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San Jose OK's prices for Google deal on government parcels - Mercury New
TThe San Jose City Council Tuesday night unanimously approved a pricing agreement to sell an array of government-owned properties to Google that would be key pieces of the tech titan’s proposed transit-oriented community of offices and other amenities in downtown San Jose.
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Reading Up on the R&D Tax Credit - Tax Foundation
The R&D tax credit is one of the larger components of the federal “tax extenders,” a host of credits and deductions that are temporarily reinstated each year, sometimes even after the tax year is entirely over.
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Recent Deals Spotlight Growing Investor Appetite for Industrial Assets Along U.S./Mexico Border - CoStar Group
Lower Tariffs Under NAFTA , Factory Reshoring and Lower Energy Costs Fueling Distribution & Manufacturing Expansion In Texas Border Markets
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Can Detroit’s Vacant Factories Become Community Assets? – Next City
Heading east along I-94 from Detroit’s resurgent Midtown area, two massive structures loom on the horizon. For passing drivers, they’re awe-inducing symbols of both the city’s former industrial might and the dismaying scale of its post-industrial challenges.
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A spot market for water - MIT News
Sourcewater pioneers an exchange for trading and recycling water for oil and gas production and other operations.
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New skills needed for new manufacturing technology - Brookings Institution
For much of the 20th Century, manufacturing provided stable incomes for many workers with only a high school education. As these jobs have increasingly moved offshore in search of lower-wage labor, a new kind of manufacturing job must take their place. As industry adopts increasingly sophisticated technologies, new manufacturing jobs require more advanced skills than are available at the high school level. The current gap between worker skills and industry needs has resulted in an estimated two million vacant manufacturing jobs in the U.S. Filling these jobs requires new mechanisms for training workers in advanced manufacturing technologies.
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Cleveland Among Cities Where Rising Downtown Population is Spurring Surge in Urban Development - Crains Cleveland Business
A “penchant for downtown living” has “become a national phenomenon and spread into secondary cities, especially those in the Midwest … which have seen a surge in mixed-use urban development and population growth,” according to a new study by CBRE Group Inc. that’s summarized in this story by real estate website
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Interactive guide: Drone racing at the California State Fair - The Sacramento Bee
Races are 3 to 5 laps around the course, with each lap taking about 20 seconds. Click or tap for details on course elements marked with red dots.
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Manufacturing Shows Signs of Steadying as U.S. Oil Slump Wanes - Bloomberg Business
The most that could be said of American manufacturing is that the worst is probably over.
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Attracting the Next Automotive Assembly Plant - Global Location Strategies
Despite setbacks, North Carolina is still competing and trying to attract an auto maker to the state. However, they are not just facing stiff competition from neighboring southern states.  Mexico is proving to be a significant competitor in the auto industry, not only to North Carolina, but to the South and to the United States.
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A State-By-State Look at Governors' Trade Trips Abroad - The New York Times
U.S. governors have taken or scheduled about 80 trips abroad since the start of 2014, generally focused on boosting exports or recruiting businesses to their states. Here's a look at what each governor has done.
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PDF: 2015 Manufacturing & Logistics Report Card - Conexus Indiana
The 2015 Manufacturing & Logistics Report Card shows how
each state ranks among its peers in several areas of the
economy that underlie the success of manufacturing and
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Additive Manufacturing Competency Center opens in Louisville - Fortune
The UL Additive Manufacturing Competency Center (AMCC), which will officially open this October, plans to be a hub for students and professionals to gain training in 3D printing and advanced manufacturing for metals.
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Top economic indicators for tracking GDP - Business Insider
The Philadelphia Federal Reserve's index of manufacturing activity is the best gauge of economic growth.
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The Next Top 10 Cities For Tech Jobs - Fast Company
Sure, New York and Silicon Valley will always be tech hubs but these other U.S. cities could be home to the next big thing.
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How to spread the wealth of California innovations - The Sacramento Bee
Yet, while I was inspired by California’s capacity to create world-altering products and services, I was also disturbed by cities struggling with stalled industrial economies. These communities are dealing with poverty that is growing at an alarming rate, in part because too many people lack access to 21st-century infrastructure, a prerequisite for participation in the new global economy.
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Aerospace manufacturer Woodward chose Rockford for new factory - Crain's Chicago Business
When aerospace manufacturer Woodward invested $250 million on a new factory outside Rockford, the decision ran counter to the narrative that beleaguered Illinois is doomed to miss out on industrial projects that inevitably flow to lower-cost states
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Wal-Mart suppliers grapple with ‘Made in USA’ label challenge - Bangor Daily News
Harold Sirkin, a managing director at Boston Consulting Group, said Wal-Mart’s drive to buy American, and similar moves by big importers such as sportswear maker Nike Inc., are, in part, a response to Chinese labor costs that have hit 61 percent of U.S. levels, compared to 17 percent of U.S. levels 15 years ago. When supply chain and transport costs are figured in, American manufacturers can now compete, he said.
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Energy 101: Clean Energy Manufacturing - Department of Energy
Clean energy and advanced manufacturing have the potential to boost the U.S. manufacturing industry and open pathways to increased American competitiveness. So what does clean energy manufacturing look like?
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Why IBM's CEO is Hiring Brooklyn Teens - CNNMoney
IBM CEO Ginni Rometty talks exclusively to CNNMoney's Cristina Alesci about why her company is betting on a new type of school called P-TECH to address the skills gap.
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WNC manufacturing technician credential -
A Manufacturing Technician credential could lead to more job opportunities in Northern Nevada, especially with Tesla Motor’s gigafactory already under construction in nearby Storey County.
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Ohio State University hosting state-funded program to boost research spinoffs - Columbus Business First
Trying to boost commercialization of the state’s university research, the Ohio Department of Higher Education has created the first state-funded program modeled on the National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps.
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