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The CFO’s role in the pursuit of growth - McKinsey & Company
As CFOs play a bigger role in strategy, their influence may bring renewed focus on organic growth.
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3-D Printing Set to Be This Generation's 'Moon Shot' Moment - CNBC
The technology holds serious promise for many sectors, including medicine and transportation. And innovation could mean new manufacturing jobs in industries decimated by plant closures.
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America's Fastest-Growing Cities Since The Recession - Forbes
It was widely reported that the Great Recession and subsequent economic malaise changed the geography of America. Suburbs, particularly in the Sun Belt, were becoming the “new slums” as people flocked back to dense core cities.
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Cost Efficient, Open-space Office Designs: Ditching Desks -- and Privacy - Knowledge@Wharton
Things you will find upon arriving for work each morning at GlaxoSmithKline in Philadelphia's Navy Yard: A tranquility room for prayer, a rooftop perch with city views for impromptu meetings, work stations that allow for typing at a keyboard while simultaneously walking two miles an hour on the treadmill, and a fairly good chance that at some point during the day you will bump into the CEO.
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Attract next-generation talent: 4 ways to stand-out from the crowd - Manufacturing Weekly
It’s becoming a common refrain among many manufacturers: Too much high-end talent is leaving the industry via retirement and not enough new blood is coming in. Attracting that next generation of talent has become a top priority for many companies. Here are four tips you can use to help your company stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of candidates with the cutting edge skills you need:
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How Ready Are You for Growth? - strategy + business
A Booz & Company study reveals that only 17 percent of companies are poised for a profitable future.
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More small business owners see a healthy economy in the months ahead, Citibank survey finds - The Washington Post
The Citibank Small Business Pulse shows that 48 percent of owners rate business conditions as good or excellent. That’s up from 43 percent a year ago, and twice the 24 percent of three years ago, when the bank began conducting the survey.
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AT&T to put innovation center at Georgia Tech - Atlanta Business Chronicle
AT&T has picked Atlanta as the site for its fourth Foundry innovation center — a development that could seed dozens of technology startups in the area.
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How to measure the outcome of tech-oriented economic development -
So how do we judge how well the state's tech economy is doing, and how to we evaluate ongoing economic development efforts?
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Wisconsin lawmakers approve venture capital bill - Businessweek
State lawmakers on Tuesday approved legislation that would invest millions of dollars in public and private money in Wisconsin startups despite criticism that the investment targets only limited industries.
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Big Storefronts Now Housing Big Data - CoStar Group
Move By Sears To Convert Former Stores Into Server Warehouses Part of Trend of Filling Empty Big-Boxes with Non-Traditional Tenants
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Megadeals: Tax Breaks, Incentives of $64 Billion Given to Businesses by States - Stateline
Following Michigan, New York had the second most “megadeals,” with 23; Ohio and Texas had a dozen each; Louisiana and Tennessee had 11 each; and Alabama, Kentucky and New Jersey all had 10 each, the report said.
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United States Energy Outlook 2013 - Jones Lang Lasalle
The U.S. is in the midst of a historic shift in how it produces and consumes energy. This shift is driving a new energy outlook with dramatic ramifications. Our research analyzes the impact of the U.S. energy boom on office, industrial, hotel, multifamily and retail space now and in the future.
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Ohio Still is a Manufacturing Powerhouse, Report Card Says -
Ohio has one of the strongest manufacturing sectors in the country, according to an analysis released Tuesday grading all 50 states.
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Maker's Row Ushers in a New Wave of U.S. Manufacturing -
For every small designer in the U.S., there's the potential to put people at many other small and midsize businesses to work.
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States scramble to attract suddenly hot cybersecurity firms - San Jose Mercury News
Maryland is breaking new ground with a total $3 million  offer of tax breaks to be distributed among cybersecurity startups already in the state or who agree to locate there. While many states include cybersecurity companies in their overall tax incentives for high tech firms, Maryland's legislation — proposed by Gov. Martin O'Malley and signed in May — appears to be unique.
government-policy  around-the-web  this-week-219  maryland  high-tech  taxes-incentives 
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5 Fastest-Growing States - CNNMoney
Minnesota had growth across multiple sectors, including manufacturing, construction, wholesale trade, finance, real estate and agriculture.
oregon  manufacturing  this-week-219  texas  agriculture  economic-development  matt  cnn  financial-industry  washington  minnesota  around-the-web  construction  real-estate  north-dakota 
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As the North Rests on Its Laurels, the South Is Rising Fast -
Bluntly put, if the South can finally shake off the worst parts of its cultural baggage, the region’s eventual ascendancy over the North seems more than likely.
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Ask Bill Clinton: Are There Bipartisan Ways to Boost U.S. Infrastructure Investment? - Businessweek
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, mayor of Baltimore“Cities and towns across America are struggling with the issue of crumbling infrastructure and how to finance new investment. In older American cities, the potential for infrastructure failure can no longer be ignored. We know that infrastructure
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Many U.S. Factories Make Do With Old Machinery -
Many manufacturers figure it makes more economic sense to refurbish old equipment than to take a risk buying new.
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The Experts: Misconceptions About Manufacturing in the U.S. -
What is the biggest misconception people have about U.S. manufacturing? The Wall Street Journal put this question to The Experts, an exclusive group of industry, academic and other thought leaders who engage in in-depth online discussions of topics from the print Report. This question relates to a recent article that discussed U.S. manufacturing plants that—contrary to some expectations—still use outdated technologies, and formed the basis of a discussion in The Experts stream on Thursday, June 13.
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St. Louis Looks to Regain Its Startup Mojo -
St. Louis, which sponsored Charles Lindbergh's flight across the Atlantic and served as the starting point for Lewis and Clark's westward expedition, is trying to recapture its risk-taking spirit.
economic-development-news  missouri  st-louis  small-business  around-the-web  this-week-219  midwest  metros  startup 
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For Growth: Please Extend the Seed Capital Tax Credit – Disruptive Growth - BDN Maine Blogs
The Seed Capital Tax Credit Program offers a crucial bridge between “friends and family” startup funding and “institutional / venture capital” growth financing.  
seed-funds  economic-development-news  economic-development-vc  maine  this-week-219  around-the-web  state-vc-funds  startup 
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U.P. Economic Development: Legislation on Fast Track -
Promoters seeking to create an economic development district in the Upper Peninsula are pleased with the support they're receiving from lawmakers who are moving the legislative process forward.
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