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For US manufacturers, virtual reality is for real - PwC Industrial Insights
While the jury is still out on the timing of the technology’s mainstreaming, we’re seeing traction in surprising quarters far from the couches of video gamers – on America’s factory floors.
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january 2016 by areadevelopment
Is Michigan's auto industry coming out of reverse? -
Michigan’s car industry has made a return to form, rising to become the top global state for FDI, while Mexican and Chinese cities and states perform well.
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january 2016 by areadevelopment
Here Are the Most Innovative States in America - Bloomberg Business
The Boston area's Route 128 eked out a victory over Silicon Valley, as Bloomberg's ranking of the most innovative states in the U.S. illustrates how universities can juice local economies.
Massachusetts is the most innovative state, with California scoring a close second and Washington, New Jersey and Connecticut rounding out the top five states, according to the data compiled by Bloomberg.
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january 2016 by areadevelopment
Manufacturing Megatrends - MAPI
Recent shifts in technologies, demographics, and markets have created a new normal for manufacturers. Those that adapt quickly will emerge more innovative and agile than their competitors, but not without undergoing a transformation in everything from the people they hire to how they create value. Every day, hundreds of senior executives rely on MAPI for solutions to these type of challenges, which often don’t fit neatly into an organization chart. These are the big-picture issues, or megatrends, that are dramatically reshaping our industry and that MAPI is uniquely positioned to help its members navigate.
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Humanizing an inhuman future - Brookings Institution
The impact that groundbreaking technological advances like artificial intelligence will have on the functioning of our economies and labor markets has been a hot topic for a long time.
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Will the GE move really make a difference? - The Boston Globe
Boston fought to get GE and won. The company has decided to move its headquarters here, which amounts to a big vote of confidence in the economic future of our region.
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GE confirms it’s heading to Boston - The Boston Globe
General Electric on Wednesday announced it will move its headquarters to Boston, making the iconic industrial giant the biggest company ever to relocate to the city and cementing the region’s reputation as a magnet for innovation.
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Boston Chamber looks to build ties to innovation community - The Boston Globe
The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce is one of the most influential business groups in the state, but it has largely missed out on one of the fastest-growing segments of the local economy: the startup and venture capital communities.
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Who May Buy Verizon’s Data centers? - Data Center Knowledge
While officially Verizon remains quiet about the alleged auction for its massive data center portfolio, the report that it is looking to offload some $2.5 billion worth of data centers isn’t far-fetched.
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Aerodrome Is The First Commercial Airport For Drones - TechCrunch
Aerodrome is working with the City of Boulder, Nevada, to launch the first commercial drone airport — the Eldorado Droneport. It’s one of only a handful of FAA-appointed UAS test sites in the United States.
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The Top 5 Tax Stories Of 2016 - Forbes
The last year saw its fair share of big tax stories. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) unveiled its final Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Project guidelines, a set of tax reform proposals designed to modernize the corporate tax code on a global basis. The huge crop of candidates for U.S. President touted plans for rewriting the tax laws of the land. A number of regional tax authorities around the world started implementing Netflix Taxes to capture revenues on content streamed from the cloud. And, the threat of corporate tax inversions loomed large as several large corporations hinted at plans to relocate their corporate headquarters to lower tax regimes.
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GE Healthcare moving headquarters to Chicago from U.K. - Chicago Tribune
GE Healthcare is moving its corporate headquarters from the U.K. to Chicago, its CEO, John L. Flannery, said Monday. City officials have not offered any tax incentives to help finance the move, which is motivated by GE Healthcare's need to be closer to its largest market, Flannery said. Though 60 percent of GE Healthcare's business is overseas, the U.S. remains the largest single market for its digital imaging, information technology and life sciences business.
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january 2016 by areadevelopment
The Connected Factory Will be in Full Swing Sooner, Not Later - IndustryWeek
Everything stems from the digitization of manufacturing, which makes powerful business sense and is closer to hitting full swing than you might think.
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Belgium’s Tax Break to Multinational Companies Is Ruled Illegal - The New York Times
The European Commission said on Monday that a corporate tax break that Belgium granted to at least 35 companies, amounting to total reductions equivalent to about $765 million, was illegal.
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january 2016 by areadevelopment
Robotics, reshoring, and American jobs - TheHill
Good news?   Boston Consulting Group foresees more large manufacturers boosting production for the American market by adding capacity in the U.S. itself, compared with any other country.  It cites “decreasing costs and improved capabilities of advanced manufacturing technologies such as robotics."  Under this optimistic scenario, how much value would American workers add?  When robotics and other automation gets built for, and installed in American workplaces, where are jobs created?   

Increasingly, these jobs are being created and sustained outside the United States, even for domestic factories. 
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january 2016 by areadevelopment
GE move could signify larger trends toward cities - Connecticut Post
The competition to land General Electric’s headquarters, with Connecticut’s hopes appearing to wane in recent weeks, is often framed in terms of taxes. Connecticut, by many measures, is a high-cost state for businesses, and GE is supposedly looking for relief.
But the nature of GE’s Fairfield headquarters — along with details about its preferred landing spots — raise the possibility that costs may only play one role, and that the company leaning toward the kind of centralized, walkable communities that are in fashion now and away from an isolated, suburban office park like its current space.
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january 2016 by areadevelopment
The top economic issues in 2016 - Brookings Institution
Ted Gayer, vice president and director of Economic Studies at Brookings and the Joseph A. Pechman Senior Fellow, looks at the top economic issues in the upcoming year.
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Where Are Amazon's Data Centers? - The Atlantic
The company powers much of the Internet, but its cloud facilities are difficult to find.
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january 2016 by areadevelopment
Capital markets and job creation in the 21st century - Brookings Institution
The early 21st century has witnessed a sea change in the nature of employment and in the shape of the corporation in the United States. Employment has shifted from the career, to the job, to the task. In this paper, Jerry Davis argues that the death of the career and the rise of the gig economy are directly connected to changes in the shape of the American corporation—and that policymakers must recognize these shifts if they are to succeed in fostering job creation in 21st century America.
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Out with the Department of Education, and in with the Department of Talent? - The Washington Post
Given that nearly every GOP primary debate features candidates rattling off a laundry list of the federal departments they’d eliminate as president, any proposal to create a new agency likely will never see the light of day no matter which party wins the White House in November.
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