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Which States Are Winning the Recovery? - The Atlantic
The Great Recession was not an equal-opportunity disaster. Some states (Nevada, Florida, California, Michigan) got absolutely mauled in the downturn. Others (Texas, New York), came out bruised, but not really bloodied.
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Short-Term Solution to America's Talent Gap: H1B Visas - IndustryWeek
We simply are not producing the mathematicians, scientists and technologists that other countries are. In the near term, foreign workers are necessary to keep American innovation alive.
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CFO Signals Q2 2013 Survey: What North America’s CFOs are thinking – and doing - Deloitte
CFOs’ responses seem to indicate an air of optimism that has been mostly absent for well over a year. Perhaps the best news is that CFOs mostly see North America’s economies as healthy, and they are particularly bullish about where they will be next year. And, at a company level, more are positive about their own prospects than has been the case since the first quarter of 2012.
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The Most Educated Places In America - Forbes
The people at NerdWallet, a four-year-old personal finance website based in San Francisco, have done the odd exercise of ranking the most educated places in America. These are communities where the highest proportion of the adult population has high school, college or graduate degrees. Because they were looking for a broad base of educated people, as opposed to, say, the highest concentration of Ph.D.s, none of the places are urban centers or places with a lot of poor people.
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Some Tech Companies Find Ways Not To Hire Americans - NPR
Lawmakers continue to wrangle over a bill that would overhaul the nation's immigration system. One provision in this bill would allow companies to import a lot more skilled workers. The tech industry has lobbied hard for this, despite fears among some American workers about the extra competition.
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Google or Not, Cities Pin Hopes on Gigabit Networks - Digital Communities
Smaller cities like Cedar Falls, Iowa, and Tullahoma, Tenn., are popping up in headlines with announcements of their own gigabit fiber networks. Vermont Telephone Company made the news with an announcement of gigabit service availability for $35 a month. As more cities look to Chattanooga, Tenn. and the Google Fiber cities of Kansas City; Provo, Utah; and Austin, Texas, they see a future. These cities, full of hope to boost their local economies and reinvent themselves, want to be a part of the gigabit movement and all that goes with it.
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Apple tops Gartner's "best supply chain" list ... again – DC Velocity
For the sixth consecutive year, Apple keeps its spot at the top of the supply chain heap.
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Are These America's Brainiest Cities? - The Atlantic Cities
In the knowledge age, "smart" cities and metros have a considerable economic advantage.
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The Internet of Things and the future of manufacturing - McKinsey & Company
Executives at Robert Bosch and McKinsey experts discuss the technology-driven changes that promise to trigger a new industrial revolution.
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Global Cities: Introducing the 10 Traits of Globally Fluent Metro Areas - Brookings Institution
Swift global integration, the rapid expansion of a global consumer class, and the rise of urban regions as the engines of global economic growth have ushered in a new era.
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MAP: The Most Famous Brand From Every State - The Atlantic
Verizon is New York. AOL is Virginia. Apple is California. Here's a map of the U.S. by each state's most famous company by where the company was founded.
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Debunking Myths About Highly-Skilled Immigration and the Global Race for Talent - HBR
Polarization is often stark around highly-skilled immigration, one of the issues at the heart of the tech sector's pleas. It can be difficult to separate fact from fiction.
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Tony Hsieh’s $350M plan to make Vegas an entrepreneur’s Disneyland - VentureBeat
This is the first part in a week-long series on the Las Vegas Downtown Project, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s ambitious $350 million plan to reinvent a city.
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Small Manufacturers Taking the Brunt of Sequestration - News
Earlier this month, IMT examined the nature of the mandatory federal budget cuts known as sequestration and how they were likely to affect U.S. manufacturing.
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Arizona Passes Incentives for Data Centers - Data Center Knowledge
The data center incentive arms race continues, as legislators in existing industry hubs are adopting beefed-up incentives to keep pace with up-and-coming states seeking to attract new projects.
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Innovative Empire State Building Program Saves Millions, Establishes New Energy Efficiency Model - PRNewswire
World's Most Famous Office Building Exceeds Energy Efficiency Savings for 2nd Consecutive Year, Stands as Benchmark for Industry
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An Office Landscape Designed to Kill Boring Meetings -
Designs become icons when they embody the time in which they were created. The Eames lounge chair represented a midcentury shift to a more casual home
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The Omni-Channel Effect - Construction Today
Distribution centers are big in every sense of the word, and getting bigger. Developers, retailers and investors are intensely focused on big-box distribution buildings, which encompass 250,000 to more than 500,000 square feet of floor space and have ceiling clear heights of 36 to 40 feet.
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Study: Port of Tampa has $15.1 Billion Economic Impact - Tampa Bay Times
A new economic impact study shows that the Port of Tampa emerged from the downturn stronger than ever. In 2012, the port generated $15.1 billion in economic activity for the Tampa Bay region and the state. That's nearly double the $8 billion economic impact of the port in 2005.
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AZ, NJ, WI Increase Capital for Entrepreneurship, MN's Angel Tax Credit Closed for 2013 - SSTI Weekly Digest
Over the last week, several states have announced/passed new programs focused on increasing the capital available to spur small business growth and innovation. Officials from New Jersey announced the state's new angel tax credit will take effect July 1. In Arizona and Wisconsin two bills await gubernatorial approval that would rework the Arizona R&D tax credit program and establish a $75 million venture capital fund in Wisconsin. Meanwhile, the Minnesota state legislature did not approve an additional $5 million for its popular Small Business Investment Tax Credit.
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2013 Manufacturing + Logistics National Report - Conexus Indiana
How each state ranks among its peers in several areas of the economy that underlie the success of manufacturing and logistics. Specific measures include: manufacturing and logistics industry health, human capital, cost of worker benefits, diversification of the industries, state-level productivity and innovation, expected fiscal liability, tax climate, and global reach.
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