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U.S. Factory Production Accelerates in Sign of Economy Strength - Reuters
U.S. manufacturing output recorded its largest increase in nine months in November as production expanded across the board, pointing to underlying strength in the economy.
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FDI in U.S. Metro Areas: The Geography of Jobs in Foreign-Owned Establishments - Brookings Institution
Foreign direct investment pervades the U.S. economy, entering the country in nearly every sector and with a presence in nearly every geography. At the same time, FDI concentrates in particular industries and in particular places.
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Where Cities Are Growing Faster Than Their Suburbs - CityLab
In 19 of the 51 largest U.S. metros, including knowledge centers like New York and Austin, the city grew faster than the suburbs last year.
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States Shift Priorities Toward Long-Term Research Capacity Building - SSTI
With an eye toward long-term payoffs associated with investments in research, lawmakers dedicated funds and strengthened ties with industry partners. Some states made significant investments in facilities and R&D to grow cancer research capabilities, while others looked to universities to establish new avenues for discovery or attract star researchers.
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Bringing Jobs Back to U.S. Is Bruising Task - WSJ
Some small and midsize companies that brought manufacturing back to the U.S. in recent years have found it a bumpy road.
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Finding the Next Generation of Manufacturing Workers - Buffalo Business First
A partnership among Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown’s office, Dream It Do It WNY and New York State Department of Labor will provide area manufacturers the chance to hire and pay interns.
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The Akamai State of the Internet Report Q1 2014
Overall, a total of 26 states had average connection speeds above the 10 Mbps “high broadband” threshold and all were well above the 4 Mbps “broadband” threshold.
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What Elon Musks Latest Power Move Says About Manufacturing -
With the acquisition of Silevo, Musk's solar energy company, SolarCity, is following a playbook he established with Tesla. And it's one any product maker should know.
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Is the West Losing Its Global Life Sciences Lead to China? - JLL
JLL’s 2014 Global Life Sciences Cluster Report reveals international shifts in innovation, markets and players
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Georgia is CNBC’s Top State for Business in 2014 - CNBC
The state scores a solid 1,659 points out of a possible 2,500, finishing at or near the top in three categories and in the top half in all but two. Since we began rating the states for competitiveness in 2007, Georgia has never finished outside the top 10 overall, with fourth-place finishes in 2007 and 2011, and a respectable eighth place in 2013.
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Certification Puts Chatham-Randolph Megasite on Another Level - Triad Business Journal
Booras and Taylor — along with the Chatham EDC, Chatham County, the town of Siler City, civil engineer Stimmel Associates PA, Duke Energy, Griffin Sr. and marketing representative Chris Lowe of Samet Corp. — have worked for nearly the past two years to get official certification
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Northeast State, Bell Team up for Aviation Jobs - Kingsport Times-News
Northeast State Community College and Bell Helicopter rolled out an education collaboration Tuesday to help aviation jobs take off in Northeast Tennessee.
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China helping bring back manufacturing jobs to U.S. - The Detroit News
Burdened with Alabamas highest unemployment rate, long abandoned by textile mills and furniture plants, Wilcox County desperately needs jobs. They’re coming, and from a most unlikely place: Henan Province, China, 7,600 miles away.
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Teens try hand at Manufacturing Camp - Standard Examiner
Normally, if a teenager drove a car over hills, through deep water or across a burning bridge, there would be big trouble — but parents cheer when teens do all of that, on a small scale, at Ogden-Weber Tech College’s Manufacturing Camp.
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US Manufacturing Increases at Fastest Rate in 4 years - Supply Chain 24/7
Manufacturing PMI points to strongest improvement in overall business conditions since May 2010.
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Cities in South, West to Grow Faster - WSJ
The U.S. economy seems headed to a long-run growth rate well below 3%, but some metropolitan areas will see their economies surge above 4% annually for the rest of this decade, according to a study released by the U.S. Conference of Mayors.
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Redesign to Improve Value: A Case Study of a Supply Chain Leader - Supply Chain 24/7
While other analysts may put the vendors into a four-square evaluation model and declare it magic, I think that this approach does a disservice to the industry.
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june 2014 by areadevelopment
Production of Natural Gas From Shale in Local Economies: A Resource Blessing or Curse? - Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Innovations in the energy sector, particularly the extraction of natural gas, have helped increase U.S. reserves of natural gas to an estimated 70 years worth of supply. Some theories suggest such a boom leads to a local resource blessing in employment and a positive spillover into the local economy while others suggest a boom leads to a resource curse for industries not related to the energy sector.
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Global Real Estate Transparency Index: Key Findings in 2014 - JLL
The worlds dominant commercial real estate markets are in better shape than at any time since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2009. Levels of real estate investment activity are returning to pre-crisis levels and investors are moving up the risk curve into new geographies and property types. Meanwhile, corporates are now executing long-term portfolio strategies and selectively extending their footprints into emerging markets.
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Can New Jersey Compete in the Global Innovation Economy? - NJ Spotlight
Analysts argue outdated infrastructure and home-rule laws -- as well as few successful private-public undertakings -- keep NJ from being a player
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The Myth of the Manufacturing "Revival" - Cerasis Blog
The reality, more than anything, due to such technological and operational improvements causing better output, manufacturing is NOT in a revival but in transformation. Yet, there are some who still pine for manufacturing to create ALL the jobs, to go back to 1977 when 1 in 5 workers in this country punched a time clock and did low level repetitive jobs that found it tough to create a profit margin that was something to brag about.
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Manufacturing Revival? No, Manufacturing Transformation/Transition - Supply Chain 24/7
A revival would imply that somehow manufacturing was broken and was so inefficient, that drastically we would need to change it so it created more and more jobs and be the industry that gets America back to the promise land of double digit growth.
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Delta Regional Authority and Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant Unveil $1.7 Million Investment for Re-Imagining Regional Workforce Development in Eight States - Delta Regional Authority
Delta Regional Authority Federal Co-Chairman Chris Masingill and States’ Co-Chairman Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant today announced a $1.7M investment into enhancing the eight-state Delta region’s workforce development systems – strengthening the capacity for communities to build links between education centers, job-ready skills and job creators.
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Cisco to Head $150M Fund for Innovative Startups - PLANT
Cisco Canada plans to invest $150 million over 10 years in a variety of Canadian startup companies, technology development incubators and new technologies that it thinks have the potential to affect the global market.
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America's New Industrial Boomtowns - FORBES
Whether America is on the path to a sustainable industrial expansion or is just seeing a weak bounce back has been widely debated, but the recent numbers are impressive. Since 2010 the U.S. has added 647,000 manufacturing jobs.
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