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State preparing for $14.3 billion Amazon impact by 2030 - Daily Press
As Amazon begins its move into Virginia, the state is preparing for what is projected to be a major economic boost over the next decade.
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Richmond, Virginia: A Top Destination for Middle-Office Relocation - Area Development
Companies are moving their mid-level professional jobs to less expensive locations that still provide a talented workforce pipeline and an attractive quality of life.
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Virginia Struggled to Build a Startup Hub, So It Recruited Amazon Instead - Bloomberg
Arlington hoped to attract a flurry of small businesses to revive a faltering economy. Was Jeff Bezos the missing piece?
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Cities and States Offered Amazon Billions to Win HQ2. Did It Matter? - GOVERNING
Virginia's offer of $573 million in direct public incentives and New York's package, in excess of $1.5 billion, weren't the richest of the many deals pitched to Amazon for the prospect of 25,000 new, high-paid tech jobs in each place.
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Amazon Chooses Queens and a Washington Suburb for ‘Second Headquarters’ - The New York Times
After conducting a yearlong search for a second home, Amazon has finalized plans to have about 50,000 employees in two locations, according to a person familiar with the decision-making process.
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This new hurricane-proof neighborhood has zero emissions - Fast Company
Using solar, batteries, and Google Home, the Hunters Point neighborhood outside of Tampa is a model for how smart buildings can lower emissions and create a clean grid.
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Splitting HQ2: Where Amazon Might Build (Or Lease) In Both Cities - Forbes
If rumors are true that Amazon will land its HQ2s (yes, plural) in outlying communities of New York and Arlington, Virginia, then local commercial real estate developers should gear up for serious demand.
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Amazon Plans to Split HQ2 in Two Locations - The New York Times
After conducting a yearlong search for a second home, Amazon has switched gears and is now finalizing plans to have a total of 50,000 employees in two locations, according to people familiar with the decision-making process.
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Hollywood of the south: Atlanta's film industry got so big it built its own neighborhood - The Guardian
Pinewood Atlanta Studios is the largest purpose-built studio outside Hollywood – with a new neighborhood under construction to house the thousands of people who work there.
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Companies in Virginia’s I-81/I-77 Region Partner With Colleges to Design Customized Training Programs - Area Development
Virginia’s I-81/I-77 region’s manufacturing base of automotive-related and other high-tech companies is taking advantage of its ability to mobilize and customize workforce development programs.
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2018 Top States for Doing Business Commentary: Can Trailing States Catch the Southern Coastal States Leading the Pack? - Area Development
Those states not rated highly by the responding consultants have an opportunity to create policy to get on the leader board, but the implementation timeline must be longer than any incumbent political administration in order to achieve meaningful results.
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Innovative University Partnerships Advance the Fintech Landscape in Florida - Area Development
As the “Fintech” industry’s need for employees with advanced IT and cybersecurity skills grows, locations that can provide such a workforce are becoming hotbeds for the industry.
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2018 Top States for Doing Business: Georgia Ranks #1 Fifth Year in a Row - Area Development
Competitive labor environments and leading workforce development programs, low taxes and utility costs, favorable regulatory environments, and cooperative state governments are among the top-ranked states’ pro-business attributes.
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Orlando: A Prime Destination for a STEM Workforce - Area Development
Although Orlando already has a labor pool possessing STEM skills, it continues to build that resource through a collaboration between its educational institutions, the tech community, and government.
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Tech and Manufacturing Driving Growth in Southern U.S. Markets - Urban Land Magazine
Austin is but one of the cities in states in the U.S. South—Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, and Tennessee—that are experiencing expanding economies and increasing development. Technology, tourism, education, medical, and manufacturing are among the industries driving the real estate sector in the region.
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Southern states among hardest hit by China tariffs - MSN
Exporters in manufacturing-heavy states such as Alabama, South Carolina and Kentucky are among those that stand to lose the most from a protracted trade war with China, according to a U.S. News analysis of government trade data that suggests newly erected trade barriers into the Chinese market could stifle industries shipping billions of dollars of goods into Asia's largest economy each year.
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How Innovation and Tourism Work Side By Side in Orlando - Area Development
The success of Orlando’s theme park industry and cross-disciplinary technology innovation have led to the region becoming a leading destination for high-tech companies.
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2018 Gold & Silver Shovel Awards: Arizona, Indiana, South Carolina, and Tennessee Awarded Silver Shovels - States with 5 to 8 Million Population - Area Development
Area Development’s annual Gold and Silver Shovel Awards recognize states for their achievements in attracting high-value investment projects that will create a significant number of new jobs in their communities.
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2018 Gold & Silver Shovel Awards: Georgia, Michigan, Ohio and Virginia Awarded Silver Shovels - States with Populations 8 to 12 Million - Area Development
Area Development’s annual Gold and Silver Shovel Awards recognize states for their achievements in attracting high-value investment projects that will create a significant number of new jobs in their communities.
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2018 Gold & Silver Shovel Awards: California, Florida, Illinois and New York Awarded Silver Shovels - States with Populations over 12 Million - Area Development
Area Development’s annual Gold and Silver Shovel Awards recognize states for their achievements in attracting high-value investment projects that will create a significant number of new jobs in their communities.
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Can this new privately funded train reshape transit in Florida? - Fast Company
Most transit in America is run by the government. In car-swamped south Florida, Brightline is trying a different model, with its high-speed trains that will eventually connect Miami, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale.
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If taxes sway Amazon HQ2 decision, data shows Triangle has an advantage - WRAL TechWire
In the ongoing selection battle to determine where Amazon HQ2 and its 50,000 jobs will land, the Research Triangle region has a bottom-line profit advantage over its competitors for the Internet giant to consider.
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Why Top Consulting Firms Are Choosing This Location - Area Development
An educated labor pool, top-notch international airport, and a unified community of governmental and business leaders facilitated the selection of Orlando by several high-profile professional consulting firms.
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Google, Amazon push power companies to solar and wind, a blow to coal - USA Today
Every time you save a photo to the cloud, buy something on Amazon, open a Google doc or stream a movie, you’re probably pulling electricity from a wind turbine in Texas or a solar farm in Virginia.
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Telemundo unveils new headquarters in Miami - Miami Herald
Entering the gleaming new white-and-blue Telemundo Center is a little like stepping into the future — and not just because the inside of the building feels like a spaceship.
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Location Notebook: Cape Coral-Desirable for Business Owners and Residents Alike - Area Development
A pro-business environment and an enviable quality of life have made Cape Coral a haven for biomedical and other light manufacturing companies.
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How to Rebuild a Historic Downtown After Disaster Strikes - CityLab
A 2014 fire in Clarkesville, Georgia, was “the worst nightmare for someone who’s in downtown development.” But the recovery launched an essential conversation about what the town square should be.
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In Amazon HQ2 hunt, Miami-Dade wants more hiring incentives - Miami Herald
With both an Amazon headquarters and the nation’s largest mall potentially on the horizon, Miami-Dade County wants to start offering companies more cash rewards for creating jobs.
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Businesses fear Delta flap, adoption bill may hit Georgia's image - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The spat over Delta Air Lines’ decision to end a discount program for NRA members and a contentious religious liberty bill pending under the Gold Dome have combined to cast another harsh glare on the Peach State.
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Big incentive package grew bigger over time - Winston-Salem Journal
Over several weeks, North Carolina's proposed package of incentives grew from $600 million to more than $1.5 billion in cash, training and savings on taxes — almost the total cost of the factory.
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Gov. Roy Cooper unveils rural NC economic development initiative - News & Observer
Gov. Roy Cooper says not enough is being done to help rural N.C. counties build roads, expand high-speed internet, train people in job skills and find other ways to improve the economy. So he has launched an initiative to make that happen much faster.
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Toyota, Mazda walked away from $1.5 billion incentive package from NC -
The announcement — made by Alabama's governor and leaders of both car companies in Huntsville, the site of the new plant — was anticlimactic: News of the deal was leaked late Tuesday and spread like wildfire, stunning local and state leaders, some of whom admitted they were caught by surprise.
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Toyota and Mazda Select Alabama for New Auto Factory - Bloomberg
Alabama edged out North Carolina as the winner in a multi-state contest for a prized Toyota Motor Corp. and Mazda Motor Corp. joint car factory worth $1.6 billion, a person familiar with the negotiations said.
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Amazon Second Headquarters: Atlanta and Austin Now Lead - Fortune
Amazon will make a big splash in 2018 by announcing the location of its second corporate headquarters—a prize expected to bring prestige and as many as 50,000 high paying jobs to the winning city.
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How a Downtown Revival Reshaped Roanoke, Virginia - CityLab
Roanoke, Virginia, has become what many cities of its size, geography, and history want to be. It started by bringing housing to a deserted downtown.
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Startup Scene Emerges in Tampa Bay - Area Development
Entrepreneurs are seeing healthy investment opportunities in the Tampa Bay region, and the area is now how to more than 150 tech startups.
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Bid to revive U.S. solar factories runs into familiar job-killer - MSN
A bankrupt Georgia company is pushing to revive U.S. solar manufacturing with a trade case that’s headed for the president’s desk. The simmering dispute from Suniva Inc. stands a good chance of leading to import tariffs, but don’t expect that to bring the jobs back.
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W.Va., China Energy sign $83 billion shale gas, chemical manufacturing agreement - Journal News
The West Virginia Department of Commerce today announced China Energy Investment Corp. Limited’s plan to invest $83.7 billion in shale gas development and chemical manufacturing projects in West Virginia.
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St. Pete Grows Smart - Area Development
Its smart growth policies have helped St. Petersburg, Florida, to preserve its “charm” while attracting a diverse group of businesses.
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A New Age for St. Pete, Florida - Area Development
Millennials are being drawn to St. Pete’s affordable cost of living and outdoor recreational opportunities, while businesses benefit from the area’s transportation options and access to a skilled workforce provided by five institutions of higher learning.
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Adidas Prepares to Open Its First U.S.-Based Robotic Manufacturing Speedfactory In Georgia - Hypepotamus
As automated technology — robotics — for textile manufacturing becomes more common, sportswear giant adidas is preparing to open its first robot-driven “Speedfactory” in the U.S. in Cherokee County, Georgia.
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2017 Top States for Doing Business: Georgia Ranks #1 Fourth Year in a Row - Area Development
The top-ranked states have committed to adding value as economic development leaders and problem-solvers, characteristics that are recognized by consultants to industry.
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Infrastructure, Training Boost Growth in South Carolina Manufacturing - IndustryWeek
Business-friendly tax and training policies along with its strategic location and infrastructure are helping South Carolina attract and grow its manufacturing sector.
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$90 Million Driverless Vehicle Test Track Takes Shape in Florida - Transport Topics
Florida’s best hope to develop self-driving vehicles might lie with an iconic-looking campus and a $90 million test track being built 40 miles southwest of Orlando.
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BerkleyNet finds the secret to attracting and keeping talent -- make them feel valued - Potomac Local
The most unique aspect of their business growth? They hire curious problem-solvers, encourage ownership and invest in their employees.
It has allowed the company to maintain their highly coveted population of talented employees.
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As Toyota and Mazda look to expand, state finds itself in unlikely position: driver's seat -
What may have been North Carolina’s biggest economic missing link for decades — a major automobile manufacturing plant — could prove to be its top selling point.
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Special Investment Report: Infrastructure Investment, Educational Resources Support Florida’s Diverse and Growing Economy - Area Development
Florida has a dynamic and diverse economy that spans a wide range of industries and employs some 8.5 million people. Last year those businesses created nearly 250,000 new jobs, but fell 50,000 short of the state’s peak in 2015.
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GSA cancels search for new FBI headquarters - Washington Business Journal
In a stunning blow to Greater Washington, the nation's top law enforcement agency will have to stay put in its deteriorating downtown D.C. headquarters for the foreseeable future.
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2017 Gold & Silver Shovel Awards Recognize States Compiling Healthy Rosters of New and Expanded Facilities - Area Development
The work of economic development is a complicated mix of salesmanship, customer service, technical and legal expertise, communications, relationship-building, and a healthy dose of good fortune.
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The New American Heartland: Renewing the Middle Class by Revitalizing the Heartland -
The greatest test America faces is whether it can foster the kind of growth that benefits and expands the middle class. To do so, the United States will need to meet three challenges: recover from the Great Recession, rebalance the American and international economies, and gain access to the global middle class for the future of American goods and services.
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may 2017 by areadevelopment
Why are companies moving to the Southeast? They want proximity to their customers, German consul says - The Greenville News
For two years, Detlev Ruenger, consul general of the Federal Republican of Germany, wondered why companies kept putting a footprint in the Southeast...Wages are lower in the Southeast, he said. The time difference is better for companies calling back to their native Germany compared to locations on the West Coast, and, in particular, South Carolina is a right-to-work state, though it can be a concern to some given Germany’s strong union presence, he said. 
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Suppliers turn to matchmaking events - Automotive News
Auto parts suppliers in Tennessee mingled and table hopped from customer to customer here last week in a bid to "speed date" their way to new business contracts.

It was the latest occurrence of a business development tool referred to as matchmaking, now gaining popularity across the Southern automotive supply base.
industry-reports  supply-chain  parts-suppliers  OEMs  automotive-industry  regional-reports  Tennessee  south-atlantic  south  Around-the-web  this-week-386 
may 2017 by areadevelopment
Textile Industry Making a Comeback in the U.S. Southeast - Area Development
As the textile industry becomes transformed by technology, companies are considering highly automated, environmentally conscious production facilities in the U.S. Southeast, where the infrastructure necessary for this industry’s success is already in place.
area-development-features  Matt  textiles-clothing-industries  south-atlantic  manufacturing  reshoring  location-USA  technology  environment  sustainability  infrastructure  site-selection  economic-development  jobs 
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Volvo’s New U.S. Plant Tooling up to Make S60 in South Carolina - Motor Trend
The S60 might not be the obvious choice as the first vehicle Volvo builds at a new plant under construction outside Charleston, S.C. And some might question the Swedish automaker’s decision to pick the U.S. over lower-cost Mexico for a $500 million North American assembly plant.
this-week-383  Around-the-web  Matt  south-carolina  south-atlantic  charleston  manufacturing  volvo  automotive-industry  location-USA  FDI 
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Virginia Business Site Locator: A Guide to Selecting a Business Location in Virginia - Area Development
When it comes to site selection, there’s no one-size-fi ts-all approach, but there are key questions most businesses have when they’re considering expanding or establishing new operations.
area-development-features  Matt  virginia  south-atlantic 
february 2017 by areadevelopment
A first look at how German grocer Lidl plans to conquer the U.S. market - The Washington Post
Lidl (pronounced lee-duhl) is a global grocery juggernaut, with 10,000 stores in 27 countries. It has made its name offering a limited assortment of goods, many of them private label, at ultralow prices.
this-week-377  Around-the-web  Matt  food-industry  retail  germany  FDI  location-USA  virginia  south-atlantic  north-carolina  south-carolina 
february 2017 by areadevelopment
House panel votes to kill Visit Florida, Enterprise Florida - Sun Sentinel
Tourism industry officials from Pensacola to the Keys warned a House committee Wednesday that a bill to kill state funding for tourism marketing and other economic development programs would harm businesses and cost jobs.
economic-development  economic-development-news  Matt  Florida  south-atlantic  Around-the-web  taxes-incentives  site-selection  jobs 
february 2017 by areadevelopment
New VEDP leader pays visit to SWVA - WSLS
The Virginia Economic Development Partnership has a new leader and he spent some of his first days on the job in Southwest Virginia.
economic-development-news  Matt  virginia  south-atlantic 
february 2017 by areadevelopment
Lumenier Expands Sarasota, Florida, Manufacturing Plant - Area Development
Lumenier, a high-end designer and manufacturer of top quality racing drone products, expanded into 24,000 square foot facility one mile from downtown Sarasota, Florida. The new facility will be home to drone design engineers, customer service, fulfillment center personnel and corporate employees.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  manufacturing  Florida  south-atlantic  drones  Aerospace  sarasota  fulfillment-center 
january 2017 by areadevelopment
Germany-Based KACO USA Expands In Lincolnton, North Carolina, Manufacturing Plant - Area Development
Kaco USA Inc., a Germany-based manufacturer of high-precision sealing solutions for the automotive industry, will expand its production facility in Lincolnton, North Carolina. The company will hire an additional 100 workers over the coming three years as it invests nearly $8.4 million in Lincoln County, 35.6 miles northwest of Charlotte.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  north-carolina  south-atlantic  location-USA  FDI  germany  automotive-industry  manufacturing  jobs  taxes-incentives-grants-loans 
january 2017 by areadevelopment Plans Jacksonville, Florida, Fulfillment-Distribution Hub - Area Development, an eCommerce retailer, plans a more than 800,000-square-foot fulfillment center in Jacksonville, Florida. The company plans to create more than 1,500 full-time jobs.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  Florida  south-atlantic  distribution-facility  logistics  supply-chain  amazon  retail  ecommerce  fulfillment-center  jacksonville  jobs 
january 2017 by areadevelopment
Germany-Based iMPREG Group Plans Warehouse-Manufacturing Plant In Henrico County, Virginia - Area Development
iMPREG Group, a Germany-based provider of fiberglass reinforced liner systems for trenchless pipe rehabilitation, will open a warehouse facility in Henrico County, Virginia. A second phase, which would include manufacturing, is expected to increase the workforce to 60 employees with a $5.4 million expansion.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  warehouse-facility  manufacturing  germany  location-USA  FDI  jobs  virginia  south-atlantic 
january 2017 by areadevelopment
NARENCO Plans Two Solar Farms In Orangeburg County, South Carolina - Area Development
NARENCO (National Renewable Energy Corporation) will be constructing two new utility-scale solar farms in Orangeburg County, South Carolina. Both projects are expected to bring $89.1 million in new capital investment to the area about 37 miles south of Columbia.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  south-carolina  south-atlantic  energy  renewable-energy  solar-power 
january 2017 by areadevelopment
Techtronic Industries Plans Innovation Center In Anderson County, South Carolina - Area Development
Hong Kong-based Techtronic Industries, a global leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of quality consumer, professional and industrial products, is expanding its Power Equipment Group’s operations in Anderson County, South Carolina. The $75 million investment is expected to create 250 new jobs in the Upstate over the next several years.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  south-carolina  south-atlantic  china  location-USA  FDI  manufacturing  jobs 
december 2016 by areadevelopment
MiTek Opens Warehouse-Distribution Hub In Atlanta, Georgia - Area Development
MiTek, a diversified global supplier of software, engineered products, services, and equipment to the residential, commercial, and industrial, construction sectors, opened a new warehouse and distribution facility at 4380 International Parkway in Atlanta, Georgia.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  Georgia  south-atlantic  Atlanta  warehouse-facility  distribution-facility 
december 2016 by areadevelopment
Mi9 Retail Expands Miami, Florida, Headquarters - Area Development
Mi9 Retail, a leading provider of software solutions for the retail industry, continues to expand its United States operations center headquartered in Miami, Florida.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  headquarters  miami  Florida  south-atlantic  software  retail  high-tech  tech  technology 
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Align Technology Leases Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, Operations Center - Area Development
Federal Capital Partners, a real estate company, and Strategic Capital Partners, a real estate investment company, signed Align Technology, a firm that designs and manufactures clear removable aligners, to lease 60,000 square feet at its Forty540, a 5-story, 200,000 square foot development in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  north-carolina  south-atlantic 
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China-Based Labon Locates U.S. Manufacturing Hub In Orangeburg, South Carolina - Area Development
Labon, a China-based leading technical fiber and textile manufacturer, is establishing its operations center in the Orangeburg County, South Carolina. The project is expected to bring $3.1 million in capital investment and lead to the creation of 23 new jobs.
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december 2016 by areadevelopment
GKN Driveline Adds Expands Operations In Five North Carolina Counties - Area Development
British-based GKN Driveline will expand operations at its five facilities in North Carolina. The company plans to add a total of 302 jobs and invest at least $179 million in Alamance, Catawba, Lee, Maiden and Person counties.
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december 2016 by areadevelopment
Comprehensive Health Services Expands headquarters in Cape Canaveral, Florida - Area Development
Comprehensive Health Services, Inc. , one of the nation’s largest and most experienced providers of medical management services, plans to expand its headquarters in Cape Canaveral, Florida.
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december 2016 by areadevelopment
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