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Former White House Economists Say Deficit Is 'Severe Threat' -
Ten former chairmen of the White House Council of Economic Advisers called on politicians to get to work soon on reducing the federal budget deficit, saying a plan crafted by fiscal commission appointed by President Barack Obama should be "the starting point" for addressing what they labeled a "severe threat" to the nation's economy.
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Toyota warns U.S. workers to expect production stops -
Toyota told workers today to brace for plant shutdowns around the U.S. as inventories run out of Japanese made parts due to the earthquake and tsunami.
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Giving up on the unemployed - The Washington Post
“Shameful.” That’s what Christina Romer calls our apparent decision to stop worrying about unemployment and focus instead on deficit reduction and defunding public television and reproductive rights organizations.
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GM production halt, layoffs in N.Y. due to Japan disaster -
General Motors today stopped production at the Tonawanda plant in Buffalo, N.Y., that makes engines for the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon pickups.
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Toyota and Honda extend plant shutdowns -
Carmakers say production will remain suspended at plants in Japan, as the industry attempts to recover from the effects of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis.
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Quake in Japan Broke a Link in Global Supply Chain -
Tony Prophet, a senior vice president for operations at Hewlett-Packard, was awakened at 3:30 a.m. in California and was told that an earthquake and tsunami had struck Japan. Soon after, Mr. Prophet had set up a virtual “situation room,” so managers in Japan, Taiwan and America could instantly share information.
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Nissan to Resume Production in Japan -
Nissan Motor Co. said Sunday that it will start parts production and vehicle assembly operations this week in Japan, becoming the first car maker to restart its entire auto production process after a devastating quake brought the country's auto industry to a standstill.
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Metro/County Census Results So Far (Plus a Brief Look at Jobs) - The Urbanophile
Since I generally focus on large metros (greater than one million in population), I wanted to share the Census results so far for large metro areas. So here they are, sorted by percentage change over the last decade:
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Zappos CEO envisions a new community downtown - Las Vegas Sun
It was the reaction Hsieh had hoped for. He hopes to hear it often as he talks to entrepreneurs, many of whom are friends from California’s Silicon Valley, about the potential of downtown Las Vegas.
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Census: Dwindling small towns determined to fight extinction - Spokesman-Review
The worn sign on the road into town reads: “Welcome to LaCrosse. Home of the Tigercats. Population 415.” It was painted a long time ago.
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