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Educating the Next Generation of Makers - New England Board of Higher Education
As access to technologies continues to pervade our world, the opportunity for everyone and anyone to become a “maker,” inventor, hobbyist or entrepreneur is greatly increased, changing the definition and perception of what it means to be a manufacturer.
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Are Corporate Taxes Headed the Way of Prohibition? - Justin Fox - Harvard Business Review
This is an issue that, understandably, hardly anybody in elected office really wants to deal with. Yet it’s also an issue where continuing official inaction is likely to lead to a flood of corporate action that we’re all going to regret.
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The Dream Factory: How Putting Kids To Work Helps Them Stay In School - Forbes
Georgia-based Southwire staffed a plant with troubled teens, who proved that hard work can overcome hard knocks. In the process they pioneered a model for education reform nationwide.
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Long Island Needs Regionalism -
Regionalism at its worst is characterized by monolithic bureaucrats making decisions without any local input. This is why a balance must be struck between both approaches that blend our local sensibilities with a comprehensive regional approach.
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Missing Makers: How to Rebuild America's Manufacturing Workforce - Hope Street Group
The U.S. manufacturing workforce is aging rapidly, with half of the existing workforce only 10-15 years away from retirement.1 Yet, American manufacturing employers are struggling to build a pipeline of new workers. Some 600,000 positions are currently unfilled, and more than three million additional positions are due to open by 2020.
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Factoryless label could change how U.S. counts manufacturing jobs - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
U.S. statisticians are proposing that it's time to recognize the globalization of the economy and to categorize companies that design, market and distribute their products in the U.S. — but contract to have them made elsewhere — under the broad classification of manufacturers.
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Panasonic to Help Tesla Build ‘Gigafactory’ - Businessweek
Panasonic agreed to help set up the battery factory that Tesla Chairman Elon Musk needs to sell more electric cars.
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Reenergizing America's Innovation Engine - Don Ingber - Huffington Post
University researchers are as inventive and productive as ever. But as investors became increasingly risk-averse over the past few decades, a valley of death formed that swallows up promising technologies before they are mature enough to attract the financing they require for successful commercialization. But there is hope.
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Something New for U.S. Manufacturing: Stability - Real Time Economics - WSJ
Even in the darkest days of manufacturing’s long slide, there were factories being built—but their number was far outweighed by the rush to shutter operations. Millions of jobs were lost in the process. But Daniel Meckstroth, chief economist at the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation, says he thinks we’re at an inflection point.
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Tucson to Tesla Motors: Your Building Permit is Ready - Arizona Daily Star
Tesla Motors has received a $3 billion building permit for construction of a battery assembly plant in Tucson.
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Global Economic Outlook Q3 2014 - Deloitte University Press
In spite of a period of pronounced geopolitical risks, developed economies are experiencing modest growth, and growth in developing economies is stabilizing.
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The 17 Most Dynamic American Cities - National Real Estate Investor
Which are the top American cities today, how do they rank on a global scale, and what will they be like tomorrow? The answers to these questions can vary from one study to another, depending on the type of data being used. We looked at five studies conducted within the past three years; here, we list the 17 American cities that were included in at least one of the studies
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Investors Talk Venture Capital and the Midwestern Talent Gap - Xconomy
The Midwest typically lags far behind the coasts in terms of VC activity, and that was still the case in the most recent quarter. But as investors turn their attention to startup hubs outside of traditional hotspots like Silicon Valley and Boston, is it safe to say the Midwest is on a venture capital upswing?
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On State Unemployment Rates, It’s Analyst Beware -
he very fact that the number of people on benefit rolls can fluctuate because of changes in the unemployment insurance system, rather than changes in the economy, largely explains why economists don’t typically measure unemployment by counting the number of beneficiaries.
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3D opportunity for production: Additive manufacturing makes its (business) case - Deloitte University Press
The business case for additive manufacturing (AM) starts with careful consideration of the direct costs driving AM and traditional production economics, and continues with an examination of less direct factors that can add dramatic value for companies and their customers.
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Silicon Ivy: How Cornell Is Prepping Young Entrepreneurs - Forbes
In the last decade Cornell has graduated from open-for-business to full-blown startup shop, launching an innovation office that distributes $1 million a year; attracting big-time donors, such as Bill and Melinda Gates, who gave $25 million to build a newly opened computing and information sciences hall on its sprawling Ithaca campus; and winning the bid to build Cornell Tech on Roosevelt Island.
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Three Workplace Tips for Corporations Expanding into Latin America - JLL
JLL advises multinational corporations on real estate and workplace strategies when expanding into Latin America
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Column: Michigan beginning to lure venture capitalists -
Michigan’s venture capital is expanding. According to a recent report issued by the Michigan Venture Capital Association, capital under management, the number of venture capital firms, the number of professional investors and the number of deals in Michigan are all trending upward, and have shown significant increases in the past five years.
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Poor infrastructure could thwart Arizona's trade-growth efforts - Arizona Daily Star
Efforts in Arizona to increase trade with other states and the world face a threat, a former Arizona congressman says.
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The Evolving Workplace: How U.S. Office Space is Changing - CBRE
By creating workplace solutions that reflect how people work and what they value, organizations can drive measurable improvements in employee satisfaction and business productivity while reflecting their brands and value to customers.
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New Job Law Misses the Mark -
For all its aims, however, The Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act falls short of addressing the larger problem of unemployment and underemployment. Its premise is that jobs are there for the taking and that many unemployed workers would qualify for these jobs if only they could acquire the necessary skills.
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Small Business, Big Investment: JPMorgan Chase & Co. Announces $30 Million to Help Entrepreneur Networks
New research shows high-performing small business "clusters" grew faster and added more jobs than other businesses in major U.S. metro areas
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july 2014 by areadevelopment
The Bring Jobs Home Act won't - TaxVox
The ideas in this bill, or variations on their themes, have been floating around the policy world for years and have rarely gotten traction. At first glance the measure looks a bit like an employment subsidy, and its title certainly implies that it is. But look closely, and this bill is quite different. It doesn’t subsidize firms that create U.S. jobs at all. Rather, it rewards them for merely moving business units to the U.S.
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