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The boss is retiring. The kids don't want to take over. Family-owned manufacturers confront a succession ‘crisis’ - Chicago Tribune
A Chicago nonprofit is leading an effort to match retiring manufacturers whose families aren't interested in continuing the business with entrepreneurs who want to keep the companies running locally.
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The Brooklyn Army Terminal: New York’s Next Manufacturing Hub? - The New York Times
The massive, 100-year-old industrial space in Sunset Park could have lured more tech start-ups, but instead its focus is on New Yorkers who make things.
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Fashioning a hub: Effort to base clothing design, manufacturing in Detroit gains steam - Crains
A year-old effort by current and former Detroiters to establish a hub for fashion design and manufacturing in Detroit is starting to show signs of progress.

A local coalition of clothing makers that includes Carhartt Inc., Detroit Denim, Lazlo and Shinola is planning to start a pilot manufacturing plant in February that will contract with apparel companies on small clothing orders and serve as an ongoing apprenticeship training center.
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Factory Tour: Inside One of the Only Remaining U.S. Knitwear Factories - Fashionista
Los Angeles's PDR Knitting is a go-to for brands like Baja East and John Elliott, which are dedicated to producing things domestically, despite the high costs.
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‘We Are at the Limit’: Trump’s Tariffs Turn Small Businesses Upside Down - WSJ
They lack the wiggle room to absorb cost increases or shift production, and many are re-evaluating plans and strategies.
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For Manufacturers, a Complex Mix Can Determine Location - The New York Times
Bob Hess, a vice chairman of Newmark Knight Frank, the global real estate company, explained that labor costs were no longer significantly lower in rural parts of the country.

The change is most often the result of a need to hire workers with higher skills than in the past or to entice them to commute longer distances or even relocate.
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This Factory Was Ready to Expand. Then Came the Trump Trade Wars. - The New York Times
Prices are rising for imported goods, other nations are erecting retaliatory trade barriers, and companies like Plug Power, the manufacturing business that Mr. Marsh runs outside Albany, are facing crippling uncertainty from Mr. Trump’s fickle approach.
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Can A Small Giants Philosophy Help Revitalize American Manufacturing?
Their approach was risky yet strategic: P1 would take the long-view by investing in millennials and new technologies, like thermal and hydro-generation manufacturing. David started small and focused on finding the right people, achieving world-class production, and delivering excellent service. As they grew, he repeatedly turned down offers from private equity investors. David was singularly focused on doing whatever it would take to realize his vision.
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“Maker Spaces” for Local Crafts Producers Add Vitality to Cities - Urban Land Magazine
Creating functional spaces for makers requires “patient capital” and landlords willing to see maker space development as a “long-term play,” said Abir Ali, director of design and culture at the Platform, a Detroit-based real estate developer who is also a principal at Ali Sandifer, a handcrafted furniture maker.
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PDF: Small Business Development Impact Investing White Paper - CDFA
One of the largest challenges faced by small businesses has always been and continues to be access to capital in order to operate, grow and create jobs. While the nation is recovering from the recession, the availability of capital for small businesses has generally not recovered. This is due to the sluggishness of the economic recovery and the decline in the number and activity of community banks (a major source of small business expansion capital). The FDIC estimates that 53% of small businesses get their loans from community banks, yet the number of such banks declined by 28% between 2000 and 2014.
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Automatic growth: a bright future for SMEs who embrace automation - Manufacturing Global
But for SMEs, complete automation is not necessary. Instead semi-automation can be utilised to support workforces, streamline processes and boost growth. Morris Quality Bakers, a 100-year-old business, is testament to that.
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Clifton brothers get chance of a lifetime to outfit U.S. Olympic team -
Contracted by Ralph Lauren to make two sets of heated jackets to be worn by the Team USA at the opening and closing ceremonies, the fledgling Clifton textile manufacturer recognized the tremendous opportunity they'd been handed.
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SyncFab to Create Manufacturing Jobs Through Blockchain -
The hope is to reduce pollution and the use of resourcing by manufacturing locally. To build parts in America rather than across the ocean, which reduces the need for ships that burn fossil fuels.

To this end, SyncFab is working with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Initiative and the cities of San Leandro and San Francisco. A long-term goal at SyncFab is to encourage work from home, startup entrepreneurship, and small businesses.
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How The Last US Ice Cream Stick Manufacturer, Here In Maine, Stays Competitive - Maine Public
When the doctor tells you to open up and say, “Ahhh,” pretty much anywhere in the world, there’s a chance that the wooden stick pressing on your tongue was made in Maine. And the wooden stick in that Creamsicle? Probably also from Maine.
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Alabama's Sock Queen opens new shop as small-town manufacturing changes with the times -
Inside a squat metal building on the outskirts of Fort Payne, Ala., huge spools of cheerfully colored thread hang like nursery mobiles above rows of blue knitting machines the size of office copiers.

It's loud in this part of the mill, and Gina Locklear has to shout to be heard. Her eyes light up as she talks about her newest set of machines, installed last January, that can knit a sock with a seamless toe. It's a  It's a capability the mill's older machines don't have. Those were originally built to manufacture white athletic socks, a business that has largely left the country.
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Mid-Market Manufacturer Finds New Opportunities to Reshore Parts - Chief Executive
Mitchell supplies parts and wreath rings to companies throughout North America and Europe, and is a preferred parts supplier to furniture, window and computer manufacturers. Mitchell CEO Tim Zimmerman said recently that the company was able to reshore a handle sub-assembly product back to the U.S. last year, offering both increased production and significant cost savings to the client.
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7 ways to grow manufacturing in Michigan - and 5 challenges -
There's a 40 percent productivity gap between large and small firms, requiring small firm investment that will give the entire industry a boost, according to the report.

Nationally, action is possible through the America's Small Manufacturers Act, proposed in February. It's still in committee, but shows that some legislators are looking at what small manufacturers need from the Small Business Administration.
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Clothing giant Stitch Fix buys Mohnton Knitting Mills - Reading Eagle
An up-and-coming San Francisco-based apparel company that uses fashion consultants, data analysts and complicated mathematical algorithms to dress its clients, and that had sales of nearly $1 billion last year doing so, now has a foothold in Berks County.
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U.S. Census Report Highlights Small Manufacturers Big Role in the U.S. Economy. - NAM
But there is another face to U.S. manufacturing. Small employer manufacturers (those with fewer than 50 employees) shine in many sectors. For example, 92 percent of the cement and concrete product manufacturing establishments in the U.S. have fewer than 50 employees. These small establishments employ 89,058 people, or over half of all employees in this industry.
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Shinola looks to bring manufacturing back to the U.S., and stakes a claim in Chicago - Chicago Tribune
Shinola also has strong Chicago ties. A local tannery supplies the leather Shinola uses in its watch straps. Three Shinola stores have opened or are opening in the Chicago area by this fall. The company wants to set up a manufacturing plant on the city's South Side, though Shinola President Jacques Panis has declined to say what it may make and when it may open.
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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Gets a Public Reminder to Save the Garment Center From Designers and Supporters – WWD
Manufacturing accounts for roughly 1 million square feet in the Garment District, and as indicated in the letter sent to de Blasio Saturday, the proposed industrial space in Sunset Park only represents a fraction of that.
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Save New York City’s Fashion Factories - The New York Times
Manufacturing in New York City’s garment district is in jeopardy of unraveling at its seams. The city’s Economic Development Corporation may soon begin the certification process to lift the zoning laws that have protected fashion and apparel businesses in these few blocks in Midtown Manhattan for decades.
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Manufacturing growth continues in S.C. - Charleston Business Journal
The state began making a broader shift away from textiles and sporadic manufacturing toward global manufacturing a few decades ago, with the opening of Michelin in Greenville County in the 1970s, followed by BMW’s launch in Spartanburg County in the 1990s
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BMW, GE Commit Millions to Digital Manufacturing Marketplace - US News
An on-demand industrial startup that's been described as the "Uber of manufacturing" announced Wednesday it had secured millions of dollars in additional funding from the venture-capital arms of BMW and GE.

The companies, along with Highland Capital Partners, have set their sights on Xometry – pronounced "Zometry" – for a $15 million investment to support a portal that connects buyers of customized manufactured parts with those who produce them.
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Middle Market Manufacturers: Surprisingly Suited to Capitalize on IoT Advantages? - BDO Manufacturing Output Newsletter
Manufacturers are waking up to the Internet of Things (IoT) opportunity. According to BI Intelligence, companies will spend nearly $6 trillion on IoT solutions in the next five years, and by 2020, 24 billion devices will be IoT-enabled. Whether you’re a large-scale global manufacturer or a middle market company in growth mode, the IoT holds promise. While middle market companies may be slower on the adoption curve than their larger competitors, they have a critical opportunity to drive innovation and evolve as IoT leaders rather than followers.
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may 2017 by areadevelopment
Industry Leaders Speak on Issues Facing Small Manufacturers, and Optimism for the Future - Area Development
Small-to-medium-sized manufacturers are the backbone of the supply chain, making the parts and products that enable their larger counterparts to compete, grow and thrive. They constitute nearly 90 percent of manufacturing's contribution to the economy so it’s vital to understand and address the issues facing them.
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Chicago factory's rare mission: Manufacture eyewear in U.S. - CNN
Millions of Americans wear glasses every day to correct their vision. But the frames are mostly made outside the country.
In fact, more than 90% of eyeglasses sold in the U.S. are manufactured in China or Europe.
The trend didn't sit well with Scott Shapiro, founder of Chicago-based eyeframe maker State Optical Co., who sought to bring eyewear production to America.
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Bicycle Production Begins Move Back to US - IndustryWeek
After decades of offshoring, established bicycle brands and entrepreneurs are bringing bicycle manufacturing back to the United States as overseas costs rise and companies realize the value of "local for local" production.
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Small-Scale Manufacturers See New Markets Tax Credits as Future Hope – Next City
As big factories shuttered operations, they pulled out the rug from beneath dependent city and regional economies in the Rust Belt. But small-scale manufacturers may be the ones that can help bring the industry back — albeit in a new form that’s leaner, smaller and pays better than many of the monolithic operators from pre-Recession times.
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Small Factories Emerge as a Weapon in the Fight Against Poverty - The New York Times
But his success is also because of the unlikely survival of Marlin Steel, a rare breed: the urban industrial manufacturer.
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Pockets of makers still thrive in N.J.'s Capital City - Editorial |
Trenton's industrial decline began in the 1920s and accelerated in the 1960s and 1970s. But although government long ago surpassed manufacturing as the city's No. 1 economic driver, pockets of manufacturing continue to thrive in the city against fierce odds.
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Can Employee Ownership Give U.S. Manufacturers A Competitive Edge? - Forbes
As a whole, the manufacturing sector contributes some $2.1 trillion to the U.S. economy – which means that manufacturing is still an extremely viable industry that’s not ready to be written off despite political rhetoric or global competition.

But there’s also something beyond hard work and American ingenuity that might be giving these manufacturers an edge in the marketplace: a sizable percentage of them are employee owned.
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Why the Maker Movement Matters: Part 1, the Tools Revolution - The Atlantic
Just like the internet before it, the Maker Movement is revolutionizing manufacturing, with implications for startups and jobs.
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How technology is changing manufacturing - Brookings Institution
Small firms are particularly at risk. They create many of the jobs in the United States, but it is hard for them to achieve the economies of scale and productivity boosts of advanced manufacturing. High upfront costs make it difficult to adopt the latest technologies and compete for workers with the most advanced skills.
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A New Era of U.S. Small Manufacturing Dawning? - The Globalist
Their “eureka” moment came when on joint visits to Akron, Ohio, and Albany, New York, as well as to Eindhoven in the Netherlands and Dresden in Germany.

They came to the realization that the winners in global business will increasingly be those manufacturers who can produce smart, not cheap.
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may 2016 by areadevelopment
The Sock Queen of Alabama - The New York Times
When you hear the words textile mill, you may picture a brick building a century old and as big as a city block. You may hear the clack-clack of jittery machinery. But Emi-G Knitting is a modern contained operation in a squat metal building on the outskirts of Fort Payne.
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Entrepreneurs Take On Manufacturing - HBR
Just as with software 15 years ago, start-up manufacturing is beginning to graduate to the bigger time. New tools, resources, and intermediaries are allowing a new generation of serious entrepreneurs to begin to bridge the worlds of hacker space and industry. As a result, software-enabled manufacturing start-ups are poised to have a large economic impact.
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february 2016 by areadevelopment
Etsy Opens To Manufacturing - TechCrunch
Taking another step away from being a marketplace known only for “handcrafted” goods to instead focus more broadly on enabling smaller sellers to scale their businesses, online marketplace Etsy has announced it’s launching a new program called Etsy Manufacturing. The service will connect sellers with Etsy-approved manufacturers to help them source production assistance as needed.
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Gillibrand, in Cicero, calls for new lending program for U.S. manufacturers -
Banks and other lenders would provide the loans with government guarantees they would be paid back, she said. Without the guarantees, many lenders are reluctant to make loans to young companies, she said.
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august 2015 by areadevelopment
Veteran-Owned Small Company Aims to 'Bring Manufacturing Back to the USA' -
“As it turns out, if you build a quality product and deliver it when you say you’re going to, then people will keep making orders."
That simple equation – quality plus reliability – seems to be the secret to the rapid growth of Homeland Manufacturing Services.
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may 2015 by areadevelopment
Ogden, UT works to create bicycle industry cluster - Standard Examiner
Volagi Cycles is one of more than a dozen bike companies that have set up shop in Ogden. The company started five years ago in Santa Rosa, California. It moved its entire operation including design, marketing, sales and assembly, to Utah a year and a half ago.
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Making Hardware Is a Total Pain. But Not in This Factory - WIRED
MacroFab hopes to make it cheaper and easier to produce prototypes and small batches of gadgets in order to evaluate them before moving on to large scale manufacturing.
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US manufacturing: the rise of the niche manufacturer - BBC News
According to the US Census Bureau, over 75% of US manufacturing firms employ 20 or fewer employees. Although these firms make up only 9% of US manufacturing jobs, they are by and large the types of businesses that have been growing and creating jobs since the recession.
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february 2015 by areadevelopment
The Next Silicon Valley - CB Insights
Beijing and Tokyo are some of tech's fastest growing markets in terms of deal growth. Is one of them the next Silicon Valley?
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Robots Work Their Way Into Small Factories - WSJ
For as Little $20,000, Machines Handle the Tedious—With No Lunch Breaks; 'Fred, Hand Me That Wrench'
small-manufacturing  u.s.-manufacturing  facility-planning  shop-floor  this-week-278  around-the-web 
september 2014 by areadevelopment
How America Can Win the Future in Manufacturing - IndustryWeek
The future of American manufacturing will be won by innovative small and medium-sized companies out to change the world – but only if they have the tools they need to compete.
u.s.-manufacturing  SME's  small-manufacturing  this-week-275  around-the-web 
august 2014 by areadevelopment
One Size Fits All: “Vested” for Large and Small Companies
Companies of all sizes are finding that negotiating and nurturing relationships with suppliers can provide a sustainable competitive advantage. Learn how the “Vested” model is lifting one small, Oregon-based contract manufacturer's ability to help bring its client’s products to market at scale.
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february 2014 by areadevelopment
Big Opportunities for Small Business Manufacturing in 2014 - Industry Market Trends
The world of manufacturing appears to be expanding in the United States during this slow and cautious upswing in the economy. What is new and most intriguing is that the growth is in areas of small business.
small-manufacturing  u.s.-manufacturing  economic-recovery  this-week-249  around-the-web 
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Artisanal Manufacturing: Creating Jobs To Produce Things In America Again - Forbes
Today a new type of artisanal manufacturer is on the verge of carving out a meaningful place in the market, offering broader access to a level of quality that can’t be achieved by traditional mass-scale businesses.New artisanal manufacturing companies take advantage of changing consumer dynamics and developing technologies in order to create value in the market, achieve long-term sustainability and build the capacity to grow in aggregate to a scale significant enough to become a meaningful source of 21st century production jobs.
u.s.-manufacturing  small-manufacturing  micro-factories  advanced-manufacturing  this-week-241  around-the-web 
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How View Is Reinventing Your Windows - Forbes
The six-year-old company is one of those in the vanguard of bringing high-tech manufacturing back to the U.S. It is evident in the company’s Milpitas headquarters—a reconditioned Seagate disk drive manufacturing plant—that Mulpuri repurposed to coat glass and even more so in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that recently went online in  Olive Branch, Mississippi.
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We the Geeks: "Don’t Be Bored, Make Something" - The White House
A new generation of American pioneers is democratizing the tools of the industrial revolution and spreading them to students around the country. But these tools aren’t the rusty machines you might imagine – they’re 3-D printers, laser cutters, and water jets, and they give you the ability to make almost anything. Not only that, they may be coming soon to a school near you.
government-policy  u.s.-manufacturing  maker-economy  small-manufacturing  this-week-240  around-the-web 
november 2013 by areadevelopment
How The Maker Movement Is Reinventing Retail - Forbes
The jury is still out on whether the maker movement could bring about a new American industrial revolution. But anecdotal evidence suggests it's well on its way to reinventing retail. Consider the craft maker whose merchandise got so much exposure through a recent Etsy-Nordstrom partnership that she and her husband both quit their day jobs to handle production and sales. Or take the math professor who sent his “rocket cup” design to Shapeways to produce a 3D ceramic tool for teaching students about paraboloids. After cup sales went gangbusters on Shapeways, a Fred & Friends wholesale order put it onto Urban Outfitter’s shelves.
maker-economy  u.s.-manufacturing  this-week-240  around-the-web  small-manufacturing 
november 2013 by areadevelopment
How 3-D Printing Will Transform Manufacturing - IndustryWeek
As 3-D printing becomes a more broadly accepted method of manufacturing consumer-ready products, it could alter our basic standards of lead times and design all across the global supply chain.
around-the-web  small-manufacturing  supply-chain  this-week-232  3d-printing  additive-manufacturing 
september 2013 by areadevelopment
With Loss Of Manufacturing The U.S. Innovation Engine Is No Longer Working
Manufacturing & Technology News spoke with Martin Schmidt, MIT professor, Associate Provost and director of the Task Force on Production in the Innovation Economy, about the task force's findings shortly after they were presented at MIT. Here is what he had to say..
manufacturing  u.s.-manufacturing  around-the-web  small-manufacturing  research&development  competitiveness  this-week-231  innovation 
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Manufacturing sector evolving in Mass. - Worcester Telegram & Gazette
Manufacturing is undergoing a resurgence in Massachusetts, and companies leading the way are smarter, smaller and highly productive versions of the large manufacturers lost during the decade, a state manufacturing expert said.
regional-reports  u.s.-manufacturing  small-manufacturing  Massachusetts  around-the-web  SME's  this-week-227 
august 2013 by areadevelopment
Why Manufacturing Will Resemble the Music Industry - Businessweek
3D printing will do much more than expand the universe of custom-made products; it will transform and change our understanding of what a manufacturer is.
around-the-web  small-manufacturing  3d-printing  this-week-222 
july 2013 by areadevelopment
Why Manufacturing In The U.S. Is Personal - Forbes
We also explored approaches to supporting entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized manufacturers, and promoting regional partnerships to build local ecosystems that create opportunities and enhance competitiveness.
mid-sized-business  this-week-221  u.s.-manufacturing  around-the-web  small-manufacturing  small-business 
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Small Biz Profile: Reshoring Gains Popularity as Labor, Shipping Costs Rise in Asia - Tulsa World
When Martin Rawls-Meehan started making adjustable beds in 2004, it was a foregone conclusion that key parts would be made overseas. It was cheaper to manufacture in Taiwan than in the U.S. And from Taiwan it was easier to ship to customers in Asia.
manufacturing  reshoring  u.s.-manufacturing  small-manufacturing  small-business  around-the-web  supply-chain  this-week-217  matt 
may 2013 by areadevelopment
The Average Manufacturing Establishment Is Smaller Than You Think, and Getting Smaller -
Some 250,000 manufacturers in the U.S. have fewer than 500 employees. Studies show these smaller businesses produce more innovations per employee than large manufacturers. And truth be told, it is generally from these small companies that the jobs of the future will spring.
small-business  small-manufacturing  around-the-web  demographics  this-week-214  economic-indicator-reports-analysis 
may 2013 by areadevelopment
Brooklyn Navy Yard Is Home to Manufacturing Cooperative -
Manufacturing in the city has been dying a long, slow death as a source of jobs and prosperity. The Navy Yard, where thousands of men built battleships for World War II, is helping Brooklyn buck that trend. In the last three years, Brooklyn has been the only borough in the city to add manufacturing jobs, according to the Center for an Urban Future, a research organization.
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