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The Future of The Manufacturing Workforce - Manpower
A series of reports based on a study by business strategist Tom Davenport taking a deeper look at the disconnect between the knowledge and training that young workers are receiving and the skills needed for the positions manufacturers are trying to fill.
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Is 'reshoring' bringing enough jobs back home, boosting Michigan's economy? -
AlixPartners, a Detroit-based consulting firm, also estimates that manufacturing costs in China could equal those in the United States by 2015, based on its forecast of labor costs increasing by 30 percent between 2011 and 2015, a 5 percent annual increase in freight costs and a 5 percent annual increase in the value of China's currency.
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How Chicago's urban vibe attracts talent, lowers costs - John Pletz Technology Blog - Crain's Chicago Business
Sure Chicago is a cheaper place to launch a tech business than Silicon Valley. But how about Pittsburgh? Yep. We've got cheaper talent and rents, and airfare.
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Setting the PACE: Financing Commercial Retrofits -Johnson Controls Institute for Building Efficiency
Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) finance is a new and growing municipal approach to support energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades in commercial buildings in the United States.
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4 Underrated Tech Hubs to Watch -
More evidence that start-up culture isn't just a coastal phenomenon: Research shows these cities are hopping with tech expertise.
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Innovative Workplace Design Needed for Modern Business World - Leslie Saul and Associates
Changes in technology, the economy, and the business world have created demand for a new breed of innovative corporate workplace design.
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Place Matters in a Mobile World - Workspace Design
Technological innovations have altered the foundation from which we work and, more fundamentally, how we interact with both each other and the world around us. It has created a world of untethered workers, people who do not have to be anywhere in particular to perform the basic function of their job. And while completely office-less companies and organizations now exist, it is simply not a broadly acceptable model for the future because place matters, a lot.
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Manufacturing Forecast - Growth Expected in 2013 - Forbes released the latest MFGWatch 2013 manufacturing forecast today based on a survey of 8,840 sourcing professionals in North America.  The themes that emerged from the survey paint a picture of optimism and growth with a measured approach. [
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America's Skilled Trades Dilemma: Shortages Loom As Most-In-Demand Group Of Workers Ages - Forbes
More than half of U.S. skilled trades workers are over 45, and with our educational system's shift to preparing students for four-year colleges rather than vocations, employers are looking at a serious crunch in coming years.
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Small Business Growth Tips, Growth Strategies for Entrepreneurs - ForwardMetrics
Small business entrepreneurs looking for growth strategies may want to look to high growth industries to outpace projected economic growth numbers.
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Who Grew Your Pint? How Craft Brews Boost Local Farmers - NPR
The explosion of microbreweries in recent years has spurred a small but growing craft malt industry, where tiny malt houses — facilities where malt is produced — conduct the malting process, often entirely by hand.
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New Kauffman Foundation, LegalZoom Survey Captures Rare Picture of America’s Startups
Results shed light on entrepreneurs' propensity for risk; taxes, licensing regulations and economic uncertainty cited as challenges
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Aerospace Automation Picks Up the Pace - Manufacturing Engineering
Robotic drilling, fastening systems gain ground in aerospace/defense as metrology technologies boost robot accuracy
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Brazil Looks to Silicon Valley to Power New Semiconductor Factory - San Jose Mercury News
Brazil is building what is considered one of the most advanced semiconductor businesses in the Southern Hemisphere, and it wants Silicon Valley engineers to apply for jobs.
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Google Tests Same-Day Delivery, Raising Marketplace Speculation - San Jose Mercury News
Google began testing a same-day delivery service with retailers in recent weeks, the latest move into's e-commerce turf by the world's largest Internet search company.
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Best Buy Joins Yahoo in Retreat From Flexible Office Time - Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal
From the other-shoe department: Best Buy is formally ending its flexible-hours schedule that allowed workers to show up at the office whenever they wanted.
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EnerG2 Takes Energy Storage Innovation From UW Lab to Factory - Xconomy
A year after opening a $28.5 million factory, Seattle-based EnerG2 is looking like a textbook example of laboratory innovation in a strategically important industry generating U.S. high-tech manufacturing jobs, with an assist from Uncle Sam.
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Why Bother With Buildings At All? - Steelcase Workspring
We’re entering a new phase in the purpose of buildings. What do we think we know about the ground state conditions for the next phase? First, this “new work” experience is defined by the cognitive and social, the I and the We. Learning and creativity are keys. Our work cultures are already beginning to reflect this, but our attitude about space has not kept up, hence low utilization.
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march 2013 by areadevelopment
Designing for “In the Office” v. “Work Wherever” - Workspace Design Magazine
Most organizations are wrestling with how to improve their office space and the increasing variety of design options. How to provide optimal space — and how to increase the performance of staff – are common challenges.
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Iowa defends Orascom fertilizer plant incentives - Quad-City Times
The last time I checked, $1.4 billion into Iowa’s economy plus 165 permanent jobs, 3,500 construction-related jobs and countless spin-off jobs, plus hundreds of millions in annual savings for Iowa farmers, plus millions in additional tax revenue (above and beyond the incentives provided) into the state coffers a good deal for Iowa.
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