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The Importance of Manufacturing in Tech Metros - Emsi
Austin, Texas, is a tech-driven metro. There’s no getting around that fact. Of the major tech markets in the US, only San Jose has a higher share of tech jobs than Austin. But as our friend Brian Kelsey showed in new research, manufacturing is also a huge player in the central Texas economy.

Really, though, it’s tech-driven manufacturing that’s leading the way in Austin … and in other prominent tech economies.
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New Partnership to Define and Map the Future of Digital Manufacturing Jobs in the United States - DMDII: Digital Manufacturing And Design Innovation Institute
The partnership pairs top U.S. manufacturing firms, research universities and technical colleges that are part of DMDII with ManpowerGroup, the world's leading innovative workforce solutions provider.
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Self-Driving Vehicles, Robo-Taxis, and the Urban Mobility Revolution - bcg.perspectives
It promises to be the most far-reaching advance in mobility since the invention of the automobile itself, but its biggest impact won’t be felt on the highway. Cities are where self-driving vehicles (SDVs, which are also known as autonomous vehicles) are most likely to fundamentally change—for the better—how people live, work, and, of course, get around.
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Look to advanced industries to help drive productivity gains - Brookings Institution
The nation’s persistently weak productivity growth continues to cast a pall. Without faster gains neither the middle class nor the less well-off will see an increase in standard of living or sufficient income growth. And yet, little consensus exists on what to do about the problem, or whether much can be done. 
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How Additive Technologies Are Paving A Path To A Full-Scale Manufacturing Revolution - GE Reports
GE’s Christine Furtoss explains how additive technologies today are making breakthroughs, from surgical procedures to jet engine parts. In the future, the use of 3-D models in additive manufacturing will go beyond the realm of our imagination.
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Digital Counties Survey 2016: Winners Make Collaboration, Innovation, Civic Engagement Top Priorities - GOVTECH.COM
In this year's survey, the Center for Digital Government recognizes 55 counties that understand technology's value, empower their tech leaders, and implement new ideas to make life better for those who live and work there.
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How Future Workspaces Will Improve Productivity and Creativity - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The physical world and the digital world are combining — and blurring the boundaries between areas that are private, public, and shared. Understanding how workforces connect within this new, flexible working environment is crucial for designing next-generation offices.
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Federal Reserve Bank Beige Book - July 13, 2016
Reports from the twelve Federal Reserve Districts indicate that economic activity continued to expand at a modest pace across most regions from mid-May through the end of June.
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After East New York Zoning Change, City Pushes Nearby Job Growth - WSJ
An industrial tract in East New York is the linchpin of a plan by Mayor Bill de Blasio to bring more jobs and affordable housing to one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods.
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The 10 Most Important Issues Facing Cities, According To Their Mayors - Co.Exist
In their State of the City addresses, U.S. mayors made it clear what their priorities are—from boosting the economy to keeping down the murder rate.
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Using Virtual Reality to Create a New Corporate Headquarters - The New York Times
In the heart of Silicon Valley, you can slip on a virtual reality headset and fly through a photo-realistic three-dimensional building that will soon be the new corporate home for the chip maker Nvidia.
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