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How the U.S. Could Avoid Being Disrupted by China - Harvard Business Review
The U.S.'s position as a global economic leader has been based on one thing more than anything else: its ability to innovate.
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december 2010 by areadevelopment
Boom in Canadian oil companies -
Investors are flocking to small Canadian oil and gas companies that are using advanced technology and access to capital markets to expand global exploration.
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december 2010 by areadevelopment
5 Ways Cities Are Using Social Media to Reverse Economic Downturn - Mashable
The economic downturn has forced cities and states across the country to be more creative as they compete to attract companies and stimulate local economies.
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december 2010 by areadevelopment
Globalization complicates Silicon Valley's regional rivalries - San Jose Mercury News
A delegation of political and economic-development types from San Antonio swoops into Silicon Valley to schmooze tech executives and to no doubt talk them into moving their companies deep into the heart of Texas.
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december 2010 by areadevelopment
No Grinch Yet for Economic Data -
The stock market is rallying, jobless claims are sinking and regional manufacturing orders are picking up steam. All are considered leading indicators of the health of the U.S. economy.
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december 2010 by areadevelopment
Companies Shun Violent Mexico -
Unrest Deters Electrolux, Whirlpool, Others Who Have Considered New South-of-the-Border Plants
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december 2010 by areadevelopment
Obama to meet with 20 CEOs on economic issues -
President Obama said Wednesday that a meeting with 20 CEOs will help "find new ways to spur hiring, put Americans back to work and move our economy forward."
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december 2010 by areadevelopment
Tata’s Nano, the People’s Car That Few Want to Buy -
When it was introduced in early 2009, the egg-shaped Tata Nano was billed as a modern-day people’s car, an ultracheap vehicle that would bring greater mobility to the masses of India and, eventually, the world. But those ambitions have stalled — for now, at least.
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december 2010 by areadevelopment
Tips for Handling NIMBY Town Hall Meetings - NREI
Town hall meetings in the context of controversial NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) projects can often signal the kiss of death for many projects.
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december 2010 by areadevelopment
Hybrid car sales set to total less than 1m -
Many car buyers – notably in America, where petrol prices have settled recently – are reluctant to pay the price premium that hybrids command.
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december 2010 by areadevelopment
Long-term unemployment is worrying -
What happens to a nation's collective psyche when millions of once-productive people remain out of work for months or even years?
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december 2010 by areadevelopment
Less Than a Full-Service City -
More than 20% of Detroit's 139 square miles could go without key municipal services under a new plan being developed for the city, with as few as seven neighborhoods seen as meriting the city's full resources.
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december 2010 by areadevelopment
5 Huge Economic Themes For 2011 - Business Insider
Danske Bank's 5 themes to watch are largely optimistic, but there are also serious concerns the debt threat could rise and cripple global markets.
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december 2010 by areadevelopment
Manufactured Goods Export Growth Slowing - Shopfloor
Manufactured goods continued to dominate U.S. trade in October, but U.S. manufactured goods export growth has flattened in recent months, according to data released by the Commerce Department today.
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december 2010 by areadevelopment
Colleges Are Urged to Play a Greater Role in Regional Development Efforts - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Colleges must play a greater, and more deliberate, role in helping regions innovate and thrive in an increasingly competitive and globalized economy, speakers urged this week at a conference on higher education and economic development.
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