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Recent Research: The Effectiveness of R&D Tax Credits - SSTI
Although most studies find that R&D tax incentives promote R&D, there is little consensus on the extent of this effect. A recent firm-level analysis from the United Kingdom finds some of the strongest evidence to date on the effectiveness of R&D tax credits in incentivizing innovation.
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Commercial real estate: Should you lease or buy? - Reno Gazette-Journal
One of the most common questions I get in representing a small business is whether they should buy or lease their new building. As you can guess, with most difficult business questions — it depends.
There are a myriad of questions that need to be addressed before making the lease vs. buy decision.
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What does it cost to run a food factory in Chicago? - Crain's Chicago Business
It's not cheap to operate a food manufacturing facility in the Chicago area. But the region's more affordable than the coasts, and it offers robust transportation connections, water resources and other assets, giving it the ability to draw in new companies.
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The Industrie 4.0 transition quantified — Roland Berger
Factory virtualization, smart and intelligent machines, the IoT, the cyber production system, 3D technology, cobots, and more— Industry 4.0 will transform not just the industrial economic paradigm, but the value creating mechanisms that underpin it as well. Today’s industrial model is still based on the principle of decreasing product costs through the volume of products manufactured. However, this model is now being questioned because there is only so far it can go
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Global Automotive Supplier Study 2016 - Roland Berger
Supply and disruption

From e-mobility to self-driving cars, the global automotive industry is facing some of the most radical changes in its history. In particular, parts suppliers will need to adapt to disruptive trends in technology and completely new business models in order to remain competitive in the future. Produced in collaboration with financial services firm Lazard, this exclusive study analyzes the current state of more than 600 global automotive suppliers, highlighting opportunities as well as challenges for the sector.
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The Future of Work: How You Can Ride the Wave of Change
The public discussion over the future of work has followed a storyline that says technology and globalization are coming to whisk your job away. But behind the obvious forces, other perhaps more powerful factors are at play.
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Challenges of Getting a Product Made in the U.S.A. - The New York Times
Many manufacturers perform a cost-benefit analysis when deciding whether to move production abroad. Others, however, are determined to make their products in the United States, even when the costs are higher.

It was craftsmanship rather than the bottom line that motivated Brian Holmes when he decided in 2010 to start a business and went looking for a manufacturer.
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A Third-Generation Bike Business Is Trying To Bring Manufacturing Back To The U.S. - Forbes
Talking with Kent International CEO Arnold Kamler about building bikes in the U.S. and selling millions of bikes to Walmart, Kmart and other mass-market retailers.
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Hyperloop One unveils new manufacturing plant in Nevada - TechCrunch
Hyperloop One is today announcing the opening of its first manufacturing plant.

Called Hyperloop One Metalworks, the 105,000 square-foot building in North Las Vegas will be the new professional home of many of the company’s 170 employees, including engineers, machinists and welders. These folks will build and test a number of components for the DevLoop, a full-system prototype of the Hyperloop, set for testing in 2017.
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2016 North America Data Center Outlook - JLL
From cloud adoption to data sovereignty, the data center industry is experiencing a host of new change drivers, all while it continues to explode with vigorous growth. We’re observing companies getting smarter about their data center and data usage strategies, thriving amidst these winds of change. 

See the top data center trends and demand drivers we’re seeing across North America and specifically within top data center markets. Also, get a pulse on what to watch for in the coming months as industry growth continues to explode and top players race not just to keep up, but anticipate demand and come out ahead. 
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Hedge Fund, Meet Highway - strategy+business
New investments in infrastructure by private asset managers are changing the way the world finances its cities, power systems, and transportation links.
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july 2016 by areadevelopment
How to win the global manufacturing race -
How can Minnesota continue to be competitive in manufacturing? The 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index provides a road map that will help create jobs and a vibrant economy. Here’s a top-five list of manufacturing competitiveness drivers...
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The U.S. Cities Creating The Most White-Collar Jobs, 2016 - Forbes
The information sector may have glamour and manufacturing, nostalgia appeal, but the real action in high-wage job growth in the United States is in the vast realm of professional and business services.
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Dallas And Houston: Centers For Economic Development - Forbes
There is ongoing speculation about how cities can attract economic development, particularly the large-scale kind spurred by corporate relocations.
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America's factory towns stop the bleeding - USA Today
As the nation nears full employment — a sort of finish line for the jobs recovery — many of the factory towns hit hardest in the Great Recession are already there.
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july 2016 by areadevelopment
Q&A: 2016 Comparative Food & Beverage Industry Operating Costs and Key Site Selection Drivers - Food Manufacturing
2016 Comparative Food & Beverage Industry Operating Costs and Key Site Selection Drivers — A Q&A with John Boyd, Principal, The Boyd Company, Inc., Princeton, New Jersey
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july 2016 by areadevelopment
‘Manufacturing universities’ legislation passes Senate - Madison County Courier
Provision would give universities in New York and across the country access to new resources to meet 21stcentury manufacturing demands
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july 2016 by areadevelopment
Millennials Bring New Life to Some Rust Belt Cities - STATELINE - The Pew Charitable Trusts
BALTIMORE — Educated millennials are transforming some neighborhoods in several Rust Belt cities like this one, where old flour and textile mills are being converted to apartments and faded industrial districts have become thriving enclaves with colorful street life.
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United States: Businesses take a (hopefully) temporary breather - Dupress
What effect will the first-quarter contraction in business investment and slower employment growth have on the outlook for US economy? Going by recent trends, annual GDP growth may not slow down overall. However, unless business investment picks up, longer-term growth might be at risk.
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Continued Growth of E-Commerce Yields Outsized Growth for Inland Ports - CBRE
In the report, CBRE identifies the main inland ports in the U.S. based on their connection to major seaports, their transportation infrastructure and their close proximity to major population centers. Those are: Southern California’s Inland Empire; Phoenix; Dallas/Ft. Worth; Kansas City; Houston; St. Louis; Chicago; Memphis, Tenn.; Columbus, Ohio; Atlanta; Greenville, S.C.; and East and Central Pennsylvania
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Comparing economies: How is economic size measured? - Deloitte University Press
How do we compare economies? GDP is generally measured in a country’s own currency, but for comparing economies, one must convert to a common measure. The choice of conversion factor can make a huge difference in our understanding of relative size.
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july 2016 by areadevelopment
Is the Future of Manufacturing Local? - Huffington Post
American manufacturing is seeing a growing resurgence. While some retail companies like American Apparel have long produced products on U.S. soil, a new breed of companies are seeking to take advantage of American ingenuity and manufacturing prowess to produce high quality products locally.
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Phoenix Is the Hottest City for Automotive Tech Right Now - Fortune
A desert locale is turning itself into a paradise for the increasingly tech-centric car industry.
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