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America's Oil And Gas Reserves Double With Massive New Permian Discovery - Forbes
Nearly one third of the United States’ crude already comes from the Permian, making it the largest shale-oil producing region in the country.
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Is the U.S. Shale Boom Hitting a Bottleneck? - WSJ
Congested pipelines, shortages of materials and workers stand in the way of Permian basin’s continued growth.
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W.Va., China Energy sign $83 billion shale gas, chemical manufacturing agreement - Journal News
The West Virginia Department of Commerce today announced China Energy Investment Corp. Limited’s plan to invest $83.7 billion in shale gas development and chemical manufacturing projects in West Virginia.
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Southpointe transforming farm community of Cecil to corporate hub - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The revamping of Cecil from a farming community to a corporate hub has not only transformed the landscape, but also the lives of the original residents here who have been able to get top dollar for land they once had to work to eek out a living.
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Thailand-Based Indorama Ventures Restarts Ethane Cracker Near Lake Charles, Louisiana - Area Development
Indorama Ventures plans to invest $175 million to renovate and restart a dormant ethane cracker west of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Indorama Ventures is acquiring the ethane cracker site and facilities as a joint investment with Singapore-based Indorama Corporation.
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Industrial shale real estate demand still high despite oil price - The Bakken magazine
Think again if you believe low oil prices are driving the cost down for industrial real estate sites in North American shale plays.
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U.S. shale production set to fall again in July, EIA says - Fuel Fix
Countries that are net importers of crude oil and industries with high fuel costs are likely to see huge benefits as crude oil remains low.
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Shale Gas Helping to Drive $130 Billion in Investments in Plastics Manufacturing - Pittsburgh Business Times
The nation's shale gas fields have given the U.S. a new competitive advantage in the plastics industry, helping to spur $130 billion in new capital investments, according to the American Chemistry Council.
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may 2015 by areadevelopment
First Person: U.S. Economy Uniquely Positioned for 21st Century - Area Development
One of Area Development’s staff editors recently interviewed Peter Zeihan, a former analyst at the geopolitical security firm Stratfor and author of The Accidental Superpower. Zeihan discusses the North American shale boom and the role of the U.S. in protecting global trade.
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The Keystone XL Debate is Highly Partisan — Unless you Live Near the Proposed Pipeline Route - The Washington Post
Our mental snapshot of the politics of the Keystone XL pipeline is pretty straightforward — Republicans and most independents want it built; so do some Democrats, but most Democrats and the environmental left are opposed.
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Shale prosperity spreads to Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah, N. Mexico: Combined oil production up 116% in 5 years - AEI
The recent breakthroughs in advanced drilling and extraction technologies that have boosted oil output in Texas and North Dakota have also brought dramatic increases in shale oil output over the last five years to the five oil-producing states of: Oklahoma (+127% since January 2010), Utah (+90%), Colorado (+198%), Wyoming (+67%) and New Mexico (+114%).
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Shale gas in the US: What now? - PwC Industrial Insights Blog
Shale has been and likely will continue to be a boon to domestic manufacturing. According to a recent PwC analysis, shale gas development could mean annual cost savings of more than $22 billion by 2030 and 930,000 manufacturing jobs. Looking out another ten years to 2040, it’s possible we could reach $34 billion in annual cost savings and 1.4 million new jobs.
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Shale Gas Revitalizing U.S. Manufacturing Industry…While Environmentalists Have Their Say
Although some states are rolling back or banning fracking due to potential environmental impact, overall, U.S. shale gas development and production is surging and helping to trigger a resurgence in manufacturing.
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Newpark Drilling Fluids Establishes Drilling Fluid Production Center In Summit, Mississippi - Area Development
Newpark Drilling Fluids will establish its drilling fluid production operation in Summit, Mississippi. NDF’s new location will create 40 jobs and allow the company to more easily service the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale, an oil and gas play in southwest Mississippi and Louisiana.
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ONEOK Partners Plans Natural Gas Processing Plants In North Dakota And Wyoming - Area Development
ONEOK Partners, L.P. plans to invest approximately $480 million to $680 million between now and the end of the third quarter 2016 to construct natural gas processing facilities in Dunn County, North Dakota and Campbell County, Wyoming.
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september 2014 by areadevelopment
Shipbuilders Pump $36 Billion Annually into Economy - Material Handling & Logistics
Rising shale oil production is contributing to the surging health of America’s commercial shipbuilding industry, according to Matthew Paxton, president of the Shipbuilders Council of America (SCA).
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Atlas Oil Company Opens Transloading Facility In Evans, Colorado - Area Development
Atlas Oil Company opened of its fourth transloading site in Evans, Colorado. This site will initially service the crude oil market, with the ability to handle fuels, lubes and other oil field materials. The site is on the Union Pacific Railroad, with the crude is being produced from the expanding Niobrara Shale.
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ONEOK Partners Plan Major Natural Gas Processing Project In North Dakota - Area Development
ONEOK Partners, plans to invest approximately $605 million to $785 million between now and the end of the third quarter 2016 to build a new 200-million cubic feet per day natural gas processing facility – the Demicks Lake plant – and related infrastructure in northeast McKenzie County, North Dakota, which will process natural gas produced from the Bakken Shale in the Williston Basin.
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Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Poised To Expand Production At Its Cedar Bayou Plant In Baytown, Texas - Area Development
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company obtained the necessary environmental permit from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to expand normal alpha olefins production capacity at its Cedar Bayou plant in Baytown, Texas. This investment will provide an additional 100,000 metric tons per year of capacity.
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Dow Chemical Poised To Begin Construction On Freeport, Texas, World-Scale Ethylene Production Facility - Area Development
On June 30, The Dow Chemical Company said it will begin construction of its “world-scale ethylene production facility.” This “significant investment” in Dow’s Texas Operations in Freeport remains on track and on-plan for start-up in the first half of 2017, and will employ up to 2,000 workers during construction.
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june 2014 by areadevelopment
Langan Engineering & Environmental Services Opens Akron, Ohio, Office Center - Area Development
Langan Engineering & Environmental Services is opening of an office in downtown Akron, Ohio. The new facility will provide fully integrated technical services in support of the oil and gas industry focused on the Utica Shale play, as well as land development projects and corporate real estate portfolios throughout the state.
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may 2014 by areadevelopment
Come Shale, Come All - Global Trade Magazine
Mike Shannon, global leader of chemicals and performance technologies at big-four auditor KPMG, says chemical and plastics companies are eying North America for growth. Attracted by the abundance of shale gas in the U.S.—particularly in Texas, Louisiana and Michigan—numerous big-name companies are setting up shop in this region.
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april 2014 by areadevelopment
A new act for fracking? - McKinsey & Company
The latest wave of innovation could greatly improve production and lower costs.
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april 2014 by areadevelopment
The limited economic impact of the US shale gas boom - vox
Even if current estimates prove accurate, the long-run benefits to the US economy will be relatively small. Improving energy efficiency and promoting low-carbon technologies will be just as important as before
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PDF: U.S. Metro Economies - Impact of the Manufacturing Renaissance from Energy Intensive Sectors - The United States Conference of Mayors
Since the end of the recession, the nations manufacturing sector has been a keystone of economic growth, especially in our metropolitan areas. Over the last three years, metro area manufacturing employment has expanded by an average annual rate of 1.7%. Energy intensive industry, in particular, has been a key component in manufacturing’s expansion.
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How to Save the Shale Revolution - Ideas Lab
Enlightened state regulators, a coalition of the willing, and continued improvements in technology together hold promise for elevating best practices around fracking to the status of new norms.
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Shale Regions Face the Challenges of Rapid Growth
Those states with recently discovered oil- and natural gas-rich deposits, like North Dakota’s Bakken Shale region, are experiencing demands on everything from infrastructure and real estate, to employment and industry services.
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Cargill To build Steel Processing Center At Great Western Industrial Park In Windsor, Colorado - Area Development
Cargill will build its eighth U.S. steel processing center 60 miles north of Denver at the The Broe Group’s Great Western Industrial Park in Windsor, Colorado. Construction of the 60,000-square-foot steel processing and distribution facility is scheduled to begin in early 2014.
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january 2014 by areadevelopment
Big Idea 2014: A Global Glimpse Into the Future - LinkedIn
While it is never easy to predict with certainty what is likely to happen, I believe that as business prepares for 2014 there are some trends that will impact global growth and which business should be ready for.
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Japan-based Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. To Establish Compressor Manufacturing Plant In Pearland, Texas - Area Development Online
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation, a group company of Japan-based Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., will establish its MHI Compressor Manufacturing in Pearland, Texas, near Houston.
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november 2013 by areadevelopment
Shale Boom to Cut Deficit, Enhance Manufacturing, and Add to Household Incomes - Area Development Online
Earlier this year, Alexander Frei of Cushman & Wakefield’s Business Incentives Practice told Area Development magazine’s editor that the EIA estimates the United States will be nearly self-sufficient in energy by 2035
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United States Energy Outlook 2013 - Jones Lang Lasalle
The U.S. is in the midst of a historic shift in how it produces and consumes energy. This shift is driving a new energy outlook with dramatic ramifications. Our research analyzes the impact of the U.S. energy boom on office, industrial, hotel, multifamily and retail space now and in the future.
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