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Top Cities for Business Growth - MarketWatch
Here’s all 100 cities and how they ranked in MarketWatch’s Top Cities for Business Growth. Twenty metrics were used to develop the rankings and were divided into three main groups looking at business climate, how New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq companies performed over the past year, and how local economies performed.
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The Radical Openness of Columbus, Ohio, USA - Intelligent Community Forum (ICF)
My most recent visit was to Columbus in the US state of Ohio. I took away pages of notes, which I will turn into a report for the international jury that helps select the Intelligent Community of the Year. I also took away one of those delights I mentioned – the pleasure of coming across something new.   
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Revving Up Manufacturing, Region by Region - Brookings Institution
In providing intentional support for regional innovation clusters, such strategies nurture these major centers of research by fostering knowledge sharing and spillovers, expediting technology transfer and commercialization, and fostering entrepreneurialism.  
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A Balancing Act for H-1B Visas - Brookings Institution
The annual H-1B visa scramble ended in just five days earlier this month.  Due to high employer demand, 39,000 requests for H-1B workers were denied, and the 65,000 available visas were allocated using a lottery system.  So it’s wait until next year for those out of luck.
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How Exports Will Save Us: New Agreement Could Create Free Trade Zone Larger than EU - GE Reports
Step inside GE Aviation’s jet engine assembly plant in Peebles, Ohio, on any given day, and you will see teams of GE machinists, mechanics and engineers building next-generation engines such as the GEnx for the world’s most advanced aircraft like Boeing’s new 747-8 jumbo operated by airlines and shippers around the world.
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Untapped Market in Smaller Green Retrofits - Urban Land
While many "green" building techniques have become the norm for new construction, panelists at a recent ULI forum say significant opportunities exist for upgrading or retrofitting buildings with green systems and technology.
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Accounting Alert: FASB Leases Project Updated - Crowe Horwath LLP
The new exposure draft, expected to be issued in May, will also call for most leases, excluding short-term leases, to be recognized on the balance sheet. If approved, the guidance would require a dual expense-recognition approach depending on whether there is consumption of more than an insignificant portion of the underlying asset over the lease term. When published, the re-exposure is expected to have a 120-day comment period.
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South Carolina Turns Workforce Skills to New Industries - IndustryWeek
With textiles taking a diminished role in the state, workers are adapting to the challenges of new industries.
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april 2013 by areadevelopment
Back on track: The quiet success of America’s freight railways - The Economist
EUROPEANS have long pitied Americans for their rotten passenger trains. But when it comes to moving goods America has a well-kept freight network that is the most cost-effective in the world. It is, however, a capital-intensive business.
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The Best of the Top of the Greatest - Fourth Economy Consulting
For economic and community developers, a new “best of” and “top places” ranking season is underway. The challenge is to find the most valid and relevant rankings.  With that goal in mind, it is critical to examine the data points that make up the rankings and how they may align with an overall economic development strategy discussion. Four key cautionary points should be considered when.
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Boeings Eastward Migration Suggests How U.S. Manufacturing Can Remain Relevant - Chain Reactions
The key driver of manufacturing competitiveness today is not labor costs, but talent-driven innovation, an area where the U.S. excels. But it will take forward-thinking communities to keep that talent drive moving forward.
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Another challenge to Illinois' economic development efforts - Chicago Statehouse -
The amendment to SB2 would create the Illinois Business and Economic Advocacy and Development Act of 2013. The gist of it is that the importance of economic development is a shared concern by both the public and private sectors and would create the Illinois Economic Development Authority (IEDA) and an Illinois Business and Economic Development Corporation (IBEDC).
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Rick Perry wants Connecticut gun maker to move to Texas - Fox News
Bristol-based rifle manufacturer PTR said in a statement posted on its website this week that it has not decided where it will move, but has commitments from most employees to relocate. The company, which employs more than 40 people, cited the "unintended consequences" of Connecticut's newly-passed gun control legislation as the reason for the anticipated move.
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Nevada: a state connected - Las Vegas Sun News
Connections are our business. Whether its human connections at trade shows or electron connections on the Internet, Nevada is all about the buzz.
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april 2013 by areadevelopment
Cornell NYC Tech, Planned for Roosevelt Island, Starts Up in Chelsea -
Reinforcing the sense that the work produce practical results, the United States Commerce Department has stationed a patent officer on the premises to help with patent applications and commercial strategies — an arrangement that federal officials say is a first.
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Tech Firms Push to Hire More Workers From Abroad -
Silicon Valley is battling in Washington to make the immigration process easier for thousands of people like Mr. Sankhla, many of them Indian engineers, while also pushing to hire many more guest workers from abroad. Rarely has the industry been so single-mindedly focused on a national policy issue, with executives like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and John T. Chambers of Cisco personally involved.
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How a Small Distillery is Rethinking Manufacturing -
With the growing consumer focus on localism, craftsmanship and sustainability, small-scale manufacturing is having a renaissance.
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Is New Orleans America's Next Great Innovation Hub? -
The Big Easy doesn't want fewer bachelor parties. It just wants more bachelor's degrees. 
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