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Canon To Relocate Professional Technology And Support Center To Burbank, California - Area Development
Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, will relocate its Hollywood Professional Technology and Support Center from Hollywood to Burbank, California.
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july 2016 by areadevelopment
Comcast Plans Major Customer Support Center In Fort Collins, Colorado - Area Development
One of the nation's largest video, high-speed Internet and phone providers, Comcast plans to open a major, 80,000-square foot, customer support center in Fort Collins, Colorado.
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may 2016 by areadevelopment
ADM Opens Information Technology And Support Center In Erlanger, Kentucky - Area Development
Archer Daniels Midland Company, a global food-processing and commodities-trading company, opened its information technology and support center in Erlanger, Kentucky. The company plans to invest more than $8.3 million in the project and create 200 high-paying jobs.
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september 2015 by areadevelopment
Thorntons Plans Expanded Headquarters-Support Center In Louisville, Kentucky - Area Development
Thorntons, a growing convenience chain retailer that provides fresh foods, high-quality beverages and fuel, will invest nearly $27.8 million to expand its headquarters and support center in Louisville, Kentucky. The company plans to add 110 associates.
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august 2015 by areadevelopment
Comcast Cable To Open Customer Support Center In Tucson, Arizona - Area Development
Comcast Cable plans to open a state-of-the-art 100,000 square foot customer support center this fall in Tucson, Arizona. The center will be staffed by 1,125 customer service representatives and managers.
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may 2015 by areadevelopment
Advance Auto Parts Invests More Than $5 Million in Raleigh, North Carolina, Corporate Support Center - Area Development
Advance Auto Parts, Inc. will invest more than $5 million to locate a corporate support center in Raleigh, North Carolina. The company plans to create 600 jobs by the end of 2017 in Wake County.
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june 2014 by areadevelopment
Oracle Plans Customer Support Center in Salt Lake County, Utah - Area Development
Oracle plans to open a new customer software support center in Salt Lake County, Utah, with plans to create approximately 351 jobs over the next 10 years. This new facility will be focused on supporting and responding to customers’ needs and helping them maximize their experience with its products.
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june 2014 by areadevelopment
Comcast Cable To Open 127,000-Square-Foot Customer Support Center In Hudson, New Hampshire - Area Development
Comcast Cable plans to open a 127,000 square-foot, 600-seat, state-of-the-art customer support center this summer at 55 Executive Drive in Hudson, New Hampshire.
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may 2014 by areadevelopment
Comcast Opens Regional Customer Support Center In Susquehanna Township, Pennsylvania - Area Development
Comcast opened the company’s Harrisburg Regional Customer Support Center that has added 425 new employees and is expected to create another 100 jobs in the region by the end of the year. The company entered into a 10-year lease at the former EarthLink building in Susquehanna Township, Pennsylvania, and invested approximately $12 million in leasehold improvements, computer and communication equipment.
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february 2014 by areadevelopment
USA Truck Transforms Atlanta, Georgia, Terminal Into Operations-Support Center - Area Development Online
USA Truck, Inc., a transportation and logistics solutions provider, plans to convert its Atlanta, Georgia, terminal into a continuous, full-service Operations and support center.
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november 2013 by areadevelopment
Rotech Healthcare Locates New Facility In Charlotte, North Carolina - Area Development Online
A national leader in providing medical equipment and related products and services for home use, Rotech Healthcare Inc., established a 24,174-square-foot customer support center at 207 Regency Executive Park Drive, Suite 200, creating approximately 200 new jobs in Charlotte, North Carolina.
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october 2013 by areadevelopment
General Dynamics Information Technology Establishes Customer Support Center In Hattiesburg, Mississippi - Area Development Online
General Dynamics Information Technology, a business unit of General Dynamics, will establish a Customer Support Center in the Cloverleaf Center on Hwy. 49 South in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, with plans to create 1,000 jobs.
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may 2013 by areadevelopment
Comcast Plans Customer Support Center Near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - Area Development Online
Comcast Cable today announced plans to open a new 110,000 square foot, 500 seat, state-of-the-art customer support center this summer in Susquehanna Township, Dauphin County, near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, with plans to create 425 new positions for the facility. With the new positions, Comcast said it will have more than 12,000 employees across the state.
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march 2013 by areadevelopment

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