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Where Did Americans Move in 2017? - Tax Foundation
States compete with each other in a variety of ways. Competing to attract and retain new residents is just one example.

United Van Lines tracks its customers’ state-to-state migration and releases the data yearly. By comparing the number of inbound moves to the number of outbound moves, United Van Lines data gives us early insights into annual interstate migration, available much sooner than government data sources.
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Milken Institute Releases Index of Best-Performing - Milken Institute
Top-20 includes Provo, Raleigh, Dallas, San Francisco, Nashville, Atlanta; Six cities in Florida and four in California rank in top-tier; Milken Institute analysis demonstrates impact of policymaking
on jobs, wages, technology development, and other measures
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The False Promises of Worker Retraining - The Atlantic
Despite assurances from policymakers that retraining is the key to success, such programs have consistently failed to equip workers with the preparation they need to secure jobs.
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Manufacturing outlook: Technology and tax to take center stage in 2018 - PwC Industrial Insights
In 2017, the terms “IoT” and “digital” seemed to be the most trending topics within the manufacturing sector. Although most manufacturers are talking about IoT and digital, far fewer have implemented a comprehensive digital strategy. Those manufacturers without a digital strategy could be hindering their business strategy in 2018 and beyond.

While we understand that moving toward a digital transformation is overwhelming, the reality is that digital is the future for manufacturers both big and small.
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Tale of two Rust Belts: Higher education is driving Rust Belt revival but risks abound - Brookings
In the last entry of this series, I explored how some communities in the Great Lakes-Rust Belt region have managed to leverage particular assets or adopt innovative economic development strategies–efforts that are succeeding in rebooting local economies for a new era. These places are successfully shaking off their “rust.”
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Major Institutions Building First Multistory Warehouses To Solve NYC's Last-Mile Dilemma - BISNOW
Online sales have exploded and buyers now expect their goods within days, if not hours. As a result there is a growing need for distribution centers in major cities across the United States.

The challenge is building them.

In New York — where more than 11M SF of industrial space was wiped out in rezoning between 2007 and 2016, according to analysis last year from Ariel Property Advisors — industrial developer Prologis is banking on multistory warehouses as the answer
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Economic optimism in manufacturing driven by strong new orders and production numbers - Industrial insights - PwC
Driven by strong new orders and production numbers, the ISM manufacturing index rose to 59.7 in December, reflecting economic optimism across the manufacturing sector
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january 2018 by areadevelopment
Assessing Prospects for a Port of Quebec Container Terminal - Maritime Executive
Authorities at Quebec City, Canada, have recently announced the intention to develop an intermodal container port and transshipment terminal. Like Port of Newark, Port of Quebec can offer 15-meter (49-foot) water depth and has access to a main highway as well as railway service. The proposed container port faces much competition from other ports in the region, including Montreal.
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Editorial: Kiewit's decision to move headquarters downtown a boon to Omaha -
The announcement by Kiewit, which operates a training facility in north downtown, shows how it and other businesses seek to harness the power of Omaha’s revitalized downtown as a draw to hire and retain talented workers, particularly the young who are drawn to local amenities.
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2017 Most Expensive Streets - JLL
Just how much will companies pay to occupy one of America’s most desired office addresses?
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The Robots Are Coming, and Sweden Is Fine - The New York Times
In a world full of anxiety about the potential
job-destroying rise of automation, Sweden is well placed
to embrace technology while limiting human costs.
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december 2017 by areadevelopment
More evidence that technology and increased worker productivity, not trade, were behind US factory job losses - AEI
This paper challenges two widely held views: first that trade performance has been the primary reason for the declining share of manufacturing employment in the United States and other industrial economies, and second that recent productivity growth in manufacturing has actually been quite rapid but is not accurately measured.
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december 2017 by areadevelopment
China Offers Tax Incentives to Persuade U.S. Companies to Stay - The New York Times
China said on Thursday that it would temporarily exempt foreign companies from paying tax on their earnings, a bid to keep American businesses from taking their profits out of China following Washington’s overhaul of the United States tax code.
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december 2017 by areadevelopment
Tech-savvy Millennials Primed to Change Manufacturing - IndustryWeek
The largest generation in the U.S. is taking its place in manufacturing -- and the experts are betting this tech-savvy cohort is ready to stir things up.
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december 2017 by areadevelopment
4 U.S. tech hubs to watch in 2018 - VentureBeat
The cities that I’ve chosen as ones to watch aren’t necessarily those that are home to the most startup activity. Rather, entrepreneurs, investors, or government leaders in the city have proven nimble in identifying what resources tech entrepreneurs will need to grow in their city. Or they’ve dedicated themselves to becoming leaders in a niche technology sector that they think will revolutionize American life. And finally, many of these cities are also home to a promising number of tech startups.
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december 2017 by areadevelopment
Alabama's Sock Queen opens new shop as small-town manufacturing changes with the times -
Inside a squat metal building on the outskirts of Fort Payne, Ala., huge spools of cheerfully colored thread hang like nursery mobiles above rows of blue knitting machines the size of office copiers.

It's loud in this part of the mill, and Gina Locklear has to shout to be heard. Her eyes light up as she talks about her newest set of machines, installed last January, that can knit a sock with a seamless toe. It's a  It's a capability the mill's older machines don't have. Those were originally built to manufacture white athletic socks, a business that has largely left the country.
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december 2017 by areadevelopment
Report: Michigan offered Amazon big tax breaks to build Detroit HQ - Detroit Free Press
The state of Michigan would give Amazon big tax breaks for three decades on top of $106 million in public subsidies from Windsor if the e-commerce giant were to pick the Detroit region for its second headquarters, according to a news report.

A copy of Detroit's official 242-page bid book for Amazon's "HQ2," which was produced by a 65-person committee headed by billionaire businessman Dan Gilbert and submitted to Amazon in October, was obtained this week by the Crain's Detroit business newspaper.
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Multicounty data-sharing network to improve farming, manufacturing - WLFI
A newly formed group of 10 Indiana counties has come together to become a national hub of agricultural and manufacturing innovation.
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december 2017 by areadevelopment
How a “Robot Tax” Could Reduce Income Inequality - Kellogg Insight
Earlier this year, Microsoft founder Bill Gates threw his support behind a controversial policy: a robot tax. As workers in many sectors are replaced by machines, the government is losing huge amounts of income tax revenue. Taxing the companies that employ robots, Gates reasoned, could help slow the pace of automation, and the revenue could be used to retrain employees.
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december 2017 by areadevelopment
What Will Work Look Like in 2030? - strategy + business
Imagining four radically different scenarios for how companies will manage people and how people will manage their work and careers.
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december 2017 by areadevelopment
Rural America Is the New ‘Inner City’ - WSJ
A Wall Street Journal analysis shows that since the 1990s, sparsely populated counties have replaced large cities as America’s most troubled areas by key measures of socioeconomic well-being—a decline that’s accelerating
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