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Rebuilding American Manufacturing Powerhouse - Sridhar Kota - Huffington Post
It is worth remembering that historically our government has always nurtured the creation of new high-technology industries, often by underwriting basic and translational research, development, demonstration, and early procurement.
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Toronto Retaining Up-and-Coming Tech Startups with a Strong Entrepreneurial Ecosystem - CBC
Toronto tech startup Wattpad has seen a lot of success lately, but rather than picking up and moving to Silicon Valley, it's staying local.
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The U.S. Neglects Its Best Science Students - Scientific American
Educators must do a better job of spotting talented kids early, encouraging them and challenging them
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Aviation Proves Newest Territory for 3D Printing - Ideas Lab
The digital integration of 3D printers in the aviation facilities will allow engineers to access a trove of data at their fingertips that will help refine the entire manufacturing process.

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New intermodal facility opens at Port Everglades - JOC
Port Everglades new intermodal transfer facility is up and running, and officials are hoping it will keep the Florida port competitive with other destinations in the Southeast. With FEC’s connections to Class I railroads CSX and Norfolk Southern, rail service to 70 percent of the U.S. population can be completed within four days, the railroad said.
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Bringing Manufacturing to the U.S. After a World Tour - D2P News
Kent International Inc. has hopscotched among 19 countries in all corners of the globe over the past half-century in search of cheap labor to make its bikes. Its latest stop: South Carolina.
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How One U.S. Supplier Helped Bring Manufacturing Home - Manufacturing Business Technology
Organizations are increasingly rethinking their U.S. manufacturing strategies. Many companies are capitalizing on the considerable benefits of reshoring manufacturing and shifting to a U.S. supply chain.
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Is the Manufacturing Resurgence Here to Stay? - Garner Economics
Progress Report: U.S. Metro Manufacturing Employment Growth - In this brief we examine recent trends in manufacturing employment among 333 of the nation’s 372 metro areas.
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Evaluating CRE Needs for the High-Tech Manufacturing Sector - The News Funnel
The emergence of a plethora of high-tech manufacturing firms is creating strong demand within the commercial real estate industry. Increasingly, there has been a transition away from large-scale industry within the past few years, a glut that is now being filled by a new generation of high-tech firms making the decision to operate in highly specialized niches. In a marketplace that is becoming increasingly globalized, those firms are finding a warm reception and creating tremendous opportunities for commercial real estate investors
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FPL Busy Building New $1.2 Billion, Natural Gas-Fueled Power Plant at Port Everglades - Sun Sentinel
One year after demolishing its 1960s oil-fired plant at Port Everglades known for its red-striped stacks, Florida Power & Light Co. has cleared away the debris and completed about 10 percent of its new $1.2 billion plant that will be fueled by cleaner and cheaper natural gas.
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Do Cities Really Want Economic Development? - GOVERNING
A poor economy and all the problems that come with it actually benefit some people, giving powerful players less incentive to improve the status quo for the rest.
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Lean Manufacturing has Revitalized Some Tool Shops - Plastics News
Lean manufacturing is not exactly new. It wasn’t even new 25 years ago when Plastics News began publishing.
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Merck opens office in technology innovation hub - MEDCITY News
On a recent tour of the latest addition to University City Science Center’s campus in Philadelphia – an innovation hub in an established building on its campus set to officially open next week — I unexpectedly came across an office belonging to Merck.
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Sheldon Adelson, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates on Immigration Reform -
Signs of a more productive attitude in Washington — which passage of a well-designed immigration bill would provide — might well lift spirits and thereby stimulate the economy.
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july 2014 by areadevelopment
Tax-Credit Bills Signal California is Putting Priority on High-Tech Manufacturing - Sacramento Business Journal
The governor’s recent signing of a massive tax credit for Lockheed Martin and a smaller carrot for Tesla Motors speaks to an emerging pattern by lawmakers and the Brown administration: Handing tax breaks to industries that promote high-end manufacturing jobs.
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Nexteer Automotive on Frontier on Expected Wave of Chinese Automotive Investment - Detroit Free Press |
As a pioneer on the frontier of Chinese automotive investment in the U.S., Laurent Bresson knows the world is watching his every move, and he’s OK with that.
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Americas Top Metros: Who's Leading the Recovery, and Why - Manhattan Institute
Using data since 2009 for the nation’s metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), we identify leaders and laggards as measured by growth in economic output (GDP), personal income, and jobs. Among the 100 largest MSAs—which together make up about two-thirds of the nation’s population—we take a detailed look at the top 20 and bottom 20 economic performers.
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The California Economy: When Vigor and Frailty Collide -
Silicone Valleys amazing capitalist engine of jobs, innovation and wealth is the source of most of California's economic vigor. But it is a legacy that will eventually slip away, unless California changes its priorities.
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july 2014 by areadevelopment
Despite Ohio Freeze, Renewable Energy Continues To Be Hot - CleanTechnica
Last month, Ohio Governor Kasich signed legislation putting a two-year ‘freeze’ on the state’s proven, successful, and money-saving renewable energy standard.
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