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Metro North America: Metros as Hubs of Advanced Industries and Integrated Goods Trade - Brookings Institution
Twenty years after the enactment of the north american free trade agreement, advanced manufacturing sectors extend their supply chains across the united states, mexico, and canada, anchored by metropolitan hubs in all three countries
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Do you have the skills to compete? - Accenture Outlook
The world of talent, and the value of that talent, is changing. For several years, the need for people with highly sought specialty skills affected only some organizations—in particular, those seeking employees with backgrounds in science, technology and engineering. Today the news is that skills gaps—the disparity between the skills companies need to drive growth and innovation versus the skills that actually exist within their organizations and in the marketplace—are more prevalent across most industries. Executives are aware that they need to invest more in their peoples ongoing training so that workforces will have the skills their companies will need in the coming years.
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American Cities May Have Hit Peak Office - Forbes
Despite some hype and a few regional exceptions, the construction of office towers and suburban office parks has not made a significant resurgence in the current recovery. After a century in which office space expanded nationally with every uptick in the economy, we may have reached something close to peak office in most markets.
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The Tough Realities Facing Smaller Post-Industrial Cities - The Urbanophile
There are exceptions to the rule, including many delightful college towns or the occasional oddball like Columbus, Indiana, but for the most part smaller post-industrial cities have really struggled to reinvent themselves.
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L.A. Ports Face Challenge from Gulf Coast -
In this strange era of self-congratulation in California, it may be seen as poor manners to point out tectonic shifts that could leave the state and, particularly, Southern California, more economically constrained and ever more dependent on asset bubbles, such as in real estate.
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CFOs Need to Keep Tax Heads More in the Loop -
Considering the gain to be had from tax credits and incentives, not meeting with tax executives doesn't seem to make much sense, research suggests.
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What are The Global megatrends? Future State 2030 - KPMG
Future State 2030 identifies nine global megatrends that are most salient to the future of governments. While they are highly interrelated, the megatrends can broadly be grouped into trends reflecting changes in the status and expectations of individuals, changes in the global economy and changes in the physical environment.
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More Businesses Want Workers With Math or Science Degrees -
New York state got an influx of high-tech jobs five years ago when its offer of more than $1 billion of incentives, including cash and tax breaks, persuaded Globalfoundries Inc. to set up a semiconductor plant near Saratoga Lake in this town 25 miles north of Albany. There has been one hitch: Because it is hard to find enough people with the right technical skills around here, about half of the 2,200 jobs at the plant were filled by people brought in from outside New York, and 11% are foreigners.
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Proworking: 4 Ways Office Space Can Increase Employee Productivity and Retention - JLL Spaces Blog
Digital technology has changed the way we work. With Wi-Fi and mobile devices, we dont always have to be at a desk, or in the office, to be productive. In fact, only 50 to 60 percent of desks are occupied on any given work day, according to JLL research. To remain profitable, businesses need to evolve their commercial real estate strategies to align with the evolving employee needs.
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Shultz and Smith: Making the Most of the U.S. Energy Boom -
Since 1973, OPECs oil weapon has dangled ominously over the U.S. While America remains dangerously exposed to changes in the price and supply of oil, our nation has never been better positioned to diminish the clout of cartel participants in the global oil market.
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Trust in Manufacturing Has to be Earned - MDT
Treasa Springett, president of Donatelle, was a part of the staff written article, Not All Contract Manufacturers Are Created Equal. She took time to present a full array of responses that were not able to be included in the article, so they are presented here.
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Firms Heading Home as Benefits Wane in China -
More companies from Europe and the United States that outsourced production to China are returning home as price gaps narrow, reports Matt Hodges.
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Office Upgrades - Metropolis Magazine
The Workplace of the Future Design Competition revealed a wealth of fresh ideas and a bit of uncertainty about exactly where we’re headed.
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november 2013 by areadevelopment
Cupertino Clears Apple’s ‘Spaceship’ Campus -
Apples proposed new headquarters, whose design resembles a flying saucer, received unanimous approval from the companys home-city council in Cupertino, Cailf., the last real hurdle before construction can begin. Ian Sherr has details on digits.
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november 2013 by areadevelopment
MI, NH, TX Universities Redesign Commercialization, Economic Development Programs - SSTI Weekly Digest
Because universities are increasingly seen as hubs for regional economic development, many institutions are reorganizing their business engagement efforts to eliminate the barriers between universities and the innovation community. Recently, the University of New Hampshire, the University of Michigan Medical School and the University of Texas at Arlington all announced plans to streamline and redesign their innovation services, aiming to increase their contribution to regional job and business creation.
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october 2013 by areadevelopment
New Report: Companies Created from Federally Funded University Research Fuel American Innovation, Economic Growth - The Science Coalition
A new report illustrates one of the many returns on investment of federally funded scientific research: the creation of new companies. Sparking Economic Growth 2.0 highlights 100 companies that trace their roots to federally funded university research and their role in bringing transformational innovations to market, creating new jobs and contributing to economic growth.
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Doing Business 2014 - Understanding Regulations for Small and Medium-Size Enterprises - World Bank Group
Doing Business 2014: Understanding Regulations for Small and Medium-Size Enterprises assesses regulations affecting domestic firms in 189 economies and ranks the economies in 10 areas of business regulation, such as starting a business, resolving insolvency and trading across borders. This year’s report data cover regulations measured from June 2012 through May 2013. The report is the 11th edition of the Doing Business series.
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