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America's New Manufacturing Boomtowns -
Looking across the country, it is clear that industrial expansion has been a key element in boosting some of our most successful local economies. The large metro areas with the most momentum in expanding their manufacturing sectors also rank highly on our list of the cities that are generating the most jobs overall, including Houston-Sugarland-Baytown, Texas, which places first on our list of the big metro areas that are creating the most manufacturing jobs
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FASB and IASB publish revised exposure draft on leases - pwc
The FASB and IASB have issued a revised exposure draft on leases. The revised exposure draft attempts to address criticisms of the 2010 exposure draft, yet still meet the key objective of recognizing leased assets and liabilities on the balance sheet. What are the key provisions?
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Strengthening U.S. Manufacturing, Region by Region - Brookings Institution
On the same day, though, there was another intriguing if lower-key announcement on the Obama administration’s manufacturing agenda. That’s the new Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership, the first phase of a two-phase effort aimed squarely at communities and regions, announced by the Commerce Department’s Economic Development Administration (EDA).
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The States That Use the Most Green Energy - The Atlantic Cities
California and Texas might be leading the nation’s rollout of solar and wind power, respectively, but Washington, where hydroelectric dams provide over 60 percent of the state’s energy, was the country’s biggest user of renewable power in 2011, according to new statistics released last week by the federal Energy Information Administration.
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The 10 Best Biking Cities In America - Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation
Biking map site BikeScore has released a new ranking of the country’s best cities for biking, accounting for factors like bike lanes, hilliness, route options, and number of commuters. How does your city rank?
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Silicon Valley? No, Thanks. I Prefer Detroit -
LevelEleven CEO and founder Bob Marsh explains chose to stick to his Michigan roots. He explains why he doesn't regret the decision for a minute.
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Want to Get High-Skill Immigration Right? Think About Detroit - Jordan Weissmann - The Atlantic
Rust Belt cities are hoping that immigrants can help rebuild our their shrinking communities. Washington should gear policy to helping them.
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GM Channels Google, Facebook and eBay With New High-Tech Data Center - Forbes
General Motors GM +0.65% today unveiled a state-of-the-art $130-million enterprise data center at its Technical Center in Warren, Mich., and said it will open a second, mirrored site at its Milford, Mich., vehicle proving grounds — part of a sweeping overhaul of its global IT operations.
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Bakken activity: How wide is the ripple effect? - fedgazette
The Bakken oil boom has led to strong growth in employment and record low unemployment rates in that region. Tight labor markets and high wages in the Bakken have also given rise to countless anecdotes from business owners complaining of difficulty finding qualified workers and having to pay higher wages to keep them. But how big is the impact of Bakken activity, and how far does it reach?
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Exploring the Geographic Shifts (and Low Wages) of the Call Center Industry - Economic Modeling Specialists Intl.
A decade ago, America’s telephone call center industry was clustered in a handful of states with small populations and cheap labor: Utah, Nebraska, West Virginia, Iowa, South Dakota, and North Dakota. Five of those six states have watched at least a quarter — and in North Dakota’s case, 67% — of their call center workforce vanish since 2002. But nationally, the industry has taken off in that time, growing 20%.
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A Model to Prevent Future Factory Collapses in Bangladesh Could Be Here in the U.S. – Next City
Working with textile workers based in mills around the country, Project Repat turns your favorite old t-shirts into a blanket. The idea is to reuse goods and keep skilled workers employed.
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U.S. Broadband Policy and Competitiveness - Council on Foreign Relations
Some experts fear the United States is falling behind other developed nations in broadband adoption and performance, but others say such concerns are often exaggerated and unsupported by analysis. In addition, researchers are divided on the competitive benefit of ever faster access and debate the role of government in supporting broadband development.
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State Looks to Invest in Upstate - Times Union
With $9 billion in investment by GlobalFoundries at the Luther Forest Technology Campus in Malta already in its hands, the Cuomo administration has been quietly planting the seeds for similar investments in other upstate regions.
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Supplier Collaboration is a Powerful Means of Reducing Risk in the Supply Chain and Unlocking Value - MHI
Companies that effectively collaborate with suppliers could potentially reap handsome benefits in the form of lower risks, reduced costs and new revenue growth.
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Lower State Income Tax Does Not Spur Economic Development - The Atlantic Cities
The idea that lower income taxes spur economic development is a mantra for many Republicans and fiscal conservatives. Their argument is that lower tax rates provide the needed financial incentives that attract capital, entrepreneurs, businesses, and talented people. But is this actually true?
business-taxes  economic-development-news  corporate-tax  around-the-web  this-week-215  taxes-incentives 
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Digital Tools Transforming the Shop Floor - ThomasNet News
The proliferation of tablet computers, smartphones, and other communications technologies is rapidly changing operations on the shop floor.
smart-phones  manufacturing  technology  communications  around-the-web  this-week-215  tablets  matt 
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The Top 100 Logistics IT Providers & Market Research Survey - Inbound Logistics
Inbound Logistics reveals the latest logistics technology trends influencing the supply chain sector—and 100 companies that are breaking new ground and leading the market.
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Mexican Manufacturing Boom Could Spur One of Canada’s Railways to Buy Kansas City Southern - Financial Post
The upswing in Mexican manufacturing is building a strong case for either of Canada’s largest railways to consider purchasing Kansas City Southern in order to gain greater access to the emerging market, one analyst says.
manufacturing  canada  rail-logitsics  around-the-web  railroad  mexico  rail  this-week-215  matt 
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San Diego Mayor Building Economic Bridges to Tijuana -
Opening a satellite city office in a far-flung neighborhood is not unusual in sprawling cities like this one. But one thing sets apart Mayor Bob Filner’s newest outpost: it is in another country.
san-diego  around-the-web  california  mexico  immigration  this-week-215  economic-development  tijuana  matt 
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North Jersey Data Center Industry Blurs Utility-Real Estate Boundaries -
Prices are particularly steep in northern New Jersey because it is also where data centers house the digital guts of the New York Stock Exchange and other markets. Bankers and high-frequency traders are vying to have their computers, or servers, as close as possible to those markets. Shorter distances make for quicker trades, and microseconds can mean millions of dollars made or lost.
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Boeing's Old Base Battles for 777X -
The new governor of Washington state on Thursday unveiled incentives aimed at keeping manufacturing and design work for Boeing Co.'s revamped 777 jet at the company's long-established facilities around Seattle.
aerospace  washington  government-policy  around-the-web  this-week-215  boeing  taxes-incentives 
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Chinese Automakers Quietly Build a Detroit Presence -
Dozens of companies from China are putting down roots in Detroit, part of the country’s steady push into the American auto industry.
automotive-industry  around-the-web  this-week-215  business-globalization  detroit  china 
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2013 State Business Tax Burden Rankings - Anderson Economic Group
Ten States with Lowest Tax Burdens. The ten states with the lowest tax burdens are: Delaware, Oregon, Utah, Louisiana, Georgia, South Dakota, Maryland, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Idaho.
business-taxes  corporate-tax  around-the-web  this-week-215  taxes-incentives  ranking 
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Q&A: Maintaining A U.S. Manufacturing Presence -
Food Manufacturing spoke with Roger Kilmer of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) about the importance of maintaining a strong manufacturing presence in the United States, and what resources are available to domestic manufacturers.
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