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Why Are Politicians So Obsessed With Manufacturing? - The New York Times
There’s nothing new about nostalgia in politics. American presidential candidates spent the better part of the 20th century promising to help family farmers in the face of urbanization. Now they promise to help factory workers in the face of globalization.
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Can the Internet of Things help renew Rust Belt cities? - Brookings Institution
Gov. Gina Raimondo and others in Rhode Island are over the moon about last week's announcement that GE Digital is adding 100 jobs in Rhode Island—and rightly so.
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German Manufacturing Is Leading a Digital Industrial Revolution - HBR
By digitizing the processes that govern how a new idea is brought to production (such as R&D, product launch, and testing), sales to delivery (pricing, demand forecasting, order fulfillment), and factory maintenance (including the inventorying of spare parts), German manufacturers in the auto industry and elsewhere are already beginning to significantly improve their margins.
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Universities, Partners Build World-Class Facilities to Spur Economic Growth - SSTI
In addition to several new moonshot R&D initiatives and other joint research efforts, several universities recently have announced public-private partnerships that will build multi-million dollar, world-class R&D facilities.
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Massachusetts lawmakers advance $593M economic development bill -
A key legislative committee released a major economic development bill on Wednesday that would authorize the state to spend $593.9 million on capital projects over three years.
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Toronto is poised to become the next great producer of tech startups - TechCrunch
Most people don’t realize Toronto is the fourth-largest city in North America (only New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are larger) and produces the most engineering-focused university graduates each year.
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Technology Progresses When Business, Government, and Academia Work Together - HBR
By the mid-1980’s, the American semiconductor industry seemed like it was doomed. Although US firms had pioneered and dominated the technology for two decades, they were now getting pummeled by cheaper Japanese imports. Much like cars and electronics, microchips seemed destined to become another symbol of American decline.

The dire outlook had serious ramifications for both US competitiveness and national security. So in 1986, the American government created SEMATECH, a consortium of government agencies, research institutions and private industry. By the mid 1990’s, the US was once again dominating semiconductors.
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Automotive Minute: Nissan’s 30-year commitment to U.S. manufacturing continues to grow - Atlanta Business Chronicle
In stark contrast to its competition, Nissan has not laid off a worker in more than 30 years of manufacturing in the United States and their laborers have resisted multiple attempts to unionize the workforce.

Last year, the Smyrna Vehicle Assembly Plant became the largest producing automotive assembly plant in North America as Nissan celebrated five straight years of sales growth.
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The smart factory is only as smart as its workers - Industrial Insights - PwC
While companies are wise to be on the look-out for disruption, there’s another, more human, side to disruption: what it all means for America’s worker.
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Automation Investment in U.S. Manufacturing: An Empirical Picture - MAPI
Amid all of the recent public dialogue about new manufacturing technologies and manufacturing automation investment in particular, there are little or no data offering a coherent picture of the automation investment dynamic. In this second of three MAPI Foundation papers on manufacturing productivity performance, I seek to remedy the data deficit by presenting the results of a national survey of U.S. manufacturers on their automation activity. I offer revealing stratifications of the results by company size and industry.
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Miami as a global city at a tipping point - Miami Herald
With 5.8 million residents and an economic output of more than $300 billion, the Greater Miami regional economy is one of the largest in the world, comparable to Singapore or Hong Kong.
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Buffalo Manufacturing Works becomes force for innovation - The Buffalo News
A little more than a year after Buffalo Manufacturing Works opened, the industrial innovation center already is making an impact with local manufacturers.
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Every City Wants To Be A Tech City - Forbes
Aside from the general machinations with which every city must deal—schools, utilities, crime, etc.—the single effort, the single desire that seems to unite modern cities is the idea that local prosperity and economic invigoration can be realized through nurturing a movement that lures and retains tech companies, engineers and founders.
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McDonald's makes move to Oprah's former Harpo Studios site official - Consumer News - Crain's Chicago Business
McDonald's confirmed today it will move its corporate headquarters to the West Loop near Chicago's downtown from its longtime home in Oak Brook by the spring of 2018.
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The U.S. Cities Hit Hardest During a Recession - CityLab
A new study charts the business cycles of the nation’s largest metros across three periods of economic decline.
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"Making" Manufacturing Relevant Again - Forbes
It’s often heard that in America, we simply don’t make things anymore. And yes, if the barometer for such a statement is that we don’t mass-produce and export like we used to, it would be accurate.
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Tesla’s Bay Area real estate empire keeps growing - San Francisco Chronicle
Without attracting much notice, Tesla Motors has become one of Silicon Valley’s biggest property holders, its collection of facilities not far behind the sprawling campuses of Apple and Google.
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Manufacturing Is Making It Again in New York City - WSJ
It’s hard to imagine a less-hospitable environment for manufacturing than New York City. Space is tight, real estate expensive and the cost of living too high for most people on a factory worker’s wages.
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Workforce Efforts in AL, TX, VA Look to Build, Maintain Talent Pipelines - SSTI
While the recent Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) has some economists concerned that the U.S. economy is running out of qualified workers to fill existing openings, several states have announced workforce programs that are intended to address the skills-gap and build the talent pipeline in their respective states.
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At Western Firms Like Adidas, Rise of the Machines Is Fueled by Higher Asia Wages - WSJ
The opening of Adidas AG’s first factory in Germany in more than 30 years is one of the most visible examples of global brands bringing manufacturing home because of rising labor costs in Asia.
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Ohio Cities Bring High-Tech Tools to the Fight Against Blight – Next City
Until recently, Detroit city officials didn’t even know how many vacant properties the city had, much less which ones they should earmark for teardown or rehabilitation.
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