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Amazon’s future in Seattle uncertain as neighboring city looks more and more like HQ2 – GeekWire
For years, Amazon has gobbled up office space in Seattle at a breakneck pace, creating a red-hot commercial real estate market in the city’s urban core. But Amazon no longer seems keen to expand in its hometown at the same rate, at least not in Seattle proper.
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Where Millennials and Seniors Have Moved Since the Recession - Route Fifty
As for where young adults are migrating, Houston; Denver; Dallas; Seattle; Austin, Texas; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Portland, Oregon all saw net migration gains exceeding 7,000 people.
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Seattle City Council Members Visit NYC to Warn on Amazon HQ2 - Bloomberg
Two politicians from Inc.’s hometown traveled across the country to New York to deliver a cautionary message about the company’s expansion in the city.
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Expedia’s ‘have job, will travel’ workplace - Lens
Expedia Group’s decision to move its headquarters from Bellevue across Lake Washington to Seattle at the 40-acre former Amgen waterfront campus may further solidify the city’s status as a major tech hub.
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Booming Seattle struggles to stay affordable - Open for all? - Economist
FOR the third consecutive year, Seattle has the most cranes in operation of any city in America—three times as many as New York. Long a placid, drizzly company town, the place is booming. Since 2010 Seattle has grown more quickly than any other large American city, thanks in part to the success of Amazon and Microsoft, two local technology firms. Entrepreneurs are flocking there, repelled by the obscene costs of San Francisco.
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Seattle City Council to consider repeal of head tax less than a month after approving it - The Seattle Times
Less than a month after roiling Seattle and making national headlines by voting unanimously to pass a controversial head tax on big businesses such as Amazon, the City Council now plans to abruptly reverse itself and vote to repeal the tax.
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Seattle Poised to Repeal Tax On Amazon and Large Employers - Bloomberg
The mayor and seven council members say they’ll seek other ways to fight homelessness.
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Tax Compromise Gives Amazon’s Latest Seattle Office New Life - WIRED
Amazon hasn't yet decided whether to use space it leased in another Seattle building or sublease it, as it had threatened to do. Meanwhile, the company is still planning a second headquarters somewhere outside of Seattle.
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Seattle Scales Back Tax in Face of Amazon’s Revolt, but Tensions Linger - The New York Times
After intense lobbying by local businesses and a bold threat by Amazon to curtail development in its hometown, the Seattle City Council on Monday approved a smaller and more limited tax on big companies than originally envisioned.

The new tax — dubbed the “Amazon Tax” by locals — will fund affordable housing and homeless services in a city whose economic boom, driven in no small part by Amazon, has priced many residents out of the area and forced some onto the streets.
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HQ2 cities listen up: Amazon flexing its political muscle sends a message not just to Seattle - The Seattle Times
The e-commerce titan and Seattle’s biggest single property-tax payer is on a collision course with a majority of the City Council over the proposed head tax. Amazon has played hardball with plenty of municipalities, but here it’s an unfamiliar turn in the relationship.
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Amazon Has Massive Expansion Plans for Seattle, Let Alone HQ2 - Bloomberg Inc. is narrowing the field of candidate cities for its second headquarters, but that doesn’t mean it’s forgotten about Seattle.
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Thanks to Amazon, Seattle is now America’s biggest company town - The Seattle Times
Amazon so dominates Seattle that it has as much office space as the city’s next 40 biggest employers combined. And that’s only the beginning: Amazon’s Seattle footprint of 8.1 million square feet is expected to soar to more than 12 million square feet within five years.
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Amazon is starting to experience the headache of running an airline — Quartz
The pilots’ union says low wages are hurting the ability of Amazon’s shipping contractors to keep pilots on board; many are quitting to join other, better paying airlines, leaving the remaining pilots with too much work, the union said.
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Prologis to Build First Multistory Warehouse in the U.S. - WSJ
Developers are having a harder time finding space for new warehouses in increasingly crowded and expensive U.S. cities. Their answer: build upward.
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Next Big Tech Corridor? Between Seattle and Vancouver, Planners Hope - The New York Times
American tech giants stand to benefit from Canada’s smoother immigration process, and Vancouver is looking to feed its own homegrown tech ambitions.
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Darigold Relocates Corporate Headquarters in Seattle, Washington - Area Development
Darigold, the marketing and processing subsidiary of Northwest Dairy Association, will move its corporate headquarters next year to the Georgetown Squared neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.
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Innovation economy isn’t enough for growth - The Seattle Times
Local merchant banker tells Senate committee that Congress need to act because many startups face difficulties in raising money and new business formation has declined.
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The Silicon Valley of Space Start-Ups? It Could be Seattle - The New York Times
There’s more activity than ever in the commercial space race, with a new wave of entrepreneurs attempting to do everything from lowering the cost of putting something into space, with reusable rockets, to mining asteroids. With their mix of universities, government space facilities, technology talent and financial risk takers, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Denver and other cities have become especially fertile grounds for space start-ups.

No single spot can claim to be the Silicon Valley of such companies yet, but Seattle is on the short list of contenders, investors and entrepreneurs say.
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Expedia Readying Expansion Plans For New Campus In Seattle, Washington - Area Development
Expedia, Inc. released the initial design for its future campus expansion in Seattle, Washington. The company plans to relocate from Bellevue to Seattle in 2019.
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Seattle about to enter elite skyscraper club - The Seattle Times
Buildings of 1,000 feet or more, until now seen mainly in the Middle East and Asia, are coming to the U.S., with one now proposed for Seattle. Developers are responding to demand for city living, skyrocketing downtown rents and ready capital from elite global investors.
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CSA Group Opens Laboratory Campus In Seattle, Washington - Area Development
CSA Group, a global provider of testing and certification services and a leading standards development organization, opened a new state-of-the-art laboratory in Seattle, Washington. The facility will offer testing and product development services for commercial and residential lighting and optical products.
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november 2015 by areadevelopment
Building and advancing digital skills to support Seattle’s economic future - Brookings
As the influence of digital technologies in the global economy expands, metropolitan areas throughout the United States face the task of preparing residents for an increasingly technology-powered world.
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Seattle, in Midst of Tech Boom, Tries to Keep Its Soul - The New York Times
For years, business leaders here have closely studied the San Francisco region, seeking to emulate the way it churns out so many leading technology companies.
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MG2 Architecture Firm Opens Seattle, Washington, Headquarters - Area Development
MG2, formerly MulvannyG2 Architecture, a company that partners with businesses to create impactful transformation through architectural services, planning, interior design, brand strategy and consulting services, opened its new headquarters in Seattle, Washington. MG2 revitalized approximately 64,000 square feet on three floors of the four-story 1101 Second building.
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may 2015 by areadevelopment
The Entrepreneurs Who Saved Seattle - Fast Company
It’s hard to imagine that two people transplanting their then-tiny firm to their hometown could change a city’s economic history for decades to come. Yet this phenomenon isn’t uncommon.
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When Expedia goes, so does 6 percent of downtown Bellevue's workforce - Puget Sound Business Journal
Expedia has been a Bellevue fixture ever since in first leased 67,000 square feet of office space there in 1999. It moved downtown in 2008, promising to contribute to the creating of the kind of tech-friendly, walkable community Bellevue wanted to be.
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What Is the Next ‘Next Silicon Valley’? -
In 2010, Chicago proclaimed its intention to become “the top destination for technology business.” In December, Citibank joined with The Huffington Post to declare that “you might be living in the next Silicon Valley” if you live in Chicago — or Miami, or Cincinnati or Chattanooga. Slate tracked “next Silicon Valleys” in 2013 and profiled two dozen cities that had been described as such, including Las Vegas, which received the distinction from Slate itself.
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Amazon’s new campus to be heated with recycled energy - The Seattle Times
Partnering with other companies, Amazon will use waste heat from a data center in a Seattle skyscraper to warm its soaring new Denny Triangle campus across the street.
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november 2014 by areadevelopment
BioMed Realty Trust Begins Construction Og Life Science Campus In Seattle, Washington - Area Development
BioMed Realty Trust, Inc. started construction on its life science hub in Seattle, Washington, the BioMed Realty Research Center. The additional 122,000 square feet of laboratory and office space at 500 Fairview in South Lake Union is an expansion of the current building located at 530 Fairview.
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august 2014 by areadevelopment
McGraw-Hill Education Expands Operational Hubs In Boston And Seattle - Area Development
McGraw-Hill Education plans to expand its Boston, Massachusetts, office and establish an educational technologies hub in Seattle, Washington.
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june 2014 by areadevelopment
Moravia Expands To Larger Production Hub In Seattle, Washington - Area Development
Moravia, one of the language industry's leading providers of globalization services, expanded its Seattle, Washington, operations center by moving its hub into a new facility at 2033 Sixth Ave., Suite 331, in the city's central business district.
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april 2014 by areadevelopment
Boeing Begins Expansion At Its Seattle, Washington, 737 Commercial Delivery Center - Area Development
Boeing kicked-off expansion of its 737 Commercial Delivery Center at Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington. The expanded CDC will be more than 90,000 square feet and include a new three-story building, as well as new delivery and departure areas with three covered jetways.
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march 2014 by areadevelopment
Boeing’s Long Shadow -
The Seahawks 12th Man paint job that Boeing workers put on a brand new 747 freighter just before the Super Bowl brought back a glimpse of the Boeing connection that we used to take for granted. The challenge for Boeing and for regional leaders is to rebuild that connection. In Seattle we will always live in the "Jet City."
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march 2014 by areadevelopment
The top 15 cities for biotech venture funding - FierceBiotech
Anyone looking to start a biotech company should pay close attention to this list. Venture groups, entrepreneurs and increasingly Big Pharma have been concentrating their money and their attention in a few key places, only occasionally straying from the beaten path when funding a high-risk drug development effort.
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Puget Sound Region must appeal to innovation generation - The News Tribune
The Puget Sound metro area finished 2013 well positioned for growth in the coming year. That’s according to two reports released last month. With Friday’s vote securing the 777X for the region, Boeing machinists make the predictions a certainty.
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january 2014 by areadevelopment
College Entrepreneurs Have Choices Beyond the Bay Area - USA Today
According to a report published by the Startup Genome, the top start-up ecosystems in the USA after Silicon Valley are Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Boston and Chicago. These cities also are among the top 10 start-up ecosystems in the world.
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DXY Solutions Opens West Coast Office In Seattle, Washington - Area Development Online
DXY Solutions, a mobile software technology and app design firm, opened its west coast office at 1433 12th Avenue in Seattle, Washington.
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Wow Technologies Expands Its Seattle, Washington, Data Center - Area Development Online
Wow Technologies, Inc., a provider of hybrid managed cloud hosting solutions and colocation services, will expand its data center in Seattle, Washington. The Phase 3 build out, located in Sabey's Intergate West building in the Seattle suburb of Tukwila, will provide an additional 11,000 square feet of data center space with a 250 rack capacity.
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Bertha’s dig at U.S. manufacturing - Seattle Times
The most startling evidence of withered American industrial power is the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, whose suspension portion was manufactured in China and merely assembled here. Former Reagan administration trade negotiator Clyde Prestowitz raised pointed questions about the project’s quality and long-term costs — however inexpensive it appeared to decision-makers
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The Greenest Office Building In The World Is About To Open In Seattle - Co.Exist:
The Bullitt Center is made from totally clean materials, has composting toilets, and catches enough rainwater to survive a 100-day drought. And it’s 100% solar-powered, in a city not known for its sunny days.
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january 2013 by areadevelopment
How Seattle Set Out to Create a Biotech Hub and Fostered a Global Health Nexus - Xconomy
The most important asset for the city has been the University of Washington, which generates the intellectual feedstock that might foster either biotech or global health. Beginning in the 1960s, the school transformed itself from general education university to a formidable research institution.
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