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Toyota Marks Opening Of New US Headquarters In Texas -
The $1 billion project includes a new campus in Plano, outside Dallas. The Japanese automaker plans to move thousands of employees from California and Kentucky and says it will eventually employ up to 4,000 people at the Plano site — including about 1,000 new local hires.
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New Manufacturing Jobs Require New Manufacturing Skills—It’s That Simple - GE Reports
Making spare parts doesn’t sound like ground zero for a technological revolution. But at a time when the entire manufacturing workforce is bracing itself for the changes sweeping the industry, the concept of “replacements” takes on extra resonance.
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How the Growth of E-Commerce Is Shifting Retail Jobs - The New York Times
Online shopping accounts for only 8.4 percent of all retail sales in the United States, but it has had an outsize effect on the retail workforce. The hundreds of thousands of jobs created by new online firms have not absorbed the job losses at traditional retailers.
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Made In Vermont: The U.S. Army's New Standard-Issue Helmet - Vermont Public Radio
The company will provide the standard helmet for U.S. Army soldiers in a deal estimated at a $100 million value, according to retired Lieutenant General Michael Dubie, who is now president of Revision Military Technologies.
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july 2017 by areadevelopment
Maine voters approve $50 million in tech: Why it matters to all of us - SSTI
The Maine election results underscore what SSTI learned when, with special support from some members, we conducted a focus group and a survey on a proposal to invest in the nation’s future by investing in science and technology for economic prosperity. In that survey, 89 percent of voters said they would support an effort to convert scientific and medical research into new businesses and jobs, bringing the benefits of the innovation economy to the American people. Support for the initiative crossed party lines and income groups.
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Can California Survive a Tech Bust? -
Historically, California’s great strength was the diversity of its economy, stretching from high-tech and aerospace to finance, entertainment, energy, basic manufacturing and homebuilding. Yet, during the most recent boom, the growth of high-wage job growth largely took place in one region — the Bay Area — while other sectors generally stagnated or shrank.
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USDA Announces Support for Small Businesses Innovators - National Institute of Food and Agriculture
The Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) is coordinated by the Small Business Administration and administered by 11 federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), to encourage domestic small businesses to engage in high-growth research and development that has the potential for commercialization and could lead to significant public benefit.
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BIO Releases Bioscience Economic Development Guide – BIO
The fourth edition of the Best Practices Guide is the bioscience industry’s leading comprehensive analysis of state legislative and regulatory initiatives in support of economic development.
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july 2017 by areadevelopment
How big are incentives in economic development - Florida Today
With that in mind, do you think if Alabama hadn’t rolled out that $39 million incentive package, Blue Origin would have gone elsewhere.

That’s a good question and it’s part of a debate that will go on for quite some time.
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American Companies Still Make Aluminum. In Iceland. - The New York Times
More than 30 of the giant factories once dotted the American landscape, sucking down huge amounts of electricity to produce the metal for car parts, beer cans and aluminum foil. Now there are just five smelters — all facing an uncertain future.
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july 2017 by areadevelopment
Need jobs? Get robots, and education right - TechCrunch
Our leaders should be solving for 1) creating higher-quality jobs and 2) increasing the purchasing power of all Americans. Robotics and AI will generate far more high-quality jobs than the onerous tasks it will render obsolete. 
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july 2017 by areadevelopment
Brownfield ‘land banks’ a step closer in CT -
The land banks would also be eligible for state incentives, including grants, as well as legal protections that make it more palatable to develop risky soils.
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july 2017 by areadevelopment
How Tampa Turned a Dead Zone Into a Downtown - POLITICO Magazine
Tampa once competed for call centers; now it seeks to leverage assets like MacDill Air Force Base and the University of South Florida to pursue firms in defense, tech, life sciences, health care and banking services.
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E-Commerce Boosts Demand for Brownfield Redevelopment - Bloomberg BNA
~The e-commerce industry’s appetite for warehouse space near major cities is boosting demand for Brownfield as well as environmental insurance.
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U.S. Garment Production Wouldn't Be a Thing Without Immigrants - Fashionista
Immigrants represent a significant portion of the fashion industry's skilled workforce, and the current political administration’s anti-immigration stance runs counter to any hope of bringing garment manufacturing back to the U.S.
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july 2017 by areadevelopment
Why I outsourced to Michigan instead of India - VentureBeat
For one CTO, offshoring software development seemed like a good idea. Six years ago, the CTO joined a fintech company that had a history of sending coding projects to India,
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While Most Small Towns Languish, Some Flourish - Pew Charitable Trusts
By now, the demise of the American small town is a common tale. But even as most of them continue to lose residents, a few are adding them at a rapid clip.
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july 2017 by areadevelopment
Challenging Trump, E.U. and Japan Push Joint Trade Deal -
The European Union and Japan have signaled that they plan to announce a broad agreement on trade on Thursday, a pointed challenge to President Trump, who is scheduled to attend a meeting of world leaders in Germany the next day.
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A tale of two Rust Belts: Diverging economic paths shaping community politics - Brookings Institution
Ten years ago, on the eve of the last open presidential contest in 2008, the Metropolitan Policy Program convened leaders from the Great Lakes to discuss the region’s unique economic and social history, and push for economic answers.
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Making it in America - McKinsey & Company
The United States needs to regain its competitive edge in manufacturing while also grappling with its two-tiered labor market and finding ways to make economic growth more inclusive.
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BMW among the 'bad' foreign companies driving U.S. manufacturing jobs revival - Automotive News
Years before Donald Trump began promising to bring back good manufacturing jobs by getting tough with U.S. trade partners, such jobs have already been on the rise, largely thanks to foreign companies now cast as villains in Trump's narrative.
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