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Foreign tire makers lead U.S. production expansion - Automotive News
Next year, Finnish tire manufacturer Nokian Tyres plans to begin production at its first U.S. plant, in Dayton, Tenn. When the $360 million project is up and running, it will have capacity of 4 million tires a year.

Nokian is part of a wave of tire industry capacity expansion in North America in recent years, much of it from foreign producers opening their first U.S. factories.
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Michelin completes its fastest ever build on 3rd Upstate plant - Independent Mail
Editor's note: This story was originally published in The Greenville News on December 13, 2013. 

Race cars and fighter jets accelerate on its rubber, but Michelin North America did its quickest work in building a new plant for its biggest, slowest-moving tires.

Pete Selleck, chairman and president of the Greenville-based company, said Thursday that Michelin needed a year, five months and 22 days — record time for the tiremaker — to build its 19th plant in the hemisphere.
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Hankook opens first U.S. manufacturing plant - Rubber and Plastics News
Hankook Tire America Corp. held a grand opening ceremony Oct. 17 for its first U.S. manufacturing facility. The $800 million plant in Clarksville is expected to bring 1,800 jobs to Tennessee, according to a company release.
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Ultimate RB Expands Production Complex In Delphos, Ohio - Area Development
Ultimate RB, a division of Accella Performance Materials, expanded its manufacturing plant and capacity for specialty rolled rubber production by 40% at its facility in Delphos, Ohio.
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Xccent Medical And Industrial Relocates Headquarters To Sanilac County, Michigan - Area Development
Midwest Rubber Company, a manufacturer of rubber and plastic products acquired Xccent Medical and Industrial Division, a Minnesota-based manufacturer of rubber and flexible products for the medical and industrial industry, and will transfer its M&I’s operation to Midwest Rubber’s headquarters in Sanilac County, Michigan.
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Glacial Lakes Rubber & Plastics Opens Expanded Manufacturing Center In Watertown, South Dakota - Area Development
Glacial Lakes Rubber & Plastics celebrated the opening of its expanded manufacturing plant in Watertown, South Dakota. The town is 105 miles north of Sioux Falls.
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Stern Rubber Co Expands Its Aitkin, Minnesota, Manufacturing Plant - Area Development
Stern Rubber Co., a custom rubber molder and extruder, specializing in bonding rubber to metal and other materials, plans to double the size of a manufacturing facility in Aitkin, Minnesota. The company will invest $1.26 million to expand its plant from 10,000 square feet to 20,000 square feet.
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Viva Holdings Group, Inc. locates Manufacturing Complex In St. Stephen, South Carolina - Area Development
Viva Holdings Group, Inc., an international leader in the worldwide rubber and plastic recycling industries, is launching a new operation with its renovation of a 177,000-square-foot industrial site at 315 Ravenell Drive in St. Stephen, South Carolina. The first phase of the new development is expected to bring a $28 million investment and create 200 new jobs in Berkeley County with the potential for additional expansion.
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Bridgestone APM Company Plans Manufacturing Complex in Niagara County, New York - Area Development
Bridgestone APM Company, a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation, the largest tire and rubber manufacturer in the world, will invest $13.6 million to construct a 65,000 square-foot manufacturing facility on an 11-acre site in Wheatfield, New York.
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California, Here We Stay - Inbound Logistics
As part of a new supply chain management and logistics strategy, Yokohama Tire decides to roll with its current operations in the Golden State.
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Rubber makers rely more heavily on automation -
There are various trends occurring in rubber manufacturing in America, including the increased use of automation to allow domestic production to be more cost-effective.
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Change is buzzword for auto industry -
From Tesla to the Google driverless car to the aluminum 2015 Ford F-150 pickup to active safety systems that promise zero fatalities, the auto industry is changing at an unprecedented pace. For auto suppliers, that means relentless pressure to innovate at warp speed, all the while collaborating with manufacturers in ways never before seen, panelists on the recent Automotive News World Congress Innovation panel agreed.
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Bridgestone Starts Producing Its Own Rubber - Businessweek
Bridgestone hopes its efforts to understand and develop the guayule plant will allow more American farmers to start growing the crop. The tire maker plans to be using guayale in its tires by the early 2020s.
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Viva Recycling of South Carolina Invests $6.9 Million To Establish Production Plant In Anderson County, South Carolina - Area Development
Viva Recycling of South Carolina, a tire recycler and rubber manufacturer, will invest $6.9 million to establish a new facility in Anderson County, South Carolina.
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Denmark-Based Genan Opens U.S. Headquarters-First Tire Recycling Facility In Houston, Texas - Area Development
A Denmark-based tire recycling company and global leader in the extraction and production of rubber granulate, rubber powder and steel from scrap tires, Genan, opened its $140 million U.S. headquarters and state-of-the-art tire recycling facility in Houston, Texas.
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Rubber Manufacturing in America: Auto industry continues to motor along -
With the recession in the rearview mirror and North American light duty vehicle assembly production returning to pre-recession heights, the automotive industry is back on track. But forgive companies for being skeptical.
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Rubber manufacturing in America: Tire makers pump billons into facilities -
Looking strictly at the rising import penetration of passenger and light truck tires in the U.S. replacement business, it might be easy to get the impression that tire manufacturing in the U.S. is a dying industry.
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Michelin Plant to Drive Tire Volumes Through Charleston - JOC
With global demand for huge earthmoving tires growing 20 percent over the last four years, Michelin needed to expand production at its seven existing earthmoving tire plants around the world. After a global search, it decided to invest $750 million in South Carolina, both to build a new plant, called US-10, in Anderson and expand its existing plant in Lexington. Why South Carolina?
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The Future of U.S. Manufacturing Is Optimistic: Exclusive Interview with Pete Selleck, Michelin North America Chairman and President - Gray Construction
75 percent of the industries that existed in the U.S. three decades ago still exist today, and they are going strong. However, they are much leaner and the manufacturing output is higher than it was back then because we have learned to operate with fewer people, and all the people who work in manufacturing today are highly skilled.
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Bridgestone opens facility dedicated to guayule R&D -
Bridgestone Americas Inc. is advancing both guayule rubber commercialization and its 100-percent sustainable materials program with the opening of its Agro Operations Guayule Research Farm in Eloy.
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SIMTEC Silicone Parts Invests $3.5 Million To Relocate Headquarters To Miramar, Florida - Area Development Online
SIMTEC Silicone Parts, a manufacturer of Liquid Silicone Rubber and LSR 2-shot injection molded parts and components, invested $3.5 million to relocate its international headquarters to Miramar, Florida, with plans to hire 40 employees during the next four years.
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Technical Process and Engineering, Inc. Plans Expansion Of Its Lehighton, Pennsylvania, Facility - Area Development Online
Technical Process and Engineering, Inc. will invest more than $1.6 million in an expansion that will add 6,000 square-feet to its existing 22,000 square-foot facility in Lehighton, Pennsylvania, resulting in 34 new and retained jobs in Carbon County.
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Edge Rubber Expands Its Franklin County, Pennsylvania Facility, Creating 50 Jobs - Area Development Online
Edge Rubber, a firm that produces fine rubber powders for the automotive, tire manufacturing and other industries, is expanding its facilities in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, leasing a 35,000 square foot center at Cumberland Valley Business Park, for the collection and processing of scrap truck tires into raw materials.
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Hankook R&D Center plays vital role in tire maker's growth -
Hankook Tire Co. Ltd. was a relatively small tire manufacturer in 1992 when it decided to open its first overseas research and development center in Akron.
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