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Lockheed Expands Cyber Ops in Texas - ThomasNet
In June 2018, aerospace giant Lockheed Martin announced plans to expand the company's cyber operations as the first tenant in Port San Antonio’s new Project Tech facility in Texas.

This week, the company officially opened the doors to the new 15,000-square-foot space after a ceremonial ribbon cutting. Over the next five years, the secure workspace will be home to Lockheed's Cyber Solutions operations as well as more than 100 cyber professionals, including systems engineers, cyber architects, and software developers. The team will work on full-spectrum cyber tools and platforms.
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How to Build a Multigenerational City in Austin, Texas - CityLab
The lives of the young and the old rarely cross in many American cities. After I moved to Austin, I used a volunteer opportunity as a way to change that.
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America's Oil And Gas Reserves Double With Massive New Permian Discovery - Forbes
Nearly one third of the United States’ crude already comes from the Permian, making it the largest shale-oil producing region in the country.
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Why Is Apple Opening a Campus in the Austin Suburbs? - CityLab
By adding thousands more jobs outside the Texas capital, Apple has followed a tech expansion playbook that may just exacerbate economic inequality.
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Apple vows to bring up to 15K new jobs to Austin with 133-acre campus - Fast Company
Apple has just announced plans to build a new $1 billion campus in Austin. It is also going to open two smaller sites in Seattle, San Diego, and Culver City, California–as well as has plans to expand in other cities too, including Pittsburgh; New York; Boston; Boulder, Colorado; and Portland, Oregon.
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Nix the Amazon Orange skyline: An exclusive look inside Dallas-Fort Worth's bid for HQ2 - Dallas News
It was the painstakingly orchestrated answer to a question: If you had less than two days to convince one of the world’s biggest and most visible companies —Amazon — to create as many as 50,000 highly paid tech jobs in Dallas-Fort Worth, how would you do it?
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Texas Today: Where Businesses Succeed - Area Development
The state of Texas continues to gain accolades for its pro-business environment, which is sustained by its skilled workforce, low taxes, favorable regulatory environment, and deal-closing funds among other attributes.
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Texas benefits most in a collaborative U.S.-Mexico relationship. [Opinion] - Houston Chronicle
Because Texas is the origin, destination or transit territory for nearly two-thirds of bi-national trade — which stands at some $560 billion per year — the state could be deeply affected by any reduction in bi-national economic activity.
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Google, Amazon push power companies to solar and wind, a blow to coal - USA Today
Every time you save a photo to the cloud, buy something on Amazon, open a Google doc or stream a movie, you’re probably pulling electricity from a wind turbine in Texas or a solar farm in Virginia.
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North Texas cities turn incentives arsenals against each other in fight for businesses, jobs - Dallas News
Long before Amazon touched off a frenzy among cities competing for the 50,000 jobs the Seattle mammoth promises to bestow on one lucky metropolis, there was Rockwell Collins and there was Richardson.
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Inside Toyota Connected, an automaker's Plano-based answer to Silicon Valley - Dallas News
Unemployment in the state’s capital is effectively nonexistent, and STEM credential-wielding young workers are Texas’ most sought-after resource.
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Innovation Corridor could be lasting legacy of failed Amazon bid - Houston Chronicle
Houston's chronic shortcomings as a tech hub may have torpedoed its bid for Amazon's sprawling second headquarters, but the proposal has already served as a catalyst for developing an innovation district that officials say could at last entice the world's most disruptive companies to locate in a city that has for years been playing catchup.
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Amazon Second Headquarters: Atlanta and Austin Now Lead - Fortune
Amazon will make a big splash in 2018 by announcing the location of its second corporate headquarters—a prize expected to bring prestige and as many as 50,000 high paying jobs to the winning city.
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With Its Economic Heft, Houston Is Equipped to Recover From Harvey - WSJ
Unlike New Orleans after Katrina, the city is better-positioned to absorb the blow from what could be the most expensive U.S. storm ever
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Fujifilm biotech firm teaming with Texas A&M to keep U.S. healthy -
The Texas A&M University System and Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies Texas are nearing the next phase of a partnership with the federal government as a Center for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing.
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Fifty years in, IBM is still shaping Austin's tech sector - 512tech
IBM’s 50th anniversary in Austin comes as the company is struggling to reinvent itself, as growth in IBM’s legacy businesses selling hardware, software and services is slowing amid the shift to cloud computing.
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America's Top States for Business 2017 - CNBC
Washington leads the league in America’s Top States for Business ranking in 2017. The economy grew 3.7% in 2016, nearly two and a half times the national rate. The state boasts the nation’s largest concentration of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) workers, and follows California in the most patents filed last year.
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What Drives Corporate Relocations (to Texas?) - REBusinessOnline
During his latter years in office as Texas governor, Rick Perry made it a priority to lure businesses to the state, particularly from California. Two-and-a-half years into the term of Gov. Greg Abbott, the successor to Perry, the pace of corporate relocations to the Lone Star State shows no signs of slowing down.
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Toyota Marks Opening Of New US Headquarters In Texas -
The $1 billion project includes a new campus in Plano, outside Dallas. The Japanese automaker plans to move thousands of employees from California and Kentucky and says it will eventually employ up to 4,000 people at the Plano site — including about 1,000 new local hires.
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Here's how your city can become the next Austin, Texas - TheHill
A symptom of success, cities like Austin are straining under rapid population growth. Improving physical infrastructure improves economic growth.
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The New American Heartland: Renewing the Middle Class by Revitalizing the Heartland -
The greatest test America faces is whether it can foster the kind of growth that benefits and expands the middle class. To do so, the United States will need to meet three challenges: recover from the Great Recession, rebalance the American and international economies, and gain access to the global middle class for the future of American goods and services.
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Staples: Heavy-truck policy is outdated and hurts Texas economy - Houston Chronicle
The Texas House needs to prioritize HB 3854 - a bill that has already passed the Texas State Senate and cleared the House Transportation Committee - to complete the job of positioning Texas highways competitively in international trade.
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With NAFTA, Mexico and the U.S. build things together - Dallas News
While "free trade" has been blamed for job losses in many parts of the nation, as of 2014 nearly five million jobs across the U.S. depend on trade with Mexico. These jobs are not just in Texas. In 2015, Mexico was the first or second export destination for 30 out of 50 states.
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Toyota Installs Largest Corporate On-Site Solar Power System in Texas - Energy Manager Today
SunPower is deploying more than 20,000 solar panels at the new headquarters, which Toyota expects to occupy later this year.  Close to 1-MW larger than the 7.75-MW system originally planned, it is expected to be the Lone Star State’s largest corporate office on-site solar installation among non-utility companies.
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Texas on front lines of NAFTA negotiations - PBS NewsHour
President Donald Trump announced this week his plan to renegotiate NAFTA, a free trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, citing a loss of jobs in the U.S. But many business owners and politicians in Texas, which shares a border with Mexico, favor the deal.
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Regional Report: Meeting Economic Challenges Head On in the Southwest - Area Development
Although the energy-industry recession has hit the Southwest region hard, economic diversification has drawn corporate locations and expansions in the high-tech, financial services, and data center sectors.
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France-Based SBM Acquires Pasadena, Texas, Production Center - Area Development
Following its acquisition of Bayer Garden and Bayer Advanced consumer businesses, SBM entered into an agreement to acquire Bayer’s production operations in Pasadena, Texas.
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Southwire Company Expands With Sumner Acquisition In Houston, Texas - Area Development
Southwire Company acquired Sumner Manufacturing of Houston, Texas, a leading manufacturer of material lifts, jack stands, welding tools, material carts and other tools and equipment for the construction market. Sumner is a key supplier to the welding and mechanical contracting industries.
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NuStar Energy Expands Terminal Assets In Corpus Christi, Texas - Area Development
One of the largest independent liquids terminal and pipeline operators in the nation, NuStar Energy L.P. reported it closed on the purchase of crude oil and refined product terminal assets in Corpus Christi, Texas. The assets will be purchased from Martin Midstream Partners for a net $93 million.
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Warehousing, logistics demand rising on US-Mexico border - JOC
At major border crossing points, industrial developers are eyeing logistics projects, including warehousing and distribution centers, as cross-border trade between the two countries continues to grow, despite the uncertain future of the North American Free Trade Agreement.
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JW Nutritional Opens Plano, Texas, Manufacturing Plant - Area Development
JW Nutritional, a contract manufacturer of dietary supplements, functional foods, and pet nutrition, opened its new manufacturing facility in Plano, Texas. It's Plano facility will be dedicated almost exclusively to the production of the company's protein powders.
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TAS Energy Inc Expands Houston, Texas, Operations Center - Area Development
TAS Energy Inc., a company that delivers efficient modular systems manufactured offsite that is utilized in power, data centers, networks and utility system applications, is expanding its facility and staffing at its production center in Houston, Texas.
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W.W. Grainger Opens Operations Center In San Antonio, Texas - Area Development
W.W. Grainger, the nation’s leading broad line supplier of maintenance, repair and operating products, opened its new operations and sales facility in San Antonio, Texas. The project represents a $3.9 million capital investment and is expected to create approximately 200 new jobs.
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How Apple Empowers, and Employs, the American Working Class - The New York Times
The region’s economy has deep roots in technology and is home to a number of big tech employers, most notably Dell. Apple’s influence in the area extends beyond the people on its direct payroll. It has 350 suppliers in Texas alone.
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Axalta Coating Systems Upgrades Its Powder Manufacturing Center In Houston, Texas - Area Development
Axalta Coating Systems, a global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, will undertake a modernization project to upgrade its powder manufacturing center in Houston, Texas.
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How North Texas Competes for Large Employers, Retains Talent - Urban Land Magazine
Executives of three of the largest companies in the United States explained why they chose north Texas for new headquarters projects, during the opening session of the 2016 ULI Fall Meeting in Dallas: the availability of affordable housing and a strong local economy.
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ID Technology Moves Headquarters To Fort Worth, Texas - Area Development
ID Technology powered by Pro Mach, a leading provider of labeling, coding and marking solutions, moved its headquarters to 5051 N. Sylvania Avenue in Fort Worth, Texas.
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Kubota Tractor Corporation Of Grapevine, Texas, Expands Operations - Area Development
Kubota Tractor Corporation expanded operations with the introduction of its new BX80-Series of sub-compact diesel tractors at the company’s Annual Dealer Meeting in its soon-to-be new hometown of Grapevine, Texas.
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Japan-Based OKI Data Americas Opens Technology-Operations Center In Irving, Texas - Area Development
OKI Data Americas, a subsidiary of the Japan-based OKI Data Corporation, will establish a new operations hub in Irving, Texas. The facility will support the company’s North American operations.
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The One and Only Texas Wind Boom - MIT Technology Review
Wind power has transformed the heart of fossil-fuel country. Can the rest of the United States follow suit?
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Five States Account for Half of U.S. Business R&D in 2013 - US National Science Foundation
Five states—California, Massachusetts, Michigan, Texas, and Washington—accounted for half of the research and development paid for and performed by companies in the United States in 2013, according to estimates from the 2013 Business R&D and Innovation Survey (BRDIS) from the National Science Foundation’s National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics.
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Aprima Medical Software Relocates Corporate Headquarters To Richardson, Texas - Area Development
Aprima Medical Software, a leading provider of innovative electronic health records, practice management and revenue cycle management solutions for medical practices, completed a move of its corporate headquarters to Richardson, Texas.
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American Textile Company Adds Manufacturing Center In Dallas And Salt Lake City - Area Development
American Textile Company, a leading provider of innovative sleep solutions since 1925, will expand its operations with the addition of new facilities in Dallas, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah.
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Amazon Plans Wind Farm Near Abilene, Texas - Area Development
As part of its renewable energy project, Amazon will build a Wind Farm west of Abilene in Scurry County, Texas.
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Mary Kay Cosmetics Plans Global Manufacturing-Research Hub In Lewisville, Texas - Area Development
Mary Kay Inc. is breaking ground on a new 480,000 square foot U.S.-based global manufacturing and research and development facility located on a 26.2 acre plot of land in Lewisville, Texas.
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Sabre GLBL Inc Expands Development Headquarters In Westlake, Texas - Area Development
Sabre GLBL Inc., the leading technology provider to the global travel industry, will be expanding its headquarters at the Solana development in Westlake, Texas. The project is expected to create at least 500 new jobs and bring over $37 million in capital investment.
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2016 Top States for Doing Business: Georgia Back in Top Spot Again - Area Development
What’s it take to be recognized as a top state for doing business? On one hand, it’s a complicated question to answer, because there are a lot of factors that go into that kind of a reputation. On the other hand, you can get a pretty good idea of what it takes by checking out the attributes of some of the states that top the list.
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Mexican Companies Find a Bridge to the U.S. in North Texas – D Magazine
More than 20 Mexico-based companies already operate North Texas offices, some of which serve as their U.S. or North American headquarters, according to data from the Texas governor’s office.
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LyondellBasell Plans High Density Polyethylene Plant In La Porte, Texas - Area Development
LyondellBasell, one of the world's largest plastics, chemical and refining companies, selected its La Porte, Texas, manufacturing complex as the site for a new High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Plant.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  texas  southwest  plastics  chemicals-industry  manufacturing 
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Lex Holding Opens Production Hub In Houston, Texas - Area Development
Lex Holding Co, a distributor of flat rolled steel products for a variety of industries, opened its newest location, Lex South, in Houston, Texas.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  texas  southwest  steel-industry  houston 
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Best Buy Chooses San Marcos, Texas, For E-Commerce Operations - Area Development
Best Buy, a leading provider of technology products, services and solutions, has selected a 20,000 square foot building for an e-commerce sales operation at 900 Bugg Lane in San Marcos, Texas.
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Summit Racing Equipment Plans Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Distribution Hub - Area Development
Summit Racing Equipment, the world’s largest direct marketer of performance automotive parts and accessories, is opening a new Distribution Center and Retail Super Store in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  dallas  texas  southwest  automotive-industry  distribution-facility 
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Canadian-Based Cascades Inc. Takes Majority Control Of Longhorn Paper Converting in Grand Prairie, Texas - Area Development
Cascades Inc, Cascades Tissue Group, a division of Cascades Canada ULC, a leader in the recovery and manufacturing of green packaging and tissue products, has taken a majority position in Longhorn Paper Converting, a tissue converting plant in Grand Prairie, Texas.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  texas  southwest  manufacturing  packaging  packaging-industry  FDI  location-USA  canada 
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Charles Schwab Corporation Plans $100 Million Corporate Campus In Westlake, Texas - Area Development
Charles Schwab Corporation will be establishing a new regional campus in Westlake, Texas. The company plans to create at least 1,200 new jobs during the next decade. The 500,000 square foot, $100 million corporate campus, on 70 acres, will anchor a large proposed mixed-use development project.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  texas  southwest  jobs 
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Dallas And Houston: Centers For Economic Development - Forbes
There is ongoing speculation about how cities can attract economic development, particularly the large-scale kind spurred by corporate relocations.
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Grapevine, Texas-Based, Proto Labs Chooses Metal Additive Manufacturing Anchor - Area Development
One of the world's fastest digital manufacturing sources for custom prototypes and low-volume production parts, Proto Labs, Inc. has chosen Concept Laser to be the anchor of its newly designed metal additive manufacturing center in Grapevine, Texas.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  manufacturing  texas  southwest  metal  additive-manufacturing  machinery 
july 2016 by areadevelopment
Pilot Chemical Adds Liquid Minerals Group To Its Roster - Area Development
Pilot Chemical Company, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, reported it purchased Liquid Minerals Group, Inc. located in New Waverly, Texas. LMGI will retain its name under Pilot’s leadership.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  chemicals-industry  texas  southwest 
july 2016 by areadevelopment
Accuworx Inc. Opens Operations Facility In Pearland, Texas - Area Development
Accuworx Inc., a Canada-based full-service environmental and industrial services company, opened its newest facility near Houston in Pearland, Texas. The company will establish a foothold in the growing US Gulf Coast market.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  texas  southwest  location-canada  canada  houston  sustainable-development  environment 
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Italy-Based Powersports Battery Manufacturer Opens Woodland Hills, California, Corporate Headquarters - Area Development
Unibat, the Italy-based leading powersports battery manufacturer in Europe, opened its United States corporate headquarters in Woodland Hills, California. The company will also open a distribution hub in Humble, Texas.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  california  pacific-states  texas  southwest  FDI  location-USA  italy  distribution-facility 
july 2016 by areadevelopment
Serta Dormae Locates Manufacturing-Distribution Hub In Dallas, Texas - Area Development
Property developers US Real Estate Limited Partnership and Seefried Industrial Properties built a new 297,000 square foot office, production and warehouse distribution facility for manufacturer Serta Dormae within the Southfield Park 35 Industrial Park in southern Dallas, Texas.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  dallas  texas  southwest  manufacturing  distribution-facility  office  warehouse-facility 
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Ascent Opens Data Center In Dallas, Texas, Metro Area - Area Development
Ascent, a leading provider of comprehensive data center solutions, opened its latest data center facility in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  data-centers  high-tech  tech  technology  texas  southwest  dallas 
june 2016 by areadevelopment
JW Nutritional Opens Plano, Texas, Manufacturing Plant - Area Development
JW Nutritional, a contract manufacturer of dietary supplements, functional foods, and pet nutrition, opened its new manufacturing facility in Plano, Texas. It's Plano facility will be dedicated almost exclusively to the production of the company's protein powders.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  manufacturing  texas  southwest  plano  food-industry 
june 2016 by areadevelopment
2016 Gold & Silver Shovel Awards: Florida, Illinois and Texas Awarded Silver Shovels - States with Populations over 12 Million - Area Development
Florida’s diverse economy is driven by manufacturing, aviation and aerospace, life sciences, defense, IT, finance, logistics and distribution, and clean technology. Aviation is represented by more than 2,000 aerospace and aviation companies that generate an estimated $144 billion in annual revenues.
area-development-features  Matt  shovel-awards  Florida  south-atlantic  illinois  midwest  texas  southwest  jobs  Aerospace  manufacturing 
june 2016 by areadevelopment
Texas Today 2016: A Diverse Roster of Companies Continue to Seek Out Texas’ Pro-Business Environment - Area Development
Through industrial diversification, Texas has been able to overcome a decline in economic output resulting from lower oil prices and continues to court companies with its pro-business know-how.
economic-development  site-selection  texas  southwest  manufacturing  area-development-features  texas-today  energy  oil 
june 2016 by areadevelopment
LATICRETE Expands Manufacturing-Distribution Center In Grand Prairie, Texas - Area Development
LATICRETE, a manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry, is expanding its manufacturing and distribution facility in Grand Prairie, Texas.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  texas  southwest  manufacturing  construction  distribution-facility  warehousing 
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Pepperl+Fuchs Begins Construction On Operations Center In Katy, Texas - Area Development
Pepperl+Fuchs, a world leader in process automation and applications, started construction on a 110,000-square-foot operations hub in the West Ten Business Park, in Katy, Texas.
area-development-news  economic-development  site-selection  north-carolina  south-atlantic  texas  southwest  regional-headquarters  distribution-facility  warehouse-facility 
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Landstar System Constructs Cross-Border Logistics Facility In Laredo, Texas - Area Development
Landstar System, Inc., a worldwide, asset-light provider of integrated transportation management solutions delivering safe, specialized transportation logistics services, started construction on its new 31,000 square foot cross-border logistics center on a 50-acre site in Laredo, Texas.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  logistics  texas  southwest  laredo 
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Lollicup USA Begins Expansion In Wilmer, Texas, Dallas Metro Area - Area Development
This summer, Lollicup USA Inc. will begin operating its new, 150,000 square-foot warehouse, about 20 miles from Dallas, in Wilmer, Texas. The company manufactures and distributes Karat paper and plastic disposable foodservice packaging products and Tea Zone beverage ingredients for thousands of retail business accounts.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  texas  southwest  warehouse-facility  dallas  paper-industry  plastics  food-industry 
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Cerebain Biotech Relocates Headquarters To Costa Mesa, California - Area Development
Cerebain Biotech, a medical device manufacturer, is relocating its corporate headquarters from Dallas, Texas to the heart of Orange County in Costa Mesa, California.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  california  medical-device  medical  headquarters  corporate-headquarters  pacific-states  dallas  texas  southwest  bioscience 
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Chemours Company Expands Ingleside, Texas, Manufacturing Plant - Area Development
The Chemours Company, a global chemistry company with leading market positions in titanium technologies, fluoroproducts and chemical solutions, is investing in large-scale manufacturing to expand supply of its Opteon family of products in Ingleside, Texas.
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may 2016 by areadevelopment
Italy-Based Sata USA Plans $114 Million Machining Operation In Brownsville, Texas - Area Development
Italy-based SATA USA, a high-tech components manufacturer, will invest $114 million to establish its machining operation at the North Brownsville Heavy Manufacturing Campus in Brownsville, Texas. SATA USA, a subsidiary of Italy-based SATA Group, plans to create 300 jobs over a 10-year period.
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Jamba Inc. Relocates Headquarters-Operations To Frisco, Texas - Area Development
Jamba, Inc., a leading health and wellness brand that owns and franchises Jamba Juice stores, will relocate its headquarters from Emeryville, California to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in Hall Office Park in Frisco, Texas. “Nothing is sweeter than another company moving its headquarters to the Lone Star State,” said Governor Greg Abbott.
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Kroll explains concept of Bi-National Economic Development Zone - Rio Grande Guardian
Mark Kroll, dean of the College of Business and Entrepreneurship at UT-Rio Grande Valley, has given the most detailed explanation to date of what the Bi-NED project might look like.
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