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A Road Trip Through Rusting and Rising America - The New York Times
The big divide in America is not between the coasts and the interior. It’s between strong communities and weak communities. You can find weak ones along the coast and thriving ones in Appalachia, and vice versa. It’s community, stupid — not geography.
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Corporations Vow To Save Water That Will Help Save Energy And The Economy - Forbes
Water is not just used to irrigate crops. It is also used to generate electricity and run industrial processes. Indeed, water and energy are inextricably linked as various segments of the economy compete for limited resources. Governments and businesses alike are now calling for concerted conservation efforts
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Supply Chains Built for Speed and Customization - MITSloan Management Review
As emerging technologies like 3-D printing begin to bring personalized manufacturing to scale, a new “high-speed bespoke” supply chain model is following suit.
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Gleaning insights from ‘Talking Tax’ participants during these unpredictable times - Industrial insights - PwC
...the focus of which was the likelihood of tax and healthcare reform in 2017 and the potential impact of proposed policy changes on US manufacturers.
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Factories Won’t Bring Back the American Dream - Bloomberg
The U.S. is already a manufacturing powerhouse, no matter what the president says.
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CO, MN, NM, OK state budgets take hit in innovation funding - SSTI
As governors and state legislatures continue their negotiations over state budgets, SSTI has reviewed the latest to be signed. The process has proved difficult in more than a few states, with New Mexico having to overcome several stalemates and still facing shortages while in Oklahoma three-fourths of the state agencies are seeing decreased funding due to the state’s $900 million shortfall.
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Top 10 U.S. Biopharma Clusters - GEN
While the regions making the list this year will be very familiar to biopharma industry watchers, the regions just below the top 10 also continue to build clusters that may someday propel them to future GEN lists. Highest among those remains Denver at No. 11, which ranked higher on two criteria—ninth in lab space (4 million square feet) and 10th in jobs (27,666, according to JLL). 
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Are Startups Better At Promoting Job Growth? - CityLab
Encouraging new, young businesses instead of older ones is considered a more effective path to job creation. A new study suggests that it’s not that clear.
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The Communities Winning the War for Skilled Talent - Emsi
Communities at the top of our scorecard have been leveraging these partnerships between local educational institutions, companies, and community organizations to supply businesses with top talent.
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Another Step Forward for AIM Photonics - Optics & Photonics News
The American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics (AIM Photonics)—a major U.S. public-private partnership based in Rochester, N.Y., working to foster advanced-manufacturing technology in integrated photonics—has received the green light on a grant of US$81 million from the state of New York. The funding, announced in late May, will support equipment and operations for the project’s testing, assembly and packaging (TAP) facility, a linchpin of AIM Photonics’ research mission. Stakeholders in the project hailed the funding as both a milestone in the evolution of AIM Photonics and a boon to the regional economy.
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Corporate HQ and the Magnetic Pull of Cities - strategy+business
It was reported recently that the insurance giant Aetna would be moving its corporate headquarters from its ancestral home — Hartford, Conn. — to New York.

The move echoes a move that General Electric made last year, when it decided to move its corporate headquarters from suburban Fairfield, Conn., to…downtown Boston.

The dynamics driving Aetna’s move are quite similar to those that pushed GE to look elsewhere, as we noted last year.
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Tech and the renaissance of manufacturing in America - Heartland Tech - VentureBeat
The conversation we are not having, however, is how existing AI is able to create, not eliminate, jobs. Nowhere is this more evident than in advanced manufacturing where AI can improve the precision and speed of production that maximize the skills of machinist, enhancing their competitiveness on the global market.
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U.S. cities gear up for renewable power - JLL Real Views
n May a group of U.S. mayors announced a Mayors for 100 percent Clean Energy initiative that encourages other cities to shift to sustainable energy sources. It builds on the Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 campaign, which aims to achieve 100 percent renewable energy nationwide by 2050.
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Industrial real estate market trends and outlook Q1 2017 - JLL
With already record-high rents, price tags for industrial space continue to soar, and vacancy is now at a 17-year low.

2017 is expected to stay landlord-favorable in 88 percent of the markets we track. Most existing spaces are leased out and new deliveries are hitting the market at steady pre-lease rates. Nationwide, there’s simply little to no industrial product available.
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Army Leadership and the Millennial Workforce - Kellogg Insight
Lessons from the military on making the most of your ambitious millennial workforce based on insights from Col. Robert Carr.
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