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Innovation That Matters - 2016 - 1776
We are at the dawn of an extraordinary technological revolution and it is transforming every part of the U.S. economy. Innovation That Matters examines and ranks 25 cities’ readiness to capitalize on the inevitable shift to a digital economy.
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U.S. Utilities Boost Investments in Wind, Solar Power - WSJ
Power companies take advantage of government incentives that let them sell renewable electricity to other utilities at higher prices
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Manufacturing Matchmaker – Triton
Alumna co-founds Maker’s Row to make it easier for DIY artists to connect with American manufacturers.
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Photos of Apple's $2 billion data command center in Mesa, Arizona - Business Insider
While Apple gets a lot of attention for its $5 billion campus currently under construction in Cupertino, California, it's not the only billion-dollar real estate project the tech giant is working on.
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Wanted: Manufacturing whizzes to work on Tesla's Model 3 - Reuters
Musk says he is "hell-bent" on making the Silicon Valley automotive upstart a manufacturing powerhouse, but his vision relies on finding veteran auto engineers to ramp up volume ten-fold in four years - a challenge even for established carmakers.
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Remaking Goose Island, One of Chicago's Great Industrial Hubs - Curbed Chicago
After years of neglect, many of Chicago's industrial corridors are making big comebacks. Areas like Fulton Market and River North have blossomed over the last 15 years, transforming from skid rows into some of the most popular spots for city dwellers and the businesses they work at. However, as these two areas reach critical mass, attention is moving up the Chicago River's North Branch to places like Goose Island.
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A conversation with Don Pierson, secretary of Louisiana Economic Development
Leading the charge for business recruitment and retention has its challenges in a state facing a $600 million budget shortfall in the next fiscal year, but Pierson says he is bullish about Louisiana, taking the long view and pointing to the state’s resources and assets, and its strength in sectors like chemical production, agriculture and timber products, aerospace, and technology.
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The Winning States' Proven Formula - - Chief Executive magazine
Why some areas of the country thrive while others see businesses atrophy and people flee at alarming rates
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Charleston port’s growth spurring industrial, speculative building boom - Post and Courier
A new report says many businesses are citing the presence of Charleston’s port system as a key reason for investing in the region and other parts of South Carolina.
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Faraday Future breaks ground on innovative manufacturing plant - gizmag
A few weeks ago, startup carmaker Faraday Future (FF) broke ground on a US$1 billion manufacturing facility in North Las Vegas, Nevada. It will be the first plant for the California-based, Chinese backed company that started in 2014 with a view on developing a range of connected electric vehicles. With robot greeters and a long-term goal of being powered completely by renewable energy, the plant is set to be as innovative as the cars that will come out of it.
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Episode 699: Why Did The Job Cross The Road? - NPR
States across the country are at war right now. A war over jobs. They are competing with each other to get companies to move within their borders. Politicians love to call this "job creation."
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A New Era of U.S. Small Manufacturing Dawning? - The Globalist
Their “eureka” moment came when on joint visits to Akron, Ohio, and Albany, New York, as well as to Eindhoven in the Netherlands and Dresden in Germany.

They came to the realization that the winners in global business will increasingly be those manufacturers who can produce smart, not cheap.
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Bill to force Pentagon to shift to US-made sneakers may help New Balance - The Boston Globe
New Balance has been waiting for years for the Department of Defense to buy athletic shoes that are made in this country. If US Representatives Niki Tsongas and Bruce Poliquin have their way, the Boston sneaker maker won’t have to wait much longer.
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Inner City Growth and Competition in the U.S. - CityLab
Two new studies explore the movement of businesses and people back to the city, but outside the central business district.
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U.S. manufacturers still aren’t finding much daylight, ISM survey shows - MarketWatch
U.S. manufacturers barely grew in April and there’s little sign of a broad pickup in business anytime soon, a survey of executives found.
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may 2016 by areadevelopment
Trump's Plan to Bring Jobs Back From China Misses the Point on U.S. Manufacturing - The Atlantic
It’s easy for candidates to talk about bringing jobs back from China, but making factories the centerpiece of the U.S. economy is another matter.
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Kroll explains concept of Bi-National Economic Development Zone - Rio Grande Guardian
Mark Kroll, dean of the College of Business and Entrepreneurship at UT-Rio Grande Valley, has given the most detailed explanation to date of what the Bi-NED project might look like.
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Local-for-Local Manufacturing Drives Reshoring - MHLnews
The advantage of being closer to demand is the ability to shorten lead times and to fulfill customer needs faster and more effectively.
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Tiny Nebraska town says no to 1,100 jobs, citing way of life - MSN
Deep-rooted, rural agricultural communities around the U.S. are seeking economic investments to keep from shedding residents, but those very places face trade-offs that increasing numbers of those who oppose meat processing plants say threaten to burden their way of life and bring in outsiders.
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Jersey City remains 'attractive market' for corporations, report says -
Jersey City remains an appealing place for corporations to send their back offices, but is facing stiff competition from other parts of the state and nation, and even from Canada, a new report says.
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