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Small Towns: The Value of Unique Places -
Rural and small towns suffer from a loss of faith in their place, and seem desperate to be recognized in our new, standardized world.
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The top 10 metropolitan port complexes in the U.S. - Brookings Institution
The United States exported and imported $4.0 trillion worth of international goods in 2014, making it the world’s second-largest trader, after China. The responsibility for moving all those products falls to the country’s 400-plus seaports, airports, and border-crossing facilities, though a smaller group does most of the country’s heavy lifting. In fact, ports in just 10 metropolitan areas move 60 percent of all international goods by value.
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Office Workers Rank Internet More Important than Location - Commercial Property Executive
An overwhelming majority of office workers rank reliable internet connectivity as the most important factor in selecting office space, according to a survey released on Friday.
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Who will be the Airbnb of office space? - The Real Deal
Firms like PivotDesk, ShareDesk and LiquidSpace, which function as online marketplaces for short-term office rentals, see their residential counterpart as both a benchmark and a promise.
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Manufacturers Warn of Business and Job Loss if Ex-Im Bank Expires - IndustryWeek
Manufacturers argue the Export-Import Bank is vital to their export business and warn of lost contracts and layoffs if the bank is not renewed.
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Retrofit Guide for Building Automation - Buildings
Building automation systems (BAS) can do so much more than energy management. Intuitive interfaces can help FMs find hot spots, catch malfunctioning equipment, and target maintenance where it’s most needed.
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Ultrafast 3-D Printing Tech Could Challenge Established Manufacturing Methods - MIT Technology Review
An emerging additive manufacturing technology could be fast and cheap enough to compete with conventional methods, but it faces materials-related challenges.
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WA Tech Group Happy to Trade R&D Incentive for Education, for Now - Xconomy
Despite failing to renew high-technology tax incentives for research and development, the $38.2 billion two-year budget passed by Washington lawmakers this week represents “an amazing compromise,” according to the head of the state’s tech trade group.
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Manufacturing Talent: Apprentices Wanted - CLOmedia
Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, Tennessee, plant faced a dearth of local workers, so the German automaker transplanted a practice from home that is slowly yielding a steady flow of talent.
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A mid-year evaluation: other disruptive effects - Industrial Insights - PwC
While technology remains a critical change agent within the industrial products sector, there are other disruptors that continue to impact our business.
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Economy and environment: A redesign that works for both -
Discussions began nearly a year ago, with the goal of securing a "win-win" solution.  Trust between the parties grew over the months as options were explored.

To LG's credit, corporate executives listened and understood, demonstrating a genuine appreciation for the Palisades' significance in the American landscape.

This week, LG and its former foes together announced at a press event that a newly-designed building would be just under 70 feet, less than half the height allowed by the variance.
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Tech and innovation power Detroit's manufacturing revival - CNBC
Emerging from bankruptcy last year, Detroit's resurgence in manufacturing is seen as a major pathway to continued recovery.
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Lawmakers: Manufacturing Universities Will Help Boost American Competitiveness - US News
This spring, Coons and Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) re-launched the Manufacturing Jobs for America campaign, which aims to build bipartisan support around legislation that helps U.S. manufacturing expand and create jobs.
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Polishing CT’s manufacturing image -
How can Americans show support so strongly for manufacturing yet not want their children to work in the industry?
What can we do to change the way people view manufacturing?
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North America dominates aerospace ranking -
Over the past five years, North America has attracted the most aerospace investment of any global region, with the US ranked the leading destination country and Mexico the top ranking developing country. 
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The State Skills Gap - CNBC
More than 4.5 million job openings in the US cannot be filled, because of the skills shortage.
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