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The Changing Nature of U.S. Basic Research: Trends in Funding Sources - SSTI
Ultimately, the nature of basic research – long horizons, unknown rewards, and high costs – indicates why some sectors, namely the private sector, may seek shorter term options. A better understanding of the changing nature of funding sources for basic research may be useful in understanding the current state of research and development in the U.S.
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U.S. R&D: A troubled enterprise - Brookings Institution
Worries about anemic U.S. productivity growth are generating new worries about U.S. research and development growth. There’s not enough of either, say myriad economists, researchers, and business people; the slump in R&D may be contributing to the lag in productivity, some say.
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Veteran-Owned Small Company Aims to 'Bring Manufacturing Back to the USA' -
“As it turns out, if you build a quality product and deliver it when you say you’re going to, then people will keep making orders."
That simple equation – quality plus reliability – seems to be the secret to the rapid growth of Homeland Manufacturing Services.
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Government R&D, Private Profits and the American Taxpayer -
Taxpayers have a large, unacknowledged role in the nation’s innovation. They deserve some credit. And perhaps more, if that’s what it would take to power innovation’s future.
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Green skills - VOX, CEPR’s Policy Portal
The greening of the economy brings with it changes in the demand for certain skills in the labour market. Understanding these changes has important implications for policy aiming to support sustainable industry. This column uses US data to identify key green jobs and the skills of import for them. Environmental sustainability regulations are shown to affect the demand for green skills in the labour market. Labour market policies should target labour supply, for instance through education, to avoid potential skill gaps down the line.
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2015 Best & Worst States for Business -
Texas and Florida hold their ground in the top two positions, while North Carolina moves up one spot to edge out Tennessee. Georgia rounds out the top 5.
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How MillerCoors is brewing more beer with less water — Ceres
"Liquid gold" is a popular descriptor for a refreshing mug of beer. But in the case of MillerCoors’ sprawling Irwindale, Calif., brewery, the phrase is most applicable to water — or the lack thereof.

Situated in the heart of the drought-stricken San Gabriel Valley in southern California, the brewery, which produces approximately 6 million barrels of beer every year, long has considered its water use.
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Why Well-Being Should Drive Growth Strategies: The 2015 Sustainable Economic Development Assessment - bcg.perspectives
BCG’s Sustainable Economic Development Assessment is a comprehensive diagnostic tool that reveals how governments are faring when it comes to boosting the well-being of their citizens.
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Robots: More than just a smart tool for manufacturers - PwC Industrial Insights Blog
Automation and robotics aren’t just for large multinationals anymore, especially as robots become easier to use, more mobile and, perhaps most important, cheaper. But how, exactly, is this changing manufacturing?
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Our View: Is N.C. serious about luring manufacturing? - Fayetteville Observer: Editorials
The other Carolina thumped us again. This time it's a Volvo plant, which will sit just outside Charleston, not far from the Boeing plant that North Carolina also tried to win but couldn't.
This state's leaders insist that they want projects like these, which bring billions of dollars in capital investment and thousands of good-paying jobs. But they're not willing to pay the price - which in the case of Volvo was more than $200 million in state and local incentives, including $120 million in state-issued economic-development bonds.
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VW Study Says Tennessee Plant Expansion Could Create 10K Jobs -
A new study projects Volkswagen's expansion in Chattanooga could lead to the creation of nearly 10,000 jobs.

The report conducted by the University of Tennessee's Center for Business and Economic Research was released Wednesday and estimates the factory could add $370 million in new annual income once the expanded production is underway.
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Why a Business Would Choose Your State - CNBC
Workforce accounts for nearly 17% of all selling points by states, CNBC analysis shows.
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The Rise of the Manufacturing Renaissance - Cerasis
Humanity walks a pathway between the past and the future. When a society does not understand the mistakes and innovations of the past, it will experience them once more in the future.
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Reshoring Initiative Data Report: Reshoring and FDI Boost US Manufacturing in 2014 - Reshoring Initiative
The combined reshoring and related FDI trends continued strong in 2014, up about 20% from record levels in 2013.
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Study shows state research universities compare well on innovation, but lag in commercializing technology - MiBiz
Michigan’s big three research universities again compare favorably overall to their national peers in terms of innovation, although more progress needs to occur in getting those ideas from the lab to the marketplace.
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Tom Still: Uncertain about mission of state economic agency? It’s called competition : Wsj
While some policymakers in Wisconsin have talked of doing away with state business loan programs or WEDC altogether, other states continue to march ahead with their own loan programs – and much more – in the race to create companies and jobs.
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100 years later, Diamond Manufacturing still as strong as, well, you know - The Times-Tribune
Today, the company has evolved into the largest and leading metal perforator in North America, processing more than 100 million pounds of steel annually. It has six facilities and 370 employees throughout North America and about 200 in Wyoming.
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First North Dakota-manufactured drone unveiled in Wahpeton - Washington Times
State and industry officials have unveiled the first unmanned aircraft manufactured in North Dakota in Wahpeton.
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$460M and counting: Big corporate investments fueling Rutherford County - Nashville Business Journal
Nashville’s southeastern neighbor has had a flurry of corporate expansions and deals this year, landing thousands of new job commitments and about half-a-billion dollars in capital investment from major employers like Nissan North America and General Mills.
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Hickenlooper’s Steak Dinners Lure CEOs as Colorado Economy Rises - Bloomberg Business
Just after John Hickenlooper took office as Colorado’s governor five years ago, he entertained a group of chief executives at his kitchen table over home-cooked steak and salad.
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Strengthening the Innovation Ecosystem for Advanced Manufacturing - MIT Industrial Performance Center
Recent years have brought a renewed focus on the importance of manufacturing to the health and future
growth of the U.S. economy. Specifically, several studies have highlighted the need to maintain and build
manufacturing capabilities to support economic growth, good jobs, and national security. Most critically
perhaps, they have linked America’s strength in manufacturing to its ability to innovate.
Advanced manufacturing capabilities are essential to develop new products and processes across a range
of industries, both established and emerging. As others have pointed out, the loss of this capability can
shift an industry’s center of gravity as higher value-added activities follow manufacturing abroad.
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American Innovation Lies on Weak Foundation -
Investment in research and development has flatlined over the last several years as a share of the economy, stabilizing at about 2.9 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product in 2012, according to the National Science Foundation.
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