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Is Washington, D.C. prepared for the Amazon HQ2 ‘prosperity bomb’? - Brookings
Washington, D.C. has put big money on the line to attract Amazon, and it should make similarly bold investments in current residents and assets.
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One County Thrives. The Next One Over Struggles. Economists Take Note - The New York Times
The gap between places doing well and those that aren’t is widening, and that’s a challenge for people trying to shape national policy.
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G.M. Says New Wave of Trump Tariffs Could Force U.S. Job Cuts - The New York Times
General Motors warned Friday that if President Trump pushed ahead with another wave of tariffs, the move could backfire, leading to “less investment, fewer jobs and lower wages” for its employees.
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How Ever-Evolving Technology is Transforming the Supply Chain Function - Gray Construction
There is no question the Digital Age has had a profound impact on the way manufacturers do business. Shop floors have been transformed into high-tech production centers; product designers have cutting-edge design technology at their fingertips; and operations are leaner and more streamlined. But perhaps no manufacturing department has felt the impact of the Digital Age quite like supply chain.
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Fixing the Corporate Income Tax - Tax Foundation
The U.S. corporate income tax has a number of problems that could be addressed through a series of reforms.
Corporate income taxes reduce economic growth under most simple economic models. The drag on growth from corporate income taxes could be mitigated by moving to the full expensing of capital investment.
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New Va. economic development program easily advances - The Washington Post
A Virginia House panel on Wednesday advanced bills that would allocate about $40 million for grants that some of the state’s most powerful business, education and government interests are touting as a boon to regional economic growth.

The initiative, called GO Virginia, would set up a state board to establish regional councils that can apply for money for projects, such as job training centers. A second program would give cities and counties that work together up to half of the income tax revenue from new jobs they have a hand in creating.
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Four former Capital Region economic development professionals who have moved on share their newfound insights - Baton Rouge Business Report
In the economic development field, people move around a lot, and new locations can bring new perspectives. We asked four former Capital Region wonks what they like about their new home and what their old home is doing right and wrong; some of their answers are below. Not every person answered every question, and not every answer is included. Answers were edited for brevity and clarity.
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february 2016 by areadevelopment
PNC POV Three Ups, Three Downs for U.S. Economy in 2016 - PNC Bank
While lower gas prices and a stronger U.S. dollar may sound like good news, PNC’s chief economist explains the potential downsides. These are among the ups and downs in what is expected to be a year of moderate economic growth.
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Amazon Logistics Services - The Future of Logistics? - Supply Chain 24/7
As an industry, logistics is ripe for technology-driven disruption, and no company is better at leveraging technology to broaden margins than Amazon -logistics and delivery companies should be tracking these early days of Amazon‘s logistics play like hawks.
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february 2016 by areadevelopment
Strength in Numbers: Regional Workforce Collaboration - Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Regional workforce efforts in the workforce development field provide coordination in a system made up mostly of local, individual service providers. This has been a research focus at the Atlanta Fed; in addition to their community and economic development department, they participated in the creation of a regional workforce system in metro Atlanta. Economic developers may be in a unique position to lead these regional workforce efforts.
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State Corporate Income Tax Rates and Brackets for 2016 - Tax Foundation
Forty-four states levy a corporate income tax. Rates range from 4 percent in North Carolina to 12 percent in Iowa.
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3 Reasons Why Advanced Manufacturing Institutes Matter - Department of Energy
As President Obama said during his final State of the Union Address, American manufacturing is surging with almost 900,000 new jobs created in the past six years. While that’s incredible progress, how do we take manufacturing to the next level? The answer could be found in the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI).

The Institutes within this network are where businesses and government work together to commercialize and drive down the cost of advanced manufacturing technologies that make products and production processes better.  There are now eight Institutes, each focusing on a specific technology, each overseen by different federal agencies. The Energy Department currently spearheads:
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Congress quietly moves NAFTA superhighway corridors forward in FAST Act -
Tucked into the 1,300-page federal highway bill, ‘Fixing America’s Surface Transportation’ Act, or FAST Act, that passed at the end of 2015, Congress quietly advanced several corridors of the NAFTA superhighway system, like Interstate-11. The interstate will connect Phoenix to Las Vegas and will ultimately run from Nogales, Arizona to northeast Washington State, establishing key trade corridors from Mexico to Canada.
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february 2016 by areadevelopment
Watch Your Back, Technology Is On The Verge Of Putting Many Office Jobs At Risk - Co.Exist
Technology is changing so fast that what kids are learning in college is out of date by the time they graduate.
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february 2016 by areadevelopment
A Profile on Google Self Driving CEO John Krafcik - Autonomous Guru
If Silicon Valley and Detroit had a baby, it would be John Krafcik. Since September, the former Hyundai CEO has helmed Google’s Self Driving Car Project, leading a team of software engineers on a quest to upend mobility as we know it--beginning with an army of driverless marshmallow cars currently clipping around northern California at a maximum speed of 25 mph.
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february 2016 by areadevelopment
What to do when your city's main industry is on the ropes - Albuquerque Business First
It's no secret that the oil and gas industry in New Mexico is preparing for a slowdown. So, what do you do when your city's main industry relies heavily on oil and gas? That's the question we asked economic development executives around the state.
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february 2016 by areadevelopment
Under Armour unveils plans for new Port Covington headquarters - Baltimore Sun
The project at the heart of Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank's multibillion-dollar redevelopment in South Baltimore came into focus Thursday as the athletic apparel brand unveiled plans for its new Port Covington headquarters — a sprawling waterfront campus featuring three skyscrapers and a small stadium.
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New patent subject-matter eligibility test hurts US competitiveness - TheHill
The United States has historically been the world leader in providing patent protection for new and emerging technologies. Think about gene sequencing, personalized medicine and computer-implemented technologies that run everything — and America's dominance in these industries. But due to a series of poorly considered and frequently misapplied Supreme Court decisions, applicants in key technologies such as biotech and software are now facing more stringent criteria for obtaining and keeping patent protection in the U.S. than they are in China, the European Union and other jurisdictions, which reduces America's global competitiveness.

How did the U.S. position devolve to this point?
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One of the last American owned zipper manufacturers calls Tennessee home - WVLT - Knoxville, TN
The company, which is based in Dunlap, Tennessee, has been making zippers that are known around the world because of their quality. And it's one of only three zipper manufacturers left in the United States that does what it does.
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NVCA: Some unexpected cities have shown VC investment gains - MedCity NewsMedCity News
Charlottsville, Virginia, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Chattanooga, Tennessee might not be at the top of your list of metropolitan areas that have attracted a lot of venture investment deals. Still, a new report from the National Venture Capital Associaton shows significant changes based on their compound annual growth rate for the number of companies receiving venture capital funding since 2010.
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Recent Research: Do Jobs Follow People, or People Follow Jobs? - SSTI
When General Electric (GE) announced earlier this month that it was moving to downtown Boston’s Seaport District, significant attention was paid to the generous incentive package handed to the company by Massachusetts. Ultimately, however, it was the human capital and innovative talent in the city that lured GE, according to the Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt’s comments announcing the move. While conventional thinking suggests that attracting new businesses is a path to population and economic growth, new research suggests that this may not be the case.
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