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Tech sector hiring is hot again as Google, Twitter, etc., grow -
Silicon Valley companies are swooping in and scooping up potential employees in a frenzy of hiring not seen since the Internet bubble of a decade ago.
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Wind, Sun Power Still Face Hurdles -
The slow-motion crisis at a Japanese nuclear plant has rekindled worries about relying on atomic power for electricity.
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US economy growing faster than those of other industrialized nations even as job creation lags - The Washington Post
The United States is out of step with the rest of the world’s richest industrialized nations: Its economy is growing faster than theirs but creating far fewer jobs.
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Chamber of Commerce pressed to back Obama’s economic plans - The Washington Post
The White House pressed ahead Wednesday with its campaign to enlist the support of corporate America, with two senior officials urging top business executives to sign on to the Obama administration’s plans for regulating Wall Street and laying the foundation for future economic growth.
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Jobless Claims Fall Slightly -
The number of U.S. workers filing new claims for unemployment benefits dropped by 6,000 to a seasonally-adjusted 388,000 last week, indicating continued gradual recovery.
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Disconnect Found Between CEOs, Top Officers -
Rank-and-file employees often complain that CEOs don't understand what motivates them.
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Manufacturing, Services Sectors Split on Outlooks -
Manufacturing and service-sector executives agree that revenues and profits will rise this year.
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Caterpillar letter may trigger workers' comp overhaul - Pantagraph
Concerns that Caterpillar Inc. is being courted by other states could light a fire under Illinois officials to overhaul the state’s workers’ compensation system, lawmakers said Monday.
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Canadian traffic in psychological gridlock - The Globe and Mail
Elsewhere in the world, major cities show that implementing innovative ways to improve the daily commute doesn't have to be mind-numbingly slow.
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Consumer Spending Increases -
U.S. consumer spending picked up during February, rising more than expected in the latest indication Americans are more willing to open their wallets.
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The Difficulty of Separating Cyclical from Structural Unemployment - Economist's View
Thus, no matter how you slice it or how you define it, there is still plenty of cyclical unemployment to worry about, and plenty for policy to do.
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How to Prepare Your Supply Chain for the Unthinkable - Harvard Business Review
Companies are always shocked when low-probability events such as an earthquake or a tsunami disrupt their supply chains — as has happened after the tragic events in Japan two weeks ago — because of two fallacies.
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Japan disaster having ripple effect on U.S. consumers - CBS News Video
Chris Wragge talks to CBS News business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis on how the Japanese disaster will impact the American consumer.
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Fed Official Suggests Quantitative Easing Could End Early -
James Bullard, president of the St. Louis Fed, said the economy was clearly stronger than last summer and fall and questioned whether a bond-buying effort should continue.
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Caterpillar threatens to leave Illinois over taxes - Chicago Breaking Business
Caterpillar Inc., suggesting that it could shift jobs out of Illinois, is prodding its home state to cut government spending and roll back tax increases.
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