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Jobs Alone Do Not Explain the Importance of Manufacturing - Brookings Institution
Manufacturing—or rather advanced manufacturing—is essential to the U.S. economy because it is the main source of innovation and global competitiveness for the United States.
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Virginia General Assembly OKs historic transportation deal -
The Virginia General Assembly on Wednesday gave its final approval to a historic transportation funding package that will raise $6 billion in new taxes and fees to fix the state’s congested highways.
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GE to Open New $100 Million Research Center Focused on Unconventional Energy - GE Reports
GE will open a new $110 million innovation center and technology incubator in Oklahoma City focused on developing new technologies for mining shale gas and other “unconventional” sources of energy.
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Coming to America: the 5 Best Visa Options for Startup Entrepreneurs - Forbes
On April 1st applications open up for the annual allowance of 65,000 H1B visas, the standard professional visa. This year, with the economy picking up, USCIS are expecting to receive more than the 65,000 cap within the first 5 days of April which means, like 2007 and 2008, a lottery will be conducted.
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Say Goodbye to the Office Cubicle -
Walls Come Down as Many Companies Switch to Layouts Designed to Foster Collaboration
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Silicon Valley North? Canada ‘startup visa’ program could cost U.S. in war for talent - VentureBeat
While foreign entrepreneurs face a protracted immigration battle in the U.S., Canada has forged ahead with a new ‘Startup Visa‘ program.
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2013 United States Small Business Friendliness Survey - and Kauffman Foundation, in partnership with the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, has released the results from the second annual Small Business Survey. The study, drawing upon data from over 7,000 small business owners, provides new insights into state and local business environments across the nation.
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Bertha’s dig at U.S. manufacturing - Seattle Times
The most startling evidence of withered American industrial power is the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, whose suspension portion was manufactured in China and merely assembled here. Former Reagan administration trade negotiator Clyde Prestowitz raised pointed questions about the project’s quality and long-term costs — however inexpensive it appeared to decision-makers
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Is High-Speed Rail a Boondoggle? - News
America’s global competitors are racing to construct or expand sophisticated high-speed rail networks, while U.S. plans for high-speed rail have stalled. Should we continue to pursue construction of advanced train systems for commuting, travel, and business, or is high-speed rail a colossal waste of public funds?
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High-Tech Manufacturing and Location, Location, Location -
These five considerations can help you map out a manufacturing strategy -- and decide where that strategy should take place.
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Tips For Transitioning An Office-Based Company To Remote Work - Fast Company
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PDF: Building a Sustainable Sustainability Strategy - Campbell Soup Company
Dave Stangis, Vice President Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility President, Campbell Soup Foundation
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Orders to U.S. Factories Climb on Demand for Autos, Planes - Bloomberg
Orders placed with U.S. factories increased in February, boosted by a pickup in demand for motor vehicles and commercial aircraft.
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Hiring Spreads, but Only 14 Cities Top Prerecession Level -
Employers are hiring more readily across the U.S., though only 14 of the nation's 100 biggest metropolitan areas have more jobs now than they did before the 2008-09 recession.
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Signs of Factory Revival Hard to Spot -
Its true that industrial production has grown twice as fast as the economy as a whole in this recovery, and manufacturers are adding jobs again. But economists see those gains as too small relative to what was lost in previous years to suggest a full-blown revival. Factories fell so hard, the logic goes, some gains are a given.
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Immigrant Population Growing Fastest in Many Cities -
The nations major metropolitan areas have long served as hubs attracting steady streams of immigrants from all over the world seeking opportunities. Now, as some cities lose residents and the native population ages, migration from abroad has overtaken homegrown and domestic population shifts in many urban areas.
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When Working at Home Is Productive, and When It's Not - Knowledge@Wharton
Wharton faculty members who specialize in issues pertaining to employee productivity and work/life balance were similarly surprised by Mayers all-encompassing policy change. "Our experience in this field is that one-size-fits-all policies just don't work," notes Stewart Friedman, Wharton practice professor of management and director of the school's Work/Life Integration Project. "You want to have as many tools as possible available to you as an executive to be able to tailor the work to the demands of the task. The fewer tools you have available, the harder it is to solve the problem."
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U.S. Manufacturing Posts Best Quarter in 2 Years: Markit - Reuters
U.S. manufacturing growth picked up in March as new orders increased and hiring quickened, closing out the best quarter for the sector in two years, a survey showed on Monday.
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Space Coast Showing Signs of an Economic Recovery -
Private employers on the Space Coast, which includes Cocoa Beach and Merritt Island, have created more than 4,000 jobs since 2010 and have added 1,000 more this year, including jobs in aerospace, aviation, engineering and other high-technology sectors. Companies like Embraer, which makes jets, Northrop Grumman and Rocket Crafters were among those that moved here or expanded. Small businesses are also opening at a faster clip. Housing prices are rising, and the pace of foreclosures is slowing in some areas.
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Reinventing Economic Development: Less Action, More Talk -
If someone tells you that I am all talk and no action now, they would be right. After 30 years, personally on the hook for planning and executing job creation strategies, my job now is to talk about it.
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Metro Monitor - March 2013 - Brookings Institution
The recession officially ended in June of 2009, yet as of February 2013—44 months later—the U.S. economy still has 3 million fewer jobs than when the recession started in late 2007. Job growth continues at a modest but consistent pace, unemployment continues to tick down, and housing prices are finally rebounding. While GDP growth was essentially flat in the fourth quarter, economists don't expect it to turn negative. Yet beneath this slow and steady progress lies tremendous variation in the duration and rate of recovery in the nation's major metropolitan areas.
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