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From $22 an hour to $11: GM job cuts in Ohio show a hot economy is still leaving parts of America behind - MSN
GM has been the heartbeat of this blue-collar area, providing middle-class lives for tens of thousands of families since the 1960s, including Mezzapeso’s father, who put in 30 years at the factory and retired with a full pension and health benefits.
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The Rust Belt needs capital to turn talent and innovation into jobs - Brookings
A unique economic and social development storyline unites the industrial heartland, extending across all or part of 12 states from Minnesota and Missouri in the West, through the Great Lakes and up the Ohio River Valley to Western New York, and to Pennsylvania and West Virginia in the East. The region has many economic challenges, but also boasts important economic strengths, perhaps none as important as the tremendous innovation and talent emerging from its companies and universities. 
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From rust belt to robot belt: Turning AI into jobs in the US heartland - MIT Technology Review
The symbolism of robots moving into a former steelworks is lost on few people in the city. Pittsburgh is reinventing itself, using the advances in automation, robots, and artificial intelligence coming out of its schools—particularly Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)—to try to create a high-tech economy. Lawrenceville, five miles from Hazelwood, has become a center for US development of self-driving cars.
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Retaking the Rust Belt - Area Development
Across the Midwest, new life is being breathed into old industrial facilities that are becoming home to IoT incubators, office space, and other mixed-use development.
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Renewing America’s economic promise through older industrial cities - Brookings
The middling performance of communities with historically strong manufacturing cores is a key feature of America’s uneven economic growth. These so-called older industrial cities, predominantly located in the Midwest and Northeast, have struggled over time to grow jobs in new sectors and to boost employment and income, particularly for their communities of color. They range from very large cities like Baltimore and Detroit, to smaller communities like Schenectady, New York, and Terre Haute, Indiana.
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For many factory towns, white collar job loss hurts the most - AP
Many, including President Donald Trump, hold the belief that shuttered factories are what primarily ails Erie and other aging blue-collar company towns.

Yet since 2008, Erie has suffered a less-known and potentially more devastating exodus of well-paying white-collar jobs. Half its CEOs — 220 jobs — have disappeared. The city has shed 8 percent of its accountants, 10 percent of its computer workers, 40 percent of its engineers and 20 percent of its lawyers, according to government data analyzed by The Associated Press.
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Silicon Valley Is Over, Says Silicon Valley - The New York Times
By the end of the tour, the coastal elites had caught the heartland bug. Several used Zillow, the real estate app, to gawk at the availability of cheap homes in cities like Detroit and South Bend and fantasize about relocating there. They marveled at how even old-line manufacturing cities now offer a convincing simulacrum of coastal life, complete with artisanal soap stores and farm-to-table restaurants.
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Tale of two Rust Belts: Higher education is driving Rust Belt revival but risks abound - Brookings
In the last entry of this series, I explored how some communities in the Great Lakes-Rust Belt region have managed to leverage particular assets or adopt innovative economic development strategies–efforts that are succeeding in rebooting local economies for a new era. These places are successfully shaking off their “rust.”
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january 2018 by areadevelopment
A tale of two Rust Belts: Diverging economic paths shaping community politics - Brookings Institution
Ten years ago, on the eve of the last open presidential contest in 2008, the Metropolitan Policy Program convened leaders from the Great Lakes to discuss the region’s unique economic and social history, and push for economic answers.
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Facing deindustrialization, smaller regions turn to innovation, workforce development - SSTI
Larger metropolitan areas like Pittsburgh, PA, Roanoke, VA, and Greenville, SC, have received considerable acclaim for their ability to restructure their economies around new and innovative technologies. Less covered, however, are the smaller rural or rust belt regions that are seeking to leverage higher education, community partnerships, an increasingly skilled workforce, and innovative technologies to become more competitive in a 21st century economy.
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Trump is making manufacturing great again - Baltimore Sun
This past election, then-candidate Donald Trump came to Dundalk, a community that resembles so many towns and neighborhoods in Rust Belt states that have seen their manufacturing jobs base erode.
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Behind Trump’s Deal With Carrier - The New York Times
By the time the Rust Belt turned red on election night, Carrier had to know the call was coming.
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december 2016 by areadevelopment
Small-Scale Manufacturers See New Markets Tax Credits as Future Hope – Next City
As big factories shuttered operations, they pulled out the rug from beneath dependent city and regional economies in the Rust Belt. But small-scale manufacturers may be the ones that can help bring the industry back — albeit in a new form that’s leaner, smaller and pays better than many of the monolithic operators from pre-Recession times.
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december 2016 by areadevelopment
Economists are underestimating the costs of letting small Rust Belt cities shrink - Vox
Economists focus on helping people, not places. And often the best move for someone in a declining town is to find a new job in a different city where jobs are more plentiful.
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november 2016 by areadevelopment
Can Robotics Spark A Renaissance In American Manufacturing? - Co.Exist
If we turn the Rust Belt into the Robotics Belt, the future of robot-human cooperation in factories can create jobs in America instead of overseas.
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Rust Belt Cities Gamble on Casino-Led Urban Development – Next City
Since the 1990s, casinos have increasingly sprouted up across the Rust Belt in former industrial hubs like St. Louis, Detroit and Cleveland.
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It's time to retire tired talk about the "Rust Belt" - CBS News
Both major political conventions this year are in cities considered part of the Rust Belt -- the Democrats this week in Philadelphia, and the Republicans last week in Cleveland.
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Millennials Bring New Life to Some Rust Belt Cities - STATELINE - The Pew Charitable Trusts
BALTIMORE — Educated millennials are transforming some neighborhoods in several Rust Belt cities like this one, where old flour and textile mills are being converted to apartments and faded industrial districts have become thriving enclaves with colorful street life.
demographics  baltimore  Metros  urban-revitalization  rust-belt  Around-the-web  this-week-359  adaptive-re-use  sfp-insider-5-24-2018 
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Revitalizing America's Small and Medium-Sized Legacy Cities - Boston Fed
Many older industrial cities struggling to recover from long-term economic downturns, such as Detroit or Pittsburgh, have received attention from academics, practitioners, and the press for their decline and emerging recoveries. The trajectory of small and medium-sized legacy cities (SMLCs) like Ohio's Akron or Dayton (or, in New England, Springfield, Massachusetts, or New Haven, Connecticut) has received much less consideration.
urban-planning  urban-revitalization  Metros  economic-recovery  rust-belt  Around-the-web  this-week-356  economic-analysis 
june 2016 by areadevelopment
Can the Internet of Things help renew Rust Belt cities? - Brookings Institution
Gov. Gina Raimondo and others in Rhode Island are over the moon about last week's announcement that GE Digital is adding 100 jobs in Rhode Island—and rightly so.
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From Rust Belt to Brain Belt - IndustryWeek
A new book looks at how cities like Akron and Albany have built on their historic manufacturing strengths to be successful in the modern era. 
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A New Era of U.S. Small Manufacturing Dawning? - The Globalist
Their “eureka” moment came when on joint visits to Akron, Ohio, and Albany, New York, as well as to Eindhoven in the Netherlands and Dresden in Germany.

They came to the realization that the winners in global business will increasingly be those manufacturers who can produce smart, not cheap.
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may 2016 by areadevelopment
From rustbelts to the ‘smartest places on Earth’ - Brookings Institution
Many older industrial cities have the potential to become hotbeds of innovation and advanced manufacturing over the coming decades. Places like Akron, Ohio and Albany, N.Y. contain deep industry expertise, world-class research institutions, a spirit of collaboration across disciplines and sectors, and a sense of urgency—the kind that can only come from having hit rock bottom in decades past.
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A World Without Work - The Atlantic
For centuries, experts have predicted that machines would make workers obsolete. That moment may finally be arriving. Could that be a good thing?
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Midwest Town Braces For More Steel Layoffs - NPR
NPR profiled the town's efforts to diversify its economic base and become less dependent on the steel mill two years ago, as Granite City tried to apply lessons learned after the last time the plant closed in 2008 and 2009.
granite-city  illinois  steel-industry  midwest  rust-belt  this-week-300  around-the-web 
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An Energy Boom Lifts the Heartland -
The turnaround is part of a transformation spreading across the heartland of the nation, driven by a surge in domestic oil and gas production that is changing the economic calculus for old industries and downtrodden cities alike. Here in Ohio, in an arc stretching south from Youngstown past Canton and into the rural parts of the state where much of the natural gas is being drawn from shale deep underground, entire sectors like manufacturing, hotels, real estate and even law are being reshaped. A series of recent economic indicators, including factory hiring, shows momentum building nationally in the manufacturing sector.
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General Electric Strengthens Ties to Cincinnati - WSJ
General Electric Co is about to strengthen its ties to downtown Cincinnati in the latest sign that urban centers in the Rust Belt are becoming more attractive to U.S. corporations.
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july 2014 by areadevelopment
Pittsburgh’s Path to Recovery - The Globalist
Pittsburgh is remaking itself by leveraging its regional strengths in education and health care and making strategic investments in innovation capacity.
metros  economic-development-news  rust-belt  pittsburgh  urban-planning  economic-recovery  this-week-266  around-the-web 
june 2014 by areadevelopment
Clean Technology: Remaking Auto Alley - Mother Earth News
In Small, Gritty, and Green (MIT Press), Catherine Tumber takes a look into America’s once thriving industrial cities throughout the Rust Belt. This excerpt considers how clean technology throughout Auto Alley could contribute to a shift toward low-carbon economy and benefit all levels of the auto industry.
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january 2014 by areadevelopment
The Tough Realities Facing Smaller Post-Industrial Cities - The Urbanophile
There are exceptions to the rule, including many delightful college towns or the occasional oddball like Columbus, Indiana, but for the most part smaller post-industrial cities have really struggled to reinvent themselves.
small-cities  economic-recovery  economic-development-news  around-the-web  this-week-237  metros  rust-belt 
november 2013 by areadevelopment
Manufacturing Is Alive and Well in Greater Chicago - Next American City
Talk all you want about the slow death of the Rust Belt and the globalization of the economy, but manufacturing is still thriving in the greater Chicago area. And the Windy City’s freight advantages make the region’s industry tick.
around-the-web  this-week-227  metros  chicago  u.s.-manufacturing  rust-belt 
august 2013 by areadevelopment
China's Rust Belt Laboratory - Forbes
Bell, the first-term mayor of Toledo, Ohio, chuckled, too, knowing the drink (a Chinese concoction made from draining the blood of a venomous snake into rice wine) was an icebreaker that would build trust and aid his effort to attract Chinese investors to his struggling Rust Belt city.
economic-development-news  toledo  ohio  fdi-usa  around-the-web  rust-belt  this-week-225  china 
august 2013 by areadevelopment
Is the “Rust Belt” a Dirty Word? -
I often cross paths with those who loathe the term, or more exactly any notion of there being a Rust Belt culture.
regional-reports  ohio  around-the-web  midwest  rust-belt  this-week-223  cleveland 
july 2013 by areadevelopment
How Chicago's urban vibe attracts talent, lowers costs - John Pletz Technology Blog - Crain's Chicago Business
Sure Chicago is a cheaper place to launch a tech business than Silicon Valley. But how about Pittsburgh? Yep. We've got cheaper talent and rents, and airfare.
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march 2013 by areadevelopment
Pittsburgh entrepreneurs work to make Rust Belt states centers of high-tech innovation - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Over the course of three trying decades, the Rust Belt has scraped off years of oxidation and is in the process of polishing itself into a shining new landscape of technological advancement. But try telling that to the rest of the country.
This-Week-193  around-the-web  pittsburgh  rust-belt  high-tech  innovation-hubs 
december 2012 by areadevelopment
Innovation Clusters of the Rust Belt - Rust Wire
With the recently celebrated opening of the nation’s first satellite office of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Detroit, I thought it might be fun to explore which metropolitan regions in the Rust Best are hotspots for new innovation as measured by the number of patents issued. The data provided is cumulative for the five year period of 2006 through 2010.
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july 2012 by areadevelopment
Economic Development From Geographic Mobility - Burgh Diaspora
Within the Rust Belt, there is a great divergence. Urban Milwaukee took a look at the brain drain issue for that metro.
mid-west  rust-belt  regional-reports  demographics  twitterfeed  around-the-web  This-Week-177  brain-drain  skilled-labor  high-tech  diaspora 
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Rust Belt chic: Declining Midwest cities make a comeback -
Gritty Rust Belt cities, once left for dead, are on the rise -- thanks to young people priced out of cooler locales
twitterfeed  around-the-web  demographics  workforce-migration  rust-belt  midwest  metros  This-week-167 
may 2012 by areadevelopment
Caterpillar's big bet on the U.S. economy - Reuters
It hasn't been long since Caterpillar looked like the typical resident of the Rust Belt. Having misjudged how deep the U.S. economy would decline, the Caterpillar reduced its workforce by 33,000 people worldwide in 2009, closed plants and posted lower profits. But the Peoria, Illinois-based company has mounted a quick recovery and is emerging as the poster child for America's manufacturing renaissance.
twitterfeed  around-the-web  This-week-164  rust-belt  manufacturing  Caterpillar 
april 2012 by areadevelopment
Hey, World! Buffalo is calling! - Next American City
Hey, world! Buffalo is calling! And it wants you to know its steel mills closed down like 30 years ago, the Blizzard of 77 is so yesterday, and the Buffalo wing was invented way back in 1964. Your impressions of Buffalo are so out of date.
buffalo  regional-reports  economic-development-news  economic-recovery  rust-belt  this-week-145  around-the-web  twitterfeed 
november 2011 by areadevelopment
To get jobs, areas develop industry hubs in emerging fields -
Northeast Ohio is among a growing number of regions that are combating the loss of traditional factory jobs by developing industry clusters in fields such as biomedicine, renewable energy and aerospace. Besides medical devices, the Cleveland area — a more than century-old stronghold for auto, rubber and glass making — aims to carve out niches in clean energy and flexible electronics.
manufacturing  industry-clusters  industry-reports  automotive-industry  regional-reports  rust-belt  this-week-130  government-policy  around-the-web  twitterfeed 
june 2011 by areadevelopment
Cleveland and Pittsburgh: The Rust Belt Turnaround Continues - Burgh Diaspora
The remarkable Rust Belt turnaround continues. As the Great Recession continues to ravage large swaths of the Sun Belt, the industrial dinosaurs of the North have emerged as lean and mean.
rust-belt  regional-reports  economic-recovery  workforce-development  innovation-hubs  competitiveness 
may 2011 by areadevelopment
Growth in jobs belies rust belt’s reputation -
A123 Systems is a company that could represent the future of US industry. A manufacturer of batteries for the new generation of electric and hybrid cars, it opened a new factory in Livonia, Michigan, about 20 miles west of the centre of Detroit, last year. It is recruiting fast, with 500 employees already and 1,000 expected by the year-end.
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may 2011 by areadevelopment

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