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State Corporate Income Tax Rates and Brackets for 2015 - Tax Foundation
Levied in 44 states, corporate income taxes account for a relatively small share of state revenue—5.2 percent of state tax collections and just over 2 percent of all state revenue, including federal transfers. Top rates range from a low of 4.53 percent in North Dakota to a high of 12 percent in Iowa.
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The future of manufacturing: Making things in a changing world - Deloitte University Press
The changing economics of production and distribution, along with shifts in consumer demand and the emergence of “smart” products, are pushing manufacturers to explore radically new ways of creating and capturing value.
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Large-scale logistics portfolios enabling foreign investor entry into U.S. industrial sector - JLL
In a weakening global economy, the United States is increasingly considered a safe haven for foreign real estate investment. Especially notable currently is the heightened interest in domestic industrial/logistics portfolios as part of the investment mix.
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Gillibrand pushing bill picking 25 schools for manufacturing - NY Daily News
The bill, dubbed the Manufacturing Universities Act of 2015, would offer grants of $5 million a year for four years to qualified universities. The colleges would be expected to increase the focus on manufacturing skills, create partnerships with local manufacturers, bolster internship opportunities and help graduates launch manufacturing businesses.
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The US ranks as top location for commercial aircraft manufacturing in new global index - PwC Industrial Insights Blog
Countries were ranked on several variables, including costs, industry size, and infrastructure/stability/talent. The US ranked first out of 142 countries, despite only moderate grades in the cost and infrastructure/stability/talent categories, because it’s the largest in terms of industry size.
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High-skilled visa applications hit record high - CNN Money
This year, 233,000 foreigners applied for the H-1B, the most common visa for high-skilled foreign workers. That's up significantly from 2014 (172,500 applications) and nearly double the applicants from two years ago (124,000).
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Made Here: Manufacturing insights and outlook - Bank of the West
Economic data shows that the U.S. manufacturing sector is experiencing healthy growth and is in an excellent position to win against overseas competitors. In addition, Bank of the West small- and medium-size manufacturing clients believe that being close to the U.S. customer is a powerful competitive advantage that is likely to intensify as customers are demanding more responsive service, more customization, and faster delivery.
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NEC and Deloitte Release New Report on Advanced Manufacturing in New England - The New England Council
The New England Council and Deloitte released a new report, “Advanced to Advantageous: The Case for New England’s Manufacturing Revolution,” that dispels the notion that manufacturing is declining in the region, assesses the region’s strengths and advantages, identifies future opportunities for collaboration and investment in advanced manufacturing, and provides a roadmap for increased economic growth and global competitiveness.
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View our Webinar Now on Meeting the Corporate Campus Logistics Challenge - Canon Business Process Services, Inc.
The webcast explores a number of key issues associated with deploying a logistics strategy for managing mega-size corporate facilities efficiently and safely. These issues include how facilities managers are taking on prominent roles orchestrating workplace and facilities services that drive productivity and employee satisfaction.
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State allocates $250M for second N.C. Innovation Fund - Triangle Business Journal
Two-thirds of the sum will be earmarked for co-investments in diverse industries, including growth sectors in the state. The remaining third will have a multi-stage focus, according to Cowell’s office: venture, growth, buyout and mezzanine.
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New England governors discuss ways to chop energy prices - The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram
Gov. Paul LePage joined Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who said that the challenges of energy policy are greater than one state alone can solve.
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Largest Economic Incentive Deals of 1st Quarter 2015 - Site Selection Group
While the number of projects offered economic incentives has declined from the prior quarter, the overall value has continued to increase, reaching $3.5 billion for the third quarter of 2014. It should come as no surprise that a large portion of the overall value is driven by the $1.3 billion of incentives offered to Tesla Motors for its future $5 billion gigafactory in Reno, Nev. Even excluding this rare large project, the overall value of incentives offered in the third quarter was $2.2 billion, which is still larger than the $1.7 billion offered in the second quarter of 2014. To help understand economic incentive trends, Site Selection Group has evaluated the economic incentive deals announced during the first quarter of 2015.
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The 10 lessons from global trade and investment planning in U.S. metro areas - Brookings Institution
Changing global dynamics and emerging opportunities for long-term, sustainable growth make it imperative that U.S. metro areas engage globally as never before. To prepare local leaders for this challenge, this summary presents the 10 lessons that have emerged from the ongoing efforts of U.S. metros participating in the Global Cities Initiative (GCI) to develop and implement strategies for maximizing the benefits of exports and foreign direct investment (FDI).
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Business ecosystems come of age - Deloitte University Press
Businesses are moving beyond traditional industry silos and coalescing into richly networked ecosystems, creating new opportunities for innovation alongside new challenges for many incumbent enterprises.
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N.J. seeks a way to recover its innovation sector -
What can New Jersey — once the home of storied inventors like Thomas Edison and the Bell and Sarnoff labs — do to get its innovation mojo back?
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Iowa DOT plans record $700 million in road construction - The Des Moines Register
Iowa motorists will soon see benefits of a 10-cent-per-gallon gasoline tax increase, although extra caution will be required while driving through a maze of highway work zones. The Iowa Department of Transportation says it plans to spend a record $700 million this year for construction on state and interstate highway projects.
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U.S. patent chief in Detroit: We'll get faster - Detroit Free Press
Michelle Lee, the new director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and undersecretary of commerce for intellectual property, said the agency is aiming to be more responsive to tech companies that are seeking patents.
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Jeff: Innovation changing world, and Mississippi - The Clarion-Ledger
As innovation has obviously changed the world, ask yourself this: How has innovation changed Mississippi?
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The Keystone XL Debate is Highly Partisan — Unless you Live Near the Proposed Pipeline Route - The Washington Post
Our mental snapshot of the politics of the Keystone XL pipeline is pretty straightforward — Republicans and most independents want it built; so do some Democrats, but most Democrats and the environmental left are opposed.
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