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Onshoring: Manufacturers capitalise on goods ‘made in the USA’ -
Google and Apple have moved some high-tech manufacturing from Asia to the US. While Google can lay claim to producing the first smartphone made on US soil, Apple’s desktop computer, the Mac Pro, is also “Made in USA”. This is not just a trend among large technology companies however. Smaller start-ups are building gadgets in north America rather than in China.
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Manufacturing the Future: Driving Growth Through Advanced Manufacturing - Huffington Post
The unique story of GLOBALFOUNDRIES, whose plant has emerged fully from a forest in less than five years thanks to sustained foreign investment from its parent company, the Advanced Technology Investment Company of the United Arab Emirates, underlined the discussion and provided a useful framework for the national and regional policy architecture that would help nurture the development of advanced manufacturing hubs throughout the country.
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When a City’s Workforce Stretches Well Beyond Its Borders – Next City
Since 2008, a regional collaborative group called Partners for a Competitive Workforce — or just “Partners,” for short — has worked to close the skills gap in the greater Cincinnati region. Sounds simple enough, right? Except when you fly into the Cincinnati airport, you actually land in Kentucky. So any local effort at workforce development needs to focus on an entire tri-state area: southwestern Ohio, northern Kentucky and southern Indiana.
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You Don’t Have to Be in Silicon Valley to Build the Next Great Internet Company - Walter Frick - Harvard Business Review
While Silicon Valley continues to dwarf other regions around the world in terms of venture capital investments and successful exits Steve Case, AOL founder turned VC and entrepreneurship advocate, is placing his bets across the rest of America, on what he calls “the rise of the rest.”
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october 2013 by areadevelopment
MAPI Business Outlook: A Sense of Optimism for Manufacturers - Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation
Widespread improvement in a number of indexes suggests optimism for the manufacturing sector in the next three to six months, according to the quarterly MAPI Business Outlook. The survey’s composite index is a leading indicator for the manufacturing sector. The September 2013 composite index advanced to 66 from 58 in the June survey, the third straight quarterly advance and the highest level since the December 2011 reading of 66. For 16 quarters, the index has remained above the threshold of 50, the dividing line separating contraction and expansion.
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Supply Chain Strategies And The Future Of American Manufacturing - Industrial Distribution
China%2Cs overwhelming manufacturing cost advantage over the U.S. is shrinking fast. Within three years, a Boston Consulting Group analysis concludes that rising Chinese wages, higher U.S. productivity, a weaker dollar, and other factors will virtually close the cost gap between the U.S. and China for many goods consumed in North America.
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How to Fix the American Skills Gap - LinkedIn
We need an expanded notion of what constitutes an education after high school to include more on-the-job training and apprenticeships in addition to classroom learning. In extending our definition of higher education, more attention needs to be given to “middle jobs.” These are positions that do not require a bachelor’s degree, but pay middle-class wages. Nearly half of the jobs in the United States today that put people in the middle class are these middle jobs.
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A first look at Cleveland's Global Center for Health Innovation - MedCity News
It’s been six years since plans for Cleveland’s medical mart, initially a vision of Cleveland Clinic CEO Toby Cosgrove, began to come to life.
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South Carolina Inland Port Open for Business in Greer -
South Carolina's new $50 million inland port near Greer began operating this week, providing a global shipping hub in the upstate that's expected to eliminate tens of thousands of trucks making the journey on busy Interstate 26 between the Greenville-Spartanburg area and the coast.
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Video: The Solar Robots -
A California company thinks robots that can install and clean thousands of solar panels may make solar energy competitive with fossil fuels.
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october 2013 by areadevelopment
Zach Kaplan: Manufacturing for a Small Planet - Ideas Lab
We're moving from a world where there were approximately 2,000 important manufacturers for consumer goods to a world where there will be 2,000,000.
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Five Myths About U.S. Manufacturing - The Fiscal Times
U.S. manufacturing is far from dead – but it faces many challenges in attracting and keeping well trained and highly motivated workers.
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Vantage Point: How Driver Hours Affect Warehouse Service - Material Handling & Logistics
Labor shortages, increased transportation costs and delays are only the most visible consequences of the U.S. Department of Transportation's (DOT) Hours-of-Service ruling.
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Four Executives on Succeeding in Business as a Woman -
Given that the arguments surrounding work-life balance have been so fully voiced, I decided to take a different tack, and add more insights to the discussion of leadership challenges that women face at work, apart from the juggling act.
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october 2013 by areadevelopment
This isn't your Grandpa's Manufacturing, Alcoa CEO Klaus Kleinfeld - YouTube
Corporations like ALCOA are promoting STEM learning through partnerships with organizations like Junior Achievement and with technical schools and universities. Alcoa is encouraging employees to share their experiences with students at all levels. Corporate leaders are aware that their competitive edge is reliant on securing a workforce with the right skills. Klaus Kleinfeld, Chairman and CEO, Alcoa, share the evolution in today's manufacturing with Colleen Marshall, co-anchor, NBC4 - Columbus, OH.
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october 2013 by areadevelopment
Two years later, NASA workers still mourn end of shuttle - PHYS.ORG
Few engineers at Kennedy Space Center invested as much in the space-shuttle program as Darrell Gheen, who worked all 135 flights from 1981 to 2011.
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Spaceport Colorado lands agreement with Swiss space company - The Denver Post
Spaceport Colorado will serve as Swiss Space Systems' North American headquarters, marking the first foreign-based company to commit to the regional enterprise and helping to validate the effort.
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october 2013 by areadevelopment
Textile Industry Returns to South, Reflects Broader Comeback for U.S. Manufacturing - SSTI Weekly Digest
During most of the 20th century the textile industry was an economic pillar of the American South. During the 1990s the forces of globalization caused most of the industry to move overseas. Economic experts predicted that the textile industry would never return to U.S. soil. Recently, towns like like Gastonia, NC, and Gaffney, SC, have seen shuttered mills reopened for business as advanced manufacturing technologies have supported the growth of an emerging advanced textiles sector. Economic development organizations in the Carolinas are focusing on investment in the growth of a new Advanced Textiles value chain that uses automated technologies to produce synthetic fibers, industrial filters, military equipment, and clothing. But there are lingering concerns over workforce development and the effects of automation on job creation.
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