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Global Location Trends: 2016 Annual Report - IBM-Plant Location International
This tenth edition of IBM’s Global Location Trends report outlines the latest trends in corporate location selection and how today’s global dynamics influence where companies locate, expand their businesses and create jobs around the world.
Key beneficiaries of increased global investment include both mature and emerging economies. The United States continues to be the number-one destination country for foreign investment, notwithstanding a decrease of 5 percent in jobs created.
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America’s advanced industries: New trends - Brookings Institution
Leaders in cities, metropolitan areas, and states across the country continue to seek ways to reenergize the American economy in a way that works better for more people. To support those efforts, this report provides an update on the changing momentum and geography of America’s advanced industries sector—a group of 50 R&D- and STEM (science-technology-engineering-mathematics)-worker intensive industries the vitality of which will be essential for supporting any broadly shared prosperity in U.S. regions.
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How Drone Use Could Impact the Warehouse Sub-Sector - National Real Estate Investor
Technology has been at the forefront of the resurgence of the industrial sector in the past few years, and soon the warehouse industry may get a boost from the use of automated inventory drones.
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How Industrial Firms Invest in Renewable Energy, Affordably - HBR
Industrial companies have had a hard time making it work for two key reasons: costs and accounting. First, due in large part to the scale and consistency of their energy purchasing, industrials already pay the lowest rates for power. Second, signing long-term power agreements for 15 to 20 years is hard for any company to swallow, and they often struggle with how to handle the accounting (is the contract a lease? Is it a liability, an asset, or something else?). This hurdle seems especially hard for old-school, more fiscally conservative entities.
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Away from spotlight, U.S. manufacturers battle back from 'China shock' - Reuters
As furniture makers left Hickory and headed to China at the start of the century, the local community college shuttered its courses in furniture production, abandoning an industry that had sustained this North Carolina community for generations.

Little more than a decade later jobs are coming back. The industry, retooled to focus on custom fabrics and designs, is now struggling to fill hundreds of positions and the college is reviving programs to meet that demand.
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Rural tech startups see success across the US - TechCrunch
While tech startups have become synonymous with urban areas that offer improved access to talent, resources and infrastructure, the reality is that rural areas are also home to startups.
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Michigan and Ontario to promote region's auto industry -
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a memorandum with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to promote the region's automotive industry.

They were near Traverse City on Wednesday at the Center for Automotive Research Management Briefing Seminars. The state and province are creating a working group to focus on autonomous vehicles, lightweight materials, alternative fuels and other best practices.
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UPS Considering $106 Million Expansion of Kentucky Ground Hub - Transport Topics Online
UPS Inc. is considering a $106 million expansion of its ground hub in Lexington, according to state government officials. The Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority on July 28 approved up to $500,000 in tax incentives for construction materials and building fixtures.
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Kia's U.S. manufacturing arm to use Georgia inland port for parts movements – DC Velocity
Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia Inc., the U.S. manufacturing arm of the Korean automaker, will partner with the operator of the state-owned inland port in Cordele to move up to 30,000 twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) containers of imported parts by rail from the Port of Savannah to Cordele, state officials said today.

Under the partnership, Kia parts will move by rail to Cordele, where they will then be trucked to the automaker's manufacturing plant in West Point, about 126 miles away. The alliance, which will double the amount of traffic now moving through the inland facility, will take 6 million truck miles off of state roads, as well as Georgia's portion of the Interstate Highway System, state officials said. I
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The Town Center Regains Significance - The New York Times
Easton, Ohio has become one of the first sizable multiuse developments to spring from a Midwest greenfield, inspired by the same principles of accessible public spaces, proximity and human scale that distinguish American towns built before 1900.

“Before automobiles, this is how America was built,” said Christopher B. Leinberger, a developer and the chairman of the Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis at George Washington University.
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Coal Glut, Environmental Pushback Derail West Coast Port Plans - WSJ
Out of seven West Coast export terminals proposed in the past five years—which combined could have handled over 125 million tons of coal annually—not one has opened.
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Innovation economy isn’t enough for growth - The Seattle Times
Local merchant banker tells Senate committee that Congress need to act because many startups face difficulties in raising money and new business formation has declined.
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The Silicon Valley of Space Start-Ups? It Could be Seattle - The New York Times
There’s more activity than ever in the commercial space race, with a new wave of entrepreneurs attempting to do everything from lowering the cost of putting something into space, with reusable rockets, to mining asteroids. With their mix of universities, government space facilities, technology talent and financial risk takers, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Denver and other cities have become especially fertile grounds for space start-ups.

No single spot can claim to be the Silicon Valley of such companies yet, but Seattle is on the short list of contenders, investors and entrepreneurs say.
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Boston As A Blueprint For Global Innovation - psfk
Industry experts explore the feasibility of using the 'Boston model' as a way to build out other innovation hubs across the globe. Can it be done?
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What’s Behind the Inventory Crisis of 2016? - Supply Chain 24/7
1.41 is a number being thrown around a lot this year, it's the ratio of inventory-to-sales in the U.S. as measured by the Census Bureau, in short, businesses have built up a glut of inventory that they're not moving.
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Why Corporate America Is Leaving the Suburbs for the City - The New York Times
For decades, many of the nation’s biggest companies staked their futures far from the fraying downtowns of aging East Coast and Midwestern cities. One after another, they decamped for sprawling campuses in the suburbs and exurbs.

Now, corporate America is moving in the other direction.

In June, McDonald’s joined a long list of companies that are returning to downtown Chicago from suburbs like Oak Brook, Northfield and Schaumburg.
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Is U.S. Manufacturing Really in Decline? - strategy+business
The decline of employment isn’t the whole story. Not by a long shot. In fact, in many significant ways, U.S. manufacturing is thriving.
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Bills would restore tax credit for angel investors - Crain's Detroit Business
Early-stage companies are defined as those in business fewer than five years — less than 10 if spun off from a university — with fewer than 100 employees and valued at less than $10 million. They also have to be headquartered in Michigan, with most of their employees working here.
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State Funding For 'Innovation Places' Hopes To Promote Business, Job Growth - Hartford Courant
Looking for ways to kick-start the state's slow-growth economy, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and the General Assembly enacted legislation establishing competitive grant funding to create so-called innovation places, linking institutions such as colleges, universities and hospitals with entrepreneurs, small-business owners and others. The goal is to draw investment, promote new businesses and stoke job growth.
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July Auto Sales Stoke Fears of Market Plateau - WSJ
Ford and GM sales fall, as Chrysler ekes out a slight gain for the month.
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It's time to retire tired talk about the "Rust Belt" - CBS News
Both major political conventions this year are in cities considered part of the Rust Belt -- the Democrats this week in Philadelphia, and the Republicans last week in Cleveland.
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Making It Here: The Future of Manufacturing in New York City - Center for an Urban Future
A new wave of modern manufacturing companies are adding jobs across New York City, breathing new life into a sector that had been left for dead.
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Aging workforce puts strain on skilled manufacturing workers -
In a small town just south of New Hampshire's capital, General Electric runs two plants filled with workers building jet engines for the world's leading airlines.
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Federally Supported Partnerships Focus on Mapping Vital Skills for Manufacturing, Other Industries - SSTI
Over the last several months, there has been a flurry of activity in government-supported efforts focused on addressing the skills gap faced by manufacturing firms and other key S&T industries.
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Best Cities for Entrepreneurs -
When Entrepreneur magazine came to us, asking if we could assist them in finding the 50 Best Cities for Entrepreneurs, we consulted our friends at our sibling site, which focuses on economic development. We talked about how great places to live attract great people and attract the businesses that want to hire them. All of these things are inarguably related. We dipped into our database and pulled out both economic indicators and quality of life indicators to create a ranking of great places to start a business -- in places workers will want to live.
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How Industrial Firms Can Pivot to Digital Business Models - Knowledge@Wharton
How industrial companies can learn how to think like a digital disruptor and reorient their business models accordingly.
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