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Denmark plans 'Silicon Valley' on 9 artificial islands off Copenhagen - World Economic Forum
The Danish government wants to embark on a huge land-reclamation project that will see the creation of nine new islands, 10km south of Copenhagen.
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Inside Shenzhen’s race to outdo Silicon Valley - MIT Technology Review
Shenzhen flooded the world with cheap gadgets. Can it now become what Silicon Valley never did—a global hub of innovation, entrepreneurship, and manufacturing?
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Apple Computers Used to Be Built in the U.S. It Was a Mess. - The New York Times
After Apple announced a large new campus in Austin, Tex. — creating as many as 15,000 jobs, none of them expected to be manufacturing — it’s worth looking at the company’s flirtation with advanced manufacturing in Silicon Valley in the 1980s.
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Silicon Valley tech's great Midwest migration - The Hustle
Investors are flocking to Middle American cities like Omaha and Des Moines. Startups are forgoing the paradisiacal pastures of California for a little Midwestern mojo. And the “Silicon Prairie” — cornfields and all — is having a moment in the unrelenting sun.
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Silicon Valley Powered American Tech Dominance—Now It Has a Challenger - WSJ
An exclusive WSJ analysis shows how venture-capital investment from Asia is skyrocketing, threatening to shift power over innovation
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Trump's war on immigration causing Silicon Valley brain drain - CNBC
Trump, through a number of executive orders and memos from various U.S. agencies has started narrowing visa requirements.
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Why Some of the Most Groundbreaking Technologies Are a Bad Fit for the Silicon Valley Funding Model - HBR
Over the past few decades, Silicon Valley has been such a powerful engine for entrepreneurship in technology that, all too often, it is considered to be some kind of panacea. Corporate executives seek to inject “Silicon Valley DNA” into their cultures, and policy makers point to venture-funded entrepreneurship as a solution for all manner of problems.
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Silicon Valley Is Over, Says Silicon Valley - The New York Times
By the end of the tour, the coastal elites had caught the heartland bug. Several used Zillow, the real estate app, to gawk at the availability of cheap homes in cities like Detroit and South Bend and fantasize about relocating there. They marveled at how even old-line manufacturing cities now offer a convincing simulacrum of coastal life, complete with artisanal soap stores and farm-to-table restaurants.
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Silicon Valley Is Over, Says Silicon Valley - The New York Times
In recent months, a growing number of tech leaders have been flirting with the idea of leaving Silicon Valley. Some cite the exorbitant cost of living in San Francisco and its suburbs, where even a million-dollar salary can feel middle class.
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The American midwest is quickly becoming a blue-collar version of Silicon Valley — Quartz
The economic engine of Silicon Valley seems to have driven right by the Midwest. America’s urban coastal cities have enjoyed an explosion in their technology sectors. New York’s Silicon Alley and Boston’s biotech corridor are world-class incubators of talent and startups. Austin (Texas), Seattle (Washington), Washington, D.C, and even Miami Beach claim a piece of the digital economy (and Silicon-something monikers).
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How Tech Companies Can Help Upskill the U.S. Workforce - HBR
The stakes are high and the time is right. Silicon Valley has created extraordinary wealth and has changed the nature of work. In so doing, it has also catalyzed unparalleled job disruption. It’s time for technology players–in Silicon Valley and beyond–to use the power of technology to more closely partner and coordinate with educators, employers, and government leaders – to make sure that every person in the American workforce is trained for success in the 21st century economy.
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How startups are changing their approach to distributed teams as big tech looks outside the Valley - VentureBeat
When ClassPass was looking to open a third office outside of its New York and San Francisco locations, it decided on Missoula, Montana — a location that doesn’t usually top the lists of the best cities for tech startups.
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As Silicon Valley Gets ‘Crazy,’ Midwest Beckons Tech Investors - The New York Times
But some investors, led by people like Mr. Kvamme and his firm, Drive Capital, see plenty of potential in the center of the country. Focusing on the Midwest is no longer considered a nutty idea, as it was by skeptical West Coast venture capitalists when Mr. Kvamme and Chris Olsen, another Silicon Valley transplant from Sequoia Capital and co-founder of Drive Capital, made the move in 2013.

Every major Midwestern city now has clusters of start-up accelerators and incubators, typically housed in renovated red-brick industrial buildings.
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What makes San Francisco so innovative? - JLL Real Views
It’s part of the world’s most well-known innovation ecosystem where tech start-ups with the next big idea rub shoulders with market leading tech giants. Creativity isn’t limited to the office; it also spills on to the streets to create a diverse cultural scene.

So what is it about San Francisco that makes the city so innovative?
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Can California Survive a Tech Bust? -
Historically, California’s great strength was the diversity of its economy, stretching from high-tech and aerospace to finance, entertainment, energy, basic manufacturing and homebuilding. Yet, during the most recent boom, the growth of high-wage job growth largely took place in one region — the Bay Area — while other sectors generally stagnated or shrank.
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Canada Tries to Turn Its A.I. Ideas Into Dollars - The New York Times
Now bringing A.I. home is a priority for the Canadian government, companies, universities and technologists. The goal, they say, is to build a business environment around the country’s expertise and to keep the experts its universities create in the country.
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Trudeau's plan to lure Silicon Valley investors to Canada - CNBC
When former elementary school teacher Tami Zuckerman dreamed up the idea for VarageSale, a Toronto-based site that runs local online garage sales, she had no shortage of funding options.
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German Automakers Step Up to Silicon Valley Challenge - The New York Times
Autonomous driving, electric cars and ride-hailing apps from Silicon Valley, like Uber, are reshaping transportation. Young people no longer feel as compelled as previous generations to own cars. And Wall Street shows scant respect for automakers and their global manufacturing prowess: The market value of Google, which is building a driverless car, is more than double that of BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen combined.
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California Today: The Rise of a Design Capital - The New York Times
Overseas, California as a brand is now a crucial selling point for product makers when it comes to technology, automobiles and architecture.
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7 Regional Hotbeds For Cybersecurity Innovation - InformationWeek
These regions are driving cybersecurity innovation across the US with an abundance of tech talent, educational institutions, accelerators, incubators, and startup activity.
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Littelfuse Opens Silicon Valley Technology Center In Fremont, California - Area Development
A leader in circuit protection with growing global platforms in power control and sensing, Littelfuse, Inc. opened its Silicon Valley Technology Center in Fremont, California.
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Next Big Tech Corridor? Between Seattle and Vancouver, Planners Hope - The New York Times
American tech giants stand to benefit from Canada’s smoother immigration process, and Vancouver is looking to feed its own homegrown tech ambitions.
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The Silicon Valley of Space Start-Ups? It Could be Seattle - The New York Times
There’s more activity than ever in the commercial space race, with a new wave of entrepreneurs attempting to do everything from lowering the cost of putting something into space, with reusable rockets, to mining asteroids. With their mix of universities, government space facilities, technology talent and financial risk takers, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Denver and other cities have become especially fertile grounds for space start-ups.

No single spot can claim to be the Silicon Valley of such companies yet, but Seattle is on the short list of contenders, investors and entrepreneurs say.
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The Importance of Manufacturing in Tech Metros - Emsi
Austin, Texas, is a tech-driven metro. There’s no getting around that fact. Of the major tech markets in the US, only San Jose has a higher share of tech jobs than Austin. But as our friend Brian Kelsey showed in new research, manufacturing is also a huge player in the central Texas economy.

Really, though, it’s tech-driven manufacturing that’s leading the way in Austin … and in other prominent tech economies.
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Using Virtual Reality to Create a New Corporate Headquarters - The New York Times
In the heart of Silicon Valley, you can slip on a virtual reality headset and fly through a photo-realistic three-dimensional building that will soon be the new corporate home for the chip maker Nvidia.
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How automakers can get the most value from Silicon Valley - Operations Extranet by McKinsey & Company
Since the internet boom in the late 1990s, ten of the global OEMs and five of the big system suppliers have opened offices in Silicon Valley, collectively employing hundreds—by this writing, very likely well more than a thousand—of specialists working on future automotive topics to be transferred to headquarters around the world.
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New images of Facebook's Frank Gehry-designed Menlo Park campus expansion - Silicon Valley Business Journal
As it prepares for a second ground-up construction project in Menlo Park, Facebook is hewing to its real estate recipe for success, while making some notable tweaks along the way.
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Tesla’s Bay Area real estate empire keeps growing - San Francisco Chronicle
Without attracting much notice, Tesla Motors has become one of Silicon Valley’s biggest property holders, its collection of facilities not far behind the sprawling campuses of Apple and Google.
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Silicon Valley Innovation Leads in Nation’s Manufacturing - FutureStructure
To be sure, manufacturing has shed a massive amount of jobs over the last two decades. But the manufacturing jobs that remain in California pay much better than they did years ago, according to a report released Tuesday by the Bay Area Council's Economic Institute.
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Andy Grove’s Warning to Silicon Valley - The New York Times
Mr. Grove acknowledged that it was cheaper and thus more profitable for companies to hire workers and build factories in Asia than in the United States. But in his view, those lower Asian costs masked the high price of offshoring as measured by lost jobs and lost expertise.
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Silicon Valley Looks to Artificial Intelligence for the Next Big Thing - The New York Times
As the oracles of Silicon Valley debate whether the latest tech boom is sliding toward bust, there is already talk about what will drive the industry’s next growth spurt.
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Beyond Silicon Valley: Promising New Tech Boomtowns - Area Development
In its quest for lower costs, modern facilities, and access to talent, the booming tech sector is finding it can strike gold outside California.
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Why Small Town America Is Poised to Become the Next Silicon Valley -
When it comes to innovation, place matters. Not necessarily because of proximity to facilities or investors (though those are lovely to have, of course), but because creativity is almost always a group endeavor -- big ideas are the product not of one big brain, but of many ideas pinging between several smart people.
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Why Bay Area Tech Will Never Leave San Francisco - CityLab
Startups and big names like Facebook could decamp from overpriced, overcrowded Silicon Valley any time. But they won’t.
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Smaller Cities Vie to Be the Next Silicon Valley - Stateline - The Pew Charitable Trusts
Cities and states across the country are trying to promote entrepreneurship, especially in technology. With dreams of becoming the next Silicon Valley — or at least something like it — they are providing money and expertise to startups and clustering tech companies in millennial-friendly neighborhoods.
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Gainsight Undertakes Major Corporate Marketing Headquarters Expansion In Phoenix, Arizona - Area Development
Gainsight, a Silicon Valley-based technology company, will locate its new corporate marketing headquarters at an operations center located at The Monroe Building, 111 W. Monroe in Phoenix, Arizona.
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Proximity to Bay Area yields big tech-support company for Sacramento area | The Sacramento Bee
Sacramento is still grappling with how to grow its high-tech industry, but the region’s location is helping bring in back-office businesses connected to the Bay Area.
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Toyota Invests $1 Billion in Artificial Intelligence in U.S. - The New York Times
Silicon Valley is diving into artificial intelligence technology, with start-ups sprouting up and Google and Facebook pouring vast sums into projects that would teach machines how to learn and make decisions. Now Toyota wants a piece of the action.
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Seattle, in Midst of Tech Boom, Tries to Keep Its Soul - The New York Times
For years, business leaders here have closely studied the San Francisco region, seeking to emulate the way it churns out so many leading technology companies.
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4 U.S. regions rivaling Silicon Valley - Mashable
As many startups promote themselves as "the Uber of" or "the Airbnb of" their respective industries, many cities around the U.S. aim to align with the hotbed of tech and startup activity that defines Silicon Valley.
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Tech Cities: From Silicon Valley to Silicon Prairie - Urban Land Magazine
The driving force of the Industrial Revolution fundamentally defined cities in the United States by concentrating people and commerce in particular locations, sparking transformations in land use organization, transportation, and public health. Over time, these cities came to be physically differentiated according to their strengths in particular sectors—finance in New York City, automobiles in Detroit—yet no single sector has shaped the built environment on a national scale. The tech revolution, however, is shaping urban and suburban environments on an unprecedented scale.
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The Unlikely Cities That Will Power the U.S. Economy - Bloomberg
Huntsville is one of a growing number of smaller U.S. cities, far from Silicon Valley, that are seeking to replace dwindling factory jobs by reinventing themselves as tech centers. Across the Midwest, Northeast, and South, mayors and governors are competing to attract tech companies and workers.
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Bel Fuse Inc. Opens Silicon Valley, California, Operations Center - Area Development
Bel Fuse Inc., a premier global manufacturer of power management devices and interconnect products, opened its new Bel Power Solutions facility in Silicon Valley, California.
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Ubiquitous Corporation Opens Silicon Valley Innovation Center In Redwood, California - Area Development
Ubiquitous Corporation opened its first research facility outside Japan, named the Ubiquitous Silicon Valley Innovation Center, in Silicon Valley, California.
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Toronto-Waterloo corridor could be Canada’s own Silicon Valley - The Globe and Mail
With strong leadership, bold action and a willingness to think big, Canada can become a global innovation superpower, where our best and brightest can pursue their wildest ambitions right here at home. That is in the Toronto-Waterloo innovation corridor.
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In Comparing Metro Areas, the Devil is in the Details -
Frequently I see examples of metro areas comparing themselves to other, more successful metro areas.  Metro area movers and shakers take a deep dive into the intricacies of what makes a "good" place tick, and try to implement the takeaways in their metro.  This is a reasonable action, but I believe it misses the point.  There is more to examine by taking a deep dive within your own metro than looking at another.
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The Leading Cities for Startups and Innovation - CityLab
Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area have long been the world leaders in high-tech startups, giving rise to cutting-edge companies from Apple and Intel to Google, Facebook, and Twitter.
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Honda Opens Research And Development Facility In Silicon Valley, California - Area Development
Honda recently opened its new R&D facility in Silicon Valley, California. The firm’s Silicon Valley operation, which was first established in 2000, is charged with researching and prototyping game-changing innovations and harnessing new ideas and technology.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  Matt  Honda  automotive-industry  research&development  silicon-valley  california  technology  pacific-states 
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Tesla Leases Former Solyndra Building - Silicon Valley Business Journal
Tesla Motors Inc.’s “Gigafactory” under construction near Reno might get all the press, but the electric carmaker is also expanding closer to home, and in a big way.
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Northeast Ohio and the San Francisco Bay Area Have More in Common than NBA MVPs and Championship Games - Ray Leach - Huff Post
Whether it is on the basketball court or in the venture capital industry's efforts to advance the progress and impact of tech-based entrepreneurs, leaders from Silicon Valley and Cleveland have much to learn from each other.
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How 8 Cities Score on Making the Tech Hub Concept Work for Them – Next City
The cities with the strongest markets for civic innovation are also the cities where entrepreneurs believe strong connections exist between the tech community — those forming tech startups — and civic actors — those interested in solving entrenched municipal problems.
innovation-hubs  Metros  new-orleans  new-york-city  san-francisco  Boston  Washington-DC  Austin  chicago  high-tech  silicon-valley  entrepreneurship  this-week-308  Around-the-web 
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Look Inside Samsung’s New Silicon Valley Headquarters - WSJ
Samsung’s new Silicon Valley headquarters, a 10-story glass-and-metal complex, is 85% complete, says architecture firm NBBJ.
Samsung  silicon-valley  corporate-headquarters  office-design  architecture  this-week-306  Around-the-web 
may 2015 by areadevelopment
How Silicon Valley Shapes Our Future - SPIEGEL ONLINE
In the Silicon Valley, a new elite is forming that wants to determine not only what we consume, but also the way we live. They want to change the world, but they don't want to accept any rules. Do they need to be reined in?
silicon-valley  high-tech  innovation-hubs  this-week-303  around-the-web 
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AOL founder Steve Case goes in search of America's next innovation center - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Seventy years ago, Detroit was the technology capital of the United States. Seventy years earlier, at the height of steel's golden age, it was Pittsburgh. During both periods, Steve Case points out, the stretch of California running from San Jose to San Francisco — what we now know as Silicon Valley — was mostly farmland. Its signature export wasn't computer chips or mobile apps. It was prunes.
this-week-300  around-the-web  innovation-hubs  silicon-valley  industry-clusters 
april 2015 by areadevelopment
Are tech cities the real drivers behind entrepreneurship, innovation? ventureburn
Can purpose-built technology cities turn regions in emerging economies into the next Silicon Valley? This is what some may be asking after plans by Russia and now Kenya to boost their startup scenes through massive hub cities have recently come under fire.
silicon-valley  urban-planning  innovation-hubs  economic-development-vc  high-tech  small-business  startup  innovation  this-week-294  around-the-web  metros 
february 2015 by areadevelopment
How Utah Became the Next Silicon Valley - The New Yorker
Both the private and public sectors must radically rethink their technology development strategies accordingly if they are to remain relevant.”
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february 2015 by areadevelopment
China-Based LifeSmart Opens San Jose, California, Operations Center - Area Development
LifeSmart, a China-based high-tech Internet of Things company specializing in smart home development, opened an office in San Jose, California. The office, located in the heart of "Silicon Valley," will act as LifeSmart's base to expand its global sales network and seek tie-ups with global partners.
economic-development  site-selection  area-development-news  matt  operations-center  california  pacific-states  san-jose  high-tech  internet-of-things  silicon-valley 
january 2015 by areadevelopment
The Nerds Office Perspective - Winter 2014
The NERDS—Nashville, East Bay, Raleigh-Durham, Denver, and Salt Lake City are gaining momentum as people and corporations look to tap into that next hotspot. Find out how these markets are performing as economies and office markets, and why they're so appealing.
innovation-hubs  metros  nashville  silicon-valley  raleigh-durham  denver  salt-lake-city  office-market  studies  commercial-real-estate  this-week-288  around-the-web 
january 2015 by areadevelopment
The Commute that Divides Us - San Jose Mercury News
We see them every day -- fleets of corporate buses dotting clogged highways. But they are not just a cushy way to get tech workers to Silicon Valley; they have become the concrete symbol of the dramatic expansion of Silicon Valley's traditional borders.
this-week-286  around-the-web  matt  silicon-valley  pacific-states  california  san-francisco  technology  high-tech 
december 2014 by areadevelopment
Why Silicon Valley Shouldn’t Be the Model for Innovation - HBR
Silicon-chip fabrication is no longer Silicon Valley’s strength. Instead, the Valley has specialized in being a global source of innovative ideas. Production and the growth of new industries around these ideas occurs internationally, across fragmented manufacturing networks.
silicon-valley  innovation-hubs  business-globalization  this-week-284  around-the-web 
november 2014 by areadevelopment
The Next Silicon Valley - CB Insights
Beijing and Tokyo are some of tech's fastest growing markets in terms of deal growth. Is one of them the next Silicon Valley?
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november 2014 by areadevelopment
SmartDrive Systems Relocates To Larger Corporate Offices-Operation Center In San Diego, California - Area Development
SmartDrive Systems, a leader in driving performance solutions that reduce collisions and improve fuel efficiency, relocated its corporate headquarters to a 25,000 square foot operations center at 9450 Carroll Park Drive in San Diego's Sorrento Valley neighborhood.
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Lockheed Martin Plans Optical Payload Center of Excellence In Palo Alto, California - Area Development
A new technology and development center, Lockheed Martin’s Optical Payload Center of Excellence, located in the heart of Silicon Valley’s Palo Alto, California, will help the global aerospace and security company advance optical systems that power innovations used in satellites, lasers, telescopes and targeting systems.
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Bell Labs To Establish Antenna Office In Silicon Valley, California - Area Development
Alcatel-Lucent's Bell Labs will open a new 'antenna' office in the heart of US technological innovation, Silicon Valley, California. A team of Bell Labs researchers will be co-located at Alcatel-Lucent's site in Mountain View and will conduct focused, globally-orientated research aimed at evolving networks to deliver new cloud-based applications and services.
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Silicon Valley Offices Are Stunningly Pricey, Just Like the Workers Inside - WIRED
The internet’s promise of instant global communication was supposed to free businesses from the constraints of geography. But judging from a new survey of the tech real-estate market, the industry that birthed the internet is still very much tied to its place of origin: Silicon Valley.
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The California Economy: When Vigor and Frailty Collide -
Silicone Valleys amazing capitalist engine of jobs, innovation and wealth is the source of most of California's economic vigor. But it is a legacy that will eventually slip away, unless California changes its priorities.
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