for someone who’s in downtown development.” But the recovery launched an essential conversation about what the town square should be.
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Inside Toyota Connected, an automaker's Plano-based answer to Silicon Valley - Dallas News
Unemployment in the state’s capital is effectively nonexistent, and STEM credential-wielding young workers are Texas’ most sought-after resource.
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Who's going to move into the hundreds of empty Toys 'R' Us stores? - MSN
The collapse of Toys “R” Us Inc. is yet another blow for landlords, who now will have gaping holes of suburban retail space up for grabs. And few tenants would want them.
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Amazon HQ2 search has a 'hidden variable' - Business Insider
Many are making their Amazon HQ2 predictions.
Still, no one can know for sure which one of the 20 cities still in competition will be chosen.
It could come down to what some experts are calling the "hidden variable" — whatever business Amazon is getting into next.
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Defining Rapid Manufacturing - MoldMaking Technology
A broad definition of rapid manufacturing is the use of software automation and connected manufacturing equipment to rapidly accelerate the manufacturing process. Read how one provider breaks down some of the considerations when applied to 3D printing.
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Playboy Article: Detroit is "Silicon Valley of Smart Mobility Tech" - Xconomy
We’ve all heard the cliche about reading Playboy only for its articles, but it turns out that the magazine really does have some stellar reporting. On Monday, Playboy posted an article that brings some validation to southeast Michigan’s role in the development of autonomous vehicles.
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Automatic growth: a bright future for SMEs who embrace automation - Manufacturing Global
But for SMEs, complete automation is not necessary. Instead semi-automation can be utilised to support workforces, streamline processes and boost growth. Morris Quality Bakers, a 100-year-old business, is testament to that.
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GM to make production versions of self-driving Cruise AVs in Michigan - Automotive News
General Motors said on Thursday it will invest more than $100 million in two facilities as it prepares to build production versions of its Cruise self-driving car next year at its Orion Township assembly plant in Michigan.
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Steel Tariffs Could Crunch Foreign Carmakers In The U.S. South - NPR
Mercedes Benz USA showed off its new headquarters in Atlanta - all in the midst of a possible trade war that could affect the car industry in the South, which has become a truly global car market.
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Production Expected To Begin Soon At New Rail Car Factory - WAMC
Since arriving in Springfield, CRRC has worked with local trade unions, the city’s vocational high school, area colleges, and the regional employment board to develop a skilled workforce for the factory.  The factory is purchasing goods and services from dozens of local suppliers
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Smuggling of U.S. Technology Is Outpacing Cold War Levels, Experts Say - The New York Times
Since 2013, nearly 3,000 people have been swept up by Homeland Security Investigations alone for trying to smuggle weapons and sensitive technologies — including circuits or other products that can be used in ballistic missiles, drones or explosive devices.
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Yes, manufacturing still provides a pay advantage, but staffing firm outsourcing is eroding it - Economic Policy Institute
These reports raise the question of whether there is a pay premium for manufacturing work and whether this pay premium has eroded, especially recently and for particular types of workers. We review these studies and conduct new analysis of manufacturing wage and benefit premiums and conclude that although the increase in outsourcing manufacturing work to staffing agencies has helped erode pay and job quality, there is still a substantial manufacturing pay premium.
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